Powerful 7 Chakra Stones: the Ultimate Guide

by Sophia Martinez
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7 Chakra Stones

You’ve probably heard about chakras and their function in the movement of energy in your body if you’ve ever participated in yoga or meditation, experienced energy healing like reiki, or simply watched web videos about such topics. 

People use crystals that correlate to each chakra to magnify or balance their chakra energy centers, allowing glands and organs to work optimally. The body’s energy centers are known as chakras and influence physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness. The “seven chakra system” is an old representation of the important energy centers in the human body. 

So what are chakras, and how do they impact your physical and mental health? This blog post will explore everything you need to learn about chakra stones. It will also explain what they are, how to use them, and which crystals correspond to each chakra.

What are Chakras?

The chakra is a powerful spiritual force that governs your emotions and creative energy. It is the root of sexual desire, self-expression, and intimacy. Often, the sacral chakra needs to be freed of trapped energy from traumas and pent-up emotions to increase your creativity and ability to express your authentic self. 

The solar plexus chakra represents personal force and willpower, self-esteem, confidence, and intellect in general. The connection to its paired color, yellow, is more symbolic—think of seeing a bright light, as in having a fantastic idea or solution.

Consider wearing the chakra color, doing Kundalini yoga, seeking sound healing (or conducting a sound bath at home), or adding frankincense essential oil to a diffuser or your next normal bath to assist unlock this higher intelligence.

7 Chakra Stones Meaning

7 Chakra gemstones are stones that match your body’s chakras. Therefore, they are also known as chakra crystals or chakra healing gemstones. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for “wheel,” referring to the concentrated energy centers in the human body. When these chakras become blocked or misaligned, it affects your total well-being, both spiritual and physical.

What Are the 7 Chakra Stones?

Root Chakra (Base of the Spine)

The first Chakra, the root chakra, is positioned at the base of your spine. This Chakra is linked to stability, security, and reflexes. The color red is related to the root chakra. We feel confident and comfortable when it is balanced but intimidating and insecure when it is blocked. The following stones reflect the root chakra:

Red Jasper

Red Jasper, commonly known as the endurance stone, symbolizes physical power and life. It promotes grounding and protection while promoting balance, bravery, tenacity, and inner strength.

Olivenorma-7 Chakra Stones

Smokey Quartz

This stone promotes overall well-being, helps to release undesirable emotional baggage, and provides stability and foundation. In addition, it aids in detoxifying the body from lower vibrational energy and alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety by delivering calm and tranquility.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is yet another of the seven chakra stones with strong defensive and anchoring properties. It effectively aids in the swallowing of bad energies and the removal of anxious symptoms.

Sacral Chakra (Lower Abdomen)

The lower belly is home to the sacral Chakra. It is linked to our emotions, self-worth, creativity, and sexual energy. When it becomes clogged, you may lose control over your life or have problems with the linked organs, such as UTI, lower back discomfort, and impotence. The following stones represent the holy chakra:

Peach Moonstone

This crystal is associated with love, reproduction, protection, and insight. It soothes and teaches you the natural cycles of life by assisting you in better understanding your emotions. It makes you feel comfortable because it is one of the stones for the sacral chakra.


Bloodstone is a grounding, calming stone that promotes perseverance and living in the present. It increases your endurance and physical strength while promoting motivation, courage, and creative energy.


Carnelian is a popular chakra stone for beginners because it helps infuse the body with life and power. It also helps to increase fertility and desire, giving you confidence in your sexual identity and strength. In addition, it can help relieve stiffness by healing bones and ligaments.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Behind the Navel)

The Solar Plexus chakra is placed right behind the navel in the abdominal area. It is responsible for your sense of control over your life, confidence, and self-worth. For example, a blocked solar plexus chakra can cause shame and self-doubt, whereas individuals with an open one feel free to express their true selves.


Citrine is a solar plexus chakra stone with a solar energy quality. It has numerous healing benefits for both emotional and physical ailments. It increases the flow of good and lively energy, promotes digestion, and cleanses the body of pollutants.


As one of the most valuable chakra healing stones, this one has numerous healing capabilities, including headache relief, immune system boost, emotional balance, fear and negativity elimination, and so on. It was once given to travelers to keep them safe on long trips as the stone of courage and protection.

Heart Chakra (Center of the Chest)

This Chakra is a connection between the lower chakras, which are associated with the material world, and the upper chakras, which are connected with spirituality. This chakra, as the name implies, is concerned with our ability to give and receive love. Those with a blocked heart chakra will struggle to open up to others and experience profound compassion and empathy.

Green Aventurine

This is a very potent crystal from the heart chakra stones group. It brings abundance and motivates you to improve yourself. This stone assists you in gaining leadership abilities as well as becoming smarter and more grounded. It also helps the thymus gland and nervous system work properly.


Amazonite is a heart chakra stone, often known as “the stone of hope,” that promotes healing in the heart, mind, body, and soul. It might assist you in regaining your inner balance and rediscovering your lost inspiration and creative confidence. It is also known to help with thyroid disorders and calcium absorption.


This stone can effectively absorb toxic energy from both the outside and inside of you. Thus, it can regulate mood swings and encourage an optimistic attitude toward life. It is often referred to as the “Midwife Stone” since it can help control menstrual periods and cramps and relieve childbirth pain.

Olivenorma-7 Chakra Stones

Throat Chakra (Just Above the Collarbone)

This Chakra, placed in your throat as its name says, is connected to your capacity for verbal communication. The throat chakra provides the heart chakra sound; thus, we may express ourselves clearly when it is open. When it’s obstructed, however, we may struggle to find the perfect words to explain how we feel.

Blue Sodalite

Blue sodalite is among the throat chakra stones connected with rationality, insight, clarity, and emotional balance. It can also help with intelligence enhancement and truth-seeking. In addition, this stone has been shown to help with weight loss and water retention difficulties, lowering fevers and improving the immune system.


This gemstone has so many healing properties. It not only heals holistically (helping with respiratory ailments, migraines, and allergies), but it also helps with mental and emotional issues. It gives peace and serenity and aids in the successful resolution of our problems.

Third Eye Chakra (Between the Eyebrows)

The chakra stones associated with the third eye chakra strengthen your intuition. This Chakra is placed between the brows and governs our ability to view the broader picture by employing our intuition. Consider it the soul’s eye, analyzing information beyond the surface level.

Purple Amethyst

This stone is thought to bring mental tranquility and clarity. It is also used to ease depression and negativity, as well as to manage anger and anxiety. In addition, this gem’s color is associated with stimulating spiritual consciousness and intuitive talents.


The sapphire helps to activate the third eye and bring deeper insight by promoting mental focus, inner visions, and psychic awareness. This gemstone also enhances strength, power, good judgment, and friendliness.

Crown Chakra (Crown of the Head)

The crown chakra, positioned on the crown of our heads, is the highest. It represents the power to connect totally to the spiritual, and when fully opened, it allows you to enter greater consciousness.


This is a crown chakra stone that is soft but efficient at boosting your vitality. It promotes mental clarity and divine inspiration and is one of the most effective crystals for reducing anxiety and clearing chakra blockages.


Moonstone enhances many qualities of femininity, including compassion, abundance, intuition, nurturing energy, and so on. In addition, its healing energy aids in releasing bad thoughts and relieving pain, effectively detoxifying the body and soul.

How to Use Chakra Stones

Chakra gemstones can be utilized alongside other chakra healing, such as yoga and meditation. Here are some of the best applications:

Olivenorma-7 Chakra Stones

Wear Them as Jewelry

You can turn your chakra stones into jewelry and wear them throughout the day to get their advantages. You can wear them as wristbands, necklacesrings, or studs to have them close to you at all times.

Keep the Stone Near (in a Pocket, Bag, or Wallet)

Keeping your chakra stones close to you is another method to benefit from their therapeutic effects. You can keep them in your office, on your bedside table, in your pocket, or your bag.

Sleep With the Stone

You can also sleep with the chakra stone if you place it beneath your pillow or near your bed. This will assist in balancing your chakras while you sleep and releasing any blockages that may have formed during the day.

Practice Meditation With Each Stone

To achieve this, choose a chakra to work on and hold the associated stone in your hand. You can wear all of your chakra gemstones around your body during yoga or meditation to balance all seven energy centers simultaneously.

Olivenorma-7 Chakra Stones

How to Activate Chakra Stones

Once you’ve located your chakra stones for each of the seven chakras, it’s time to activate them so they can get to work opening and balancing your chakras. Do this for each stone and its accompanying chakra, one at a time.

  • Take your stone and either hold it close to your chakra or lay down and place it in the chakra area.
  • You’ll then want to imagine how this stone might assist you in unblocking stagnant energy and restoring flow throughout the body. Finally, consider how this stone can help you and what goals you hope to attain by balancing and repairing a specific chakra.

You may begin each chakra stone activation by declaring your intention for what you want it to perform. For example, “you may choose to dedicate this stone to the highest good of the heart chakra and increase love, joy, and pleasure,” or anything along those lines. That way, you’ll know why the stone is triggered and what to expect.

Olivenorma-7 Chakra Stones

How to Meditate with Chakra Stones

Meditation is an excellent approach to boosting one’s mental, physical, and emotional fortitude. It reduces stress and promotes clarity by promoting a quieter, more tranquil, and calmer mental state. In addition, meditating with chakra-healing crystals provides a new depth to your meditation by bringing your energy centers into complete and utter balance.

After you have activated each chakra stone, you can begin to use it with your chakra practice. You will discover that you want to utilize more than one stone for a chakra, which is great. Work with the stones that call to you—these are the ones with the good energy for you.

After purchasing and purifying your selected chakra, lie on your stomach. Choose a location where you will feel comfortable, and no one will disturb you. Next, put the stone on your spine, ensuring it doesn’t come off. If you can’t lie on your tummy, you can lie on your back. 

You can either hold the stone in your hand near the chakra point or place it on your body, so it doesn’t slip off. While sitting, place the chakra in your clenched palm near your root chakra and concentrate. Experience the stone’s vibration by taking a few slow, deep breaths. Play meditation music to activate the root chakra. That sound waves will raise the vibration of the crystal.

Where to Place Chakra Stones on the Body

There is a technique using chakra stone body positioning that could benefit you if you want to learn more about how to meditate with chakra stones in a particular practice. Each chakra stone you choose to work on is all required. It doesn’t matter whether you pay attention to one or all seven.

Set up your position by lying on your back. Assigning each crystal to the appropriate Chakra is the initial stage in chakra stone body placement. Settle into your posture once every stone is in place. Visualize the red glow of the base chakra in your mind’s eye.

Before advancing to the Chakra above it, spend some time getting to know the sensations of each Chakra. Try to detect the point at which your energy merges with the crystal. Observe how the colors change as you soar higher and higher and feel lighter and lighter energetically. 

Moving up is still encouraged even if you’re only paying attention to one Chakra so your energy can flow freely throughout your body. When you get to the crown, give your crystals a thank-you before switching places.

Regular application of this practice can assist you in controlling your inner energies. This is a continual meditation technique. If you want to see long-term impacts, incorporate them into your regimen. Additionally, remember to cleanse your crystals after every use!

Olivenorma-7 Chakra Stones

How to Cleanse and Recharge Chakra Stones

Many people use their crystals as soon as they purchase them. But before and after using the stones, it’s important to cleanse and charge the crystals. Utilizing a negative-charged crystal might disturb your energetic field and cause more harm than benefit. A crystal can be cleansed by:

Place it Under Running Water

A body of water will cancel out a stone’s energy. So the best place for it is under naturally flowing water, such as a stream, though you can also hold it under a faucet.

Soak it in Saltwater

Soaking stones in salt water for up to 48 hours is a fantastic cleaning technique since salt takes unwelcome energy from the stones. First, ensure they emerge completely, then rinse and pat them dry.

Place in a Bowl of Rice

Another technique to charge your chakra is to submerge them in a large dish of uncooked rice, as dry rice may also pull out negativity. First, ensure the stone is covered entirely, then wait up to 48 hours.

Charge it Under the Moonlight

Placing crystals in the moon’s natural light is another technique for cleaning them. It is better to plan your charging around specific times of the solar cycle, such as the full moon when the energy is at its peak.

Final Words: Get Your Chakra Today

Chakra stones have various features, including balance, physical, and mental wellness, etc. If you prefer a more physical approach, chakra balancing stones are a fantastic method to work on developing and unblocking your chakras. 

The chakra stones also aid in clearing blocked energy in your chakras and begin to restore balance by using a chakra stone. So if you’re interested in these gemstones’ benefits, get one quickly and enjoy all their wonderful features.

Olivenorma-7 Chakra Stones


  • Can I Meditate with Chakra Stones?

Yes! You can meditate with a crystal on the chakra that corresponds to your objective. “When you place crystals on your body, the healing powers activate certain places and realign energies.”

  • What do the Seven Chakras Mean?

The seven chakras are the body’s primary energy centers. You’ve certainly heard people talk about “unblocking” their chakras, which refers to the concept that energy can flow freely through all of our chakras. The body, mind, and soul are in accord.

  • What Chakras Are Blocked?

The solar plexus houses the Navel Chakra. This Chakra, associated with confidence, can get blocked if you feel shame. Will-power and self-esteem issues may occur. If you are shy and unable to express yourself in a group setting, your Navel Chakra is obstructed.


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