Amazonite: How to Use its Incredible Healing Power(2021 Guide)

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Amazonite is referred to as a stone of hope, and could be utilized to alter your life for good. It is quite an ancient gemstone that is connected to its healing and beauty properties.

It’s been there for around centuries, as well as it has been utilized to create jewelry, statues, and amulets. The name of the stone is derived from South America’s largest river, which is referred to as the Amazon river. This is stone which is also referred to as Amazon Stone. Since it is identical to Jade, this stone is also likely referred to as Colorado Jade or Pikes Peak.

Now, let’s explore the meaning and healing power of this crystal.

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar and belongs to the microcline mineral class. It happens to be the triclinic crystal system with a vitreous luster. Amazonites are available in green, purple, blue, and grey. The majority of it is obtained in greenish-blue in color.

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This stone is silicate which is generally pale green-colored, however, there are Amazonite stones that are blue-green color, opaque green, turquoise blue, or yellow-green.

You could obtain it like a rough granitic rock or as a shiny stone. It shall at times have white streaks over them. It, however, does not alter the potent energies of the stone. It is mined in Russia, India, Madagascar, Brazil, and Canada.

Amazonite meaning

Amazonite crystal meaning would be to bring clarity and soothe anxiety.

History of Amazonite

The mineral rock of Amazonite crystal was held by ancient Egyptians which were made of lovely jewelry, carved important texts, and ornamental pieces into this stone. It is very much prized for its healing power and beauty.

This is a mineral rock that is green in color which dates back to the 10th century BC. Also referred to as Amazon stone, as it is thought to be discovered at the river basin of Amazon in Brazil.

How to Heal with Amazonite

Amazonite and Health

Amazonite stone has a strong reputation for soothing and healing. It is known for calming the nervous system and brain and also aids in maintaining good health. It uplifts and maintains the good feminine and masculine energies.

As for Amazonite benefits, you’ll start seeing both sides of the trouble through different perspectives. It can help in alleviating fear and worry, soothes down any emotional trauma, and dispels aggravation, negative energy, and any blockages in your nervous system.

This crystal also works by manifesting universal love. The stone absorbs microwaves and provides protection against electromagnetic pollution. It benefits health ailments like tooth decay, osteoporosis, calcium deposits, and calcium deficiency as well. Let’s discuss some benefits of this crystal in detail.

Benefits of Amazonite

There are many benefits of bringing an Amazonite gemstone into your life, your wardrobe, and the house.

With crystal healing and boosting spiritual and emotional wellbeing, you can also get physical healing Amazonite benefits. This crystal has smoothing vibes for balancing out any thyroid issues.

It is also great for helping rejuvenation of cells and provides speedy recovery post-injury, illness, or any health issue. Rubbing cool Amazonite touch over rashes also helps in keeping it soothed and clear and people who are struggling with acne and skin conditions can also find that this crystal helps in bringing back a flush of vibrant and clear health.

Sometimes you get into an unstable mental condition and have fragmented thoughts. This crystal can be a great gemstone to accumulate all the emotionally frayed thoughts. Amazonite crystals soothe anxious assumptions and self-destructive thoughts.

It is also a great gemstone to have on hand when you’re pulling up self-esteem through bootstraps. The feminine quality of Amazonite crystal is that it bears a direct impact on self-neglecting habits and invites you to keep yourself always first.

Amazonite Healing Properties

Amazonite benefits an individual in tremendous ways. Let’s look at some of its healing properties below:

Physical Healing Energy

Whilst healing with crystals is an amazing method to enhance spiritual and emotional well-being, Amazonite also provides a wide range of physical healing advantages. It provides chilled-out vibes that could assist to balance the issues of the thyroid.

For people struggling with a deficiency in calcium, this crystal could efficiently assist the body with better calcium absorption. It offers a dose of vitality back into your bones. Higher levels of calcium along with enhanced bone-healthy could also assist a strong and shiny hair.

Amazonite is likewise exceptional at assisting cells for regeneration. It could offer ideal restoration particularly post an injury, illness, or downside of physical health. Cooling and rubbing the touch of this stone above a rash could likewise assist to maintain it soothed and clear.

Those who are struggling with acne and other skin conditions might find this stone brings back a flush of vibrant health and clarity.

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Mental and Emotional Healing Energy

If you feel you are cluttered with thoughts, then Amazonite is a wonderful and amazing gemstone for bonding the frayed emotional threads. It soothes self-destruction and anxious dispositions. It is likewise a brilliant gem when you require to get back your self-esteem. Linked to the feminine, this crystal functions directly against self-neglect by keeping you first.

For people with any past trauma, this gem likewise brings the healing energy to assist them to step forward. By assisting your mind filter to remove anxiety and stress thereby making you learn to let go, this stone patches the old wounds. It makes things seem easier to handle by cutting down bigger issues into bite-sized pieces.

All the emotions associated with Amazonite are integrity, sincerity, eloquence, love, honesty, and clarity. This stone places us in a space where the manifestation of good thoughts is possible as it connects to your heart chakra. This chakra is a place that flows with a light and makes a path for receiving and giving love. Blocked heart chakra will not let you trust and open up to the world’s kindness. This knocks you out of self-worth and sense and results in a destructive pattern.

Spiritual Healing Energy

This is a throat chakra gemstone and thus Amazonite invites you to clear up communication and place you in healthy boundaries in the spot. It helps you to get away from the shadow of fear, judgment and take a path towards the light. You will recognize the truth of your own heart.

Utilizing intuition and intellect tapping, this gemstone is capable to bring authenticity and clarity to the soul. When there is comfort and connection in self, it provides us a spiritual elevation to open up your mind to infinite possibilities of goodness.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

This gemstone is very stimulating to the throat and heart chakras. The heart chakra is placed to the breastbone center, interaction regulation with the outer world and controls the acceptance and resistance.

It provides us the balancing capability in self within the atmosphere. Whenever the heart chakra is imbalanced, you might feel the control in a relationship and you tend to become critical of other’s personalities.

You might find yourself not be in strong connection or a strong response to daily outer stimulus. The green energy of the crystal is employed to resolve clogging and heart chakra rebalance. It aids in understanding your own emotions and needs transparently. You will understand and accept the alterations and the cyclic nature.

The body’s inner voice is the throat chakra. It is basically like the pressure valve which permits energy to be expressed that emanates from other chakras. When this chakra is blocked or balanced, it permits the expression of your feeling and thought.

You can communicate your emotions, ideas, and beliefs, bringing the truth to the world. There is an easy flow of energy in between the spirit and the body. The energy that emanates from the lower chakra upwards can go on its path enabling natural release and free expression.

Blue energy will balance and unclog the throat chakra. Blue and dark shades of blue enhance the power of truth. Its lighter shades enable the power of relaxation, flexibility, and balance.

Olivenorma Amazonite Polished Natural Stone

Meditation with Amazonite

This gemstone and meditating with it often gives you keen awareness of consciousness of everything. It motivates anyone to integrate after listening to all aspects of themselves. It is a truth stone, and you can trust the intuitions, visions, and dreams that come up when functioning with Amazonite.

It also permits a person to attune to the world and spiritual dimension to traverse to all boundaries. It helps in identifying a harmonious balance and getting one back to their core to survive in the duality. It retains the pure energy and manifests the universal love energy.

Color Energy

The soulful Amazonite gemstone has been long used as a talisman of hope and truth. Its gentle color scheme suggests the Amazonite meaning as energetic low. It comes from dense green South America’s riverbanks and rainforests, where parrots provide an exotic color flash to the forest trees.

This crystal reflects turquoise of influence ray, the color of world at the vernal equinox, as the winter blues melt into spring greens. It is welcoming fresh energy which moves us to serenity as new life and growth takes place.

It bestows hope, balance, and discovery. The turquoise color energy can temper excess, restores calm post-storm, relieves stress, and also neutralizes the extremes. This helps in moderating the aggressiveness and also helps in controlling rage.

This also brings people back to the center. In their light shades, Amazonite crystals also provide inner peace and harmony with the help of spiritual understanding. Richer and darker stones also bring considerable flexibility and power. They can also counter intolerance powerfully and help us in adapting to new environments and ideas.

How to Use Amazonite Crystal?

Here we’ve stated the best possible ways to use the Amazonite crystals to bring healing and goodness to your inner self:

Office and Home Feng Shui

As sweet flowing water energy, the Amazonite crystal brings a worthy weight to the Feng Shui in office and home. When it is placed in the home, it can work its magic for aiding vital healing, and creates a sanctuary of soft peace and place where you’ll be able to practice being the authentic self. Having the stone closed to you also encourages you in being assertive with the communication.

In Jewelry

Whether it’s a green or silver flash or an Amazonite ring or only the sweet and humble twirl of the Amazonite bracelet on the wrist, these green stones have been known for their super versatility.

Olivenorma Natural Crystal Stone Necklace

They hold notes of the finest traits of Mother Nature – from the organic land to the ocean. The Amazonite jewelry is a joy that you can behold and the color scheme can work well with different things. Not only the Amazonite jewelry is playful with feminine energies, but with direct placement in the skin, its power also becomes a lot more potent after wearing it.

Zodiac Birthstone: Amazonite

Amazonite is also a birthstone for many. It is connected to Virgo and ruled by Uranus. A Virgo is generally reliable, hardworking, patient, and kind. However, they could be a little shy type and overthink which results in self-doubt which requires to be sloughed away.

Virgo’s have a harsh inner judge and when they bring gentle touch with others and their relationships, they can be their enemy as they find it hard to live to other’s standards. This is a gemstone that encourages the enhancement of self-respect and kindness. This crystal brings balance to them.

How to Proper Care for Amazonite?

Clean Amazonite means clarity in its characteristics and you live to the fullest truth. Since it creates wonders, toxic vibes can also attack it. You do not want your stone to be marred or troubled by that energy as you wear it. Keeping it at its good clean condition will enhance its characteristics in troubled times. After a couple of troubled times, it is recommended to clear it for it to ooze through love and truth in positivity.

Run it below lukewarm water for some time and dry it gently to clean and keep the crystal in good shape. Since the stone is a water element, it doesn’t need much scrubbing or rippling to get cleansed. By cleaning it, you might want to boost and charge it to its optimum potency.

It reacts well to the warm sun. Place it under sunlight’s golden rays and let the sun do its work. Do not leave it for long though. Summer bright natural energy is good but too much can alter its temperature by knocking out its effect of the shimmering color of blue-green.

Designing with Amazonite

Amazonite is generally made for pendants, necklaces, and carving. They are made of earrings, tie tacks, brooches, bracelets, and figurines too. It is lovely blue-green in color and a precious stone that looks appealing in silver. It works well with chains, leathers, and ribbons in appealing designs.

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For a creative mix of designs, mix coral beads with Amazonite in a classic and subtle look. You can also blend it with faceted moukaite. This piece is sure to go with everything you wear. For a softer look, blend moonstone and amazonite. This is a combination that can be worn nicely with a good tank top on a casual day. It goes equally well with your business outfit. Make earrings and bracelets match for a classy look.


Amazonite gemstone enhances your confidence and self-esteem. It clears off your negative thoughts and pulls you to the truth. It is a balancing gemstone of yin and yang. It brings a balance in feminine and masculine sides in a person. It is a blend of energy for heart and throat chakras.

No wonder the Amazonite meaning is synonymous with Amazonite warriors and the jungles stashed away treasures. The stone is equally wild and soothing. This crystal is all about duality and balance which matches well with the manifesting energy and magic and lets you retain everything that the universe provided you.


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