7 Chakras Meaning: Discover Your Inner Harmony & Wisdom

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7 Chakras Meaning

Embark on a journey through the essence of the ‘7 Chakras Meaning’, a guide that illuminates the path to inner harmony and wisdom. Unveiling the mystical energy centers within us, this exploration offers insights into achieving a balanced life. From grounding roots to divine connection, discover how each chakra’s unique energy influences your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, guiding you towards a more harmonious existence.

We have all heard so much about the 7 chakras. They are the centers that provide energy to your body. People talk about the unblocking process, which is a reference to the fact that when all the chakras or energy points are open, there is a constant flow of energy, and nothing stops its flow. When the flow is in constant harmony, it resides in your physical self, spirit, and mind. 

What Is A Chakra?

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

The meaning of chakra is wheel translated from the Sanskrit language. Just like wheels are needed for a car to move, we need the 7 chakra points to function well for our well-being. There are 7 important chakra points in our body that have to stay in perfect balance to function efficiently.

Origin of Chakra

We have come to know about chakra points quite recently because of yoga and modern philosophies. The ancient and complex energy systems in your bodies originated in India.

The first mention of the chakras is in Vedas and the ancient sacred texts that contained spiritual knowledge dating back to 1500-1000BC. They are still being researched. It can be traced back to early Buddhism and Hinduism at the foot of the Himalayas.

The 7 Chakras Meaning And 7 Chakras Definition

Now let us get to know the 7 Chakras meaning and 7 Chakras definition. All the 7 chakra meanings are different, but each of them plays a very important role in our body.

Muladhara (Root Chakra)

The root chakra is the representation of our foundation. It is present at the spinal base and imparts you with a grounded feeling. When there is no blockage in the root chakra, we have different confidence when facing some kind of obstacle and getting through anything. But when it is not open, we feel as if the ground between our feet has slipped away, like we are on unstable ground.

This chakra defines the relationship between you and Mother Earth. It impacts our energy, imagination, youthfulness, passion, vitality, and essential survival instincts. The color representing the root chakra is red, which means rational thinking, the order in lifestyle, and logic.

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

It is also a symbol of our body strength, sexuality, and fight and flight reactions that activate any danger. The root chakra directly connects with our nose, which is the sense of smell, and is connected to a gland called Gonads. It develops from the age of 1 to 7.

Swadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)

The sacral chakra is helpful when it comes to emotions and emotions relating to others. It is also related to sexual energy and creativity. When the chakra is blocked, you feel lost in life and feel as if you have no more control over it.

The Swadhisthana Chakra is the representation of the water components present inside our bodies. The color orange represents the sacral chakra because it impacts our mood that is being joyous, happy, compassionate, passionate, and creative. It also affects our sexuality, desires, and reproductive system. 

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

The chakra is connected to our mouth, that is, the sense of taste, and also influences our glands, and organs such as the bladder, pelvis, lymphatic system, reproductive system of females, and large intestine.

Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Manipura chakra is connected to your ability to get control in life and be confident. All of us, at some point, have experienced butterflies, or a little pit in our stomachs. That is all the doing of this chakra.

If this chakra is blocked due to some reason, you tend to experience a lot of self-doubt and shame. You have to let it remain open at all times, or else you won’t be able to express yourself freely.

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

The Manipura Chakra, when translated to English from Sanskrit means City of Jewels. It has a reputation of one of the chakras, having great power, and having significant impacts on our individual power. The Solar Plexus is a representation of our individual powers and abilities, and it impacts both our professional and personal success.

The color representing chakra is yellow, which means that this chakra has a connection with the fire, charges of different powerful emotions, and energy.

When this searing and powerful chakra is present in a concordant balance, it permits us to be very lively, dynamic, confident, imminent, and energetic, with a cheerful mien that permits us to respect others and ourselves. The chakra is associated with the sense of sight, and it has a connection with the adrenal glands.

Anahata (Heart Chakra)

The heart or Anahat chakra is the pathway between the upper (related to otherworldly existence) and lower chakras (related to materiality). As the name recommends, this chakra can impact our ability to grant and receive love from ourselves and others.

Somebody with a blockage in the heart chakra will face difficulty opening up completely to the individuals in their lives. On the off chance that someone’s heart chakra is open, they will be able to encounter profound sympathy and compassion.

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

The Anahata Chakra is related to the components of air inside the body and has a significant impact on our individual and professional relationships. The chakra is signified by the green color.

If the heart chakra is frail and delicate, it can demolish our connections by introducing negative feelings into us like jealousy, envy, outrage, doubt, and fury. The Anahata Chakra influences our sense of touch and is associated with a few organs, including the thymus and lymph glands.

Vishuddha (Throat Chakra)

The Vishuddha chakra is the support system of the voice heart chakra and has control over our capability to communicate our individual power. When it’s working at full potential, it permits us to genuinely and clearly express ourselves.

Somebody with a closed throat chakra feels like they have difficulty expressing themselves and fall short of words while doing so.

Throat Chakra symbolizes the genuine internal voice and our capability to communicate with others. The representation of the chakra is done with blue color, and is related to how we listen, relate, and communicate with people.

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

When working with its full power, the chakra’s greatly fragile and elegant element permits human creatures to enjoy a wonderful voice, creative potential, imaginative ways of expressing, and reach a better spiritual dwelling place with intense spiritual awareness.

The Throat Chakra is associated with a few glands and organs, including the jaws, throat, thyroid, neck vertebrae, teeth, oesophagus, and ears. Humans that have an open Throat Chakra have effective, imaginative potential, together with the capacity to contemplate freely and use their vitality effectively.

Ajna (Third Eye or Brow Chakra)

As we go higher in the body, we get closer to a connection with divine energy. It is present between the brows. The Anja chakra has control over our capacity to make a connection with our intuition and see the bigger picture.

You can even say that it is the eye of our soul, as it can register information that can’t be seen on the surface level. Having intuitive hits and visions is not possible for a person who has a blocked brow chakra.

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

The Ajna Chakra interprets as the center of monitoring or interpretation. It is symbolized by the indigo color and is related to our sense of thought, that is our capacity to think, use rational thinking, logic, knowledge, and conduct an investigation to reach sensible conclusions.

People with a concordantly balanced Ajna Chakra have a really charismatic and charming intellect. They don’t fear death or inconveniences, and have capable and telepathic abilities. This Chakra is associated with different glands, especially the pineal and pituitary glands. 

The sense of thought is symbolized with the color indigo because of this chakra, in conjunction with the components of electricity and telepathic communication.

Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

The Sahasrara chakra is the highest chakra that sits on the crown of our heads and represents our capacity to be completely associated spiritually. After you completely open your chakra, which is something very rare. Only a handful of people can do something like this. Once you remove the blockage completely, you will be able to access your higher consciousness.

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

The chakra is associated with the light element and is related to a few glands and organs inside the body, that includes the brain, pituitary gland, hand, and nervous system. When this chakra is concordantly balanced, it provides people with a few amazing power-packed potentials and abilities.

It includes the ability to rise above all boundaries made by nature, like attaining higher awareness of immortality and death and increased spiritual powers and also the ability to perform miracles.

Why is 7 Chakras Balance So Important?

Being totally aware of all the 7 chakra meanings, their particular color, and the organs they affect will assist you to notice the improvements that you will bring to your body through the numerous strategies of arousing and bracing these chakras.

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

You’ll be able to effectively make a concordant balance in your life by affecting the 7 chakra points to remain rational, candid, and physically sound, together with channeling enhancements in your individual and professional lives.

How To Balance The 7 Chakras?

After learning about 7 chakras meang, let us know about the ways in which you can get back your chakra’s balance.

Reconnect With Nature 

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

You can get an idea from the title of this paragraph. It is exactly what it means. One of the easiest and effective ways to get your chakras back on track is connected to mother nature. You can walk barefoot on land or grass, spend your time basking in the sun on a beach, let the sunlight enter your body, or any other activity that makes you feel one with nature.

Chakra Color Meditation

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

Color perception can be an effective device in meditation due to the interface between the 7 chakras colors of the light. Many accept that by applying your focus on certain colors, you’ll promote recuperation in particular parts of the body, or you’ll be able to channel the complete rainbow into improving your common prosperity and relaxation.

Sound Healing

Chakra sound healing employs sounds to balance the 7 vital centers (chakras) within the inconspicuous body. Each chakra reacts to a particular sound-healing frequency that is called solfeggio frequencies.

Every frequency has personal, spiritual, and physical mending properties. Frequencies make an ancient 6-tone scale utilized in sacred chanting and music. Sounds or music that create these vibrations offer assistance to balance the intellect, body, soul and help with the flow of vitality.

Chants Of Chakra-balancing 

To unblock your chakras you have to correctly chant them. Use your natural voice for the chanting rather than a low or high pitch. Every chakra has its specific mantra.

When the specific chant made for each chakra is chanted with almost focus, it creates vibrates that helps in evoking emotions and cleaning the blockage of the chakra point. The positive vibrations help you get the chakra point back on its track.

Heal With Crystals

The gems have the same color that is associated with the chakra. They help you get to the root of the problem and get rid of the problem. Every chakra has its own specific crystal. You may wear them as a piece of jewelry. They are :

Olivenorma-7 Chakras Meaning

Root- Red Jasper, Hematite, Black Tourmaline 

Sacral- Carnelian, Citrine, Amber

Solar Plexus – Rutilated Quartz, Calcite, Yellow Apatite

Heart – Green Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Emerald

Throat – Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite 

The Third Eye- Sodalite, Purple Fluorite, Vera Cruz Amethyst 

Crown – Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Amethyst


Chakras allude to different energy points in the body that are associated with particular internal organs and nerve bundles. The 7 chakras run from your head to the base of the spine. If these energy centers lose balance, you will encounter physical or emotional indications related to a specific chakra. You will be able to get back the balance of your chakras by performing certain yoga postures. Particular meditation and breathing exercises may also offer assistance. Explore the 7 Chakras meaning and improve your energy.


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