Powerful Aquamarine Crystal: All You Need To Know

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Aquamarine Crystal

The name aquamarine gives a feeling of water and constant blue. You will get the stones in the color of bright blue, and these stones have been precious from the older days. This beautiful rock has different types of usage, such as it has been used to purify water, heal sick people, and sailors used it for protection in the sea.

The name of this stone is based on the sea, as it represents the endless blue of the ocean. This rock offers a calm mindset, and it encourages people to clear their minds of all barriers, just like the sea. 

Aquamarine crystal is inspiring when you are seeking spiritual guidance. The blue mineral shade of it reflects the hue of the sea and the sky, which will be helpful when you are looking for peace in solace. Aquamarine stone has different benefits for users, and one of the best is the calming of the mind and overcoming the fear of expressing your feelings. If you are a public presenter, then this stone will help you overcome your fear. Let’s explore the meanings and powers behind these captivating gems together.

What is Aquamarine Crystal?

The mineral beryl has the name aquamarine. That is the range of blue colors, and this mineral produces beryllium metal. The extraction of this metal is complex and expensive, and nowadays, there is a small amount of production of this mineral in the case of gemstones only. 

Olivenorma - Aquamarine Crystal

Besides, the stones of aquamarine are range from light to deeper blue. The name and the Aquamarine meaning itself have been derived from Latin. The first term is aqua, which means water, and the second is the marina which is the ocean. Together they make aquamarine, which is the shade of the sea. 

History of Aquamarine Crystal

The history of this precious stone goes back to the ancient Egyptian days, and before that, it’s safe to say it has over four thousand years of rich history. According to mythology, mermaids treasured this blue stone in their chest. From the stories, sailors believed that this blue stone would protect them. Just because the mermaids regarded the stone as precious, sailors used to think that it would protect them in the ocean as a lucky charm. This high reputation of this stone was still in Ancient Greek and Roman times.

At that time, it was believed that this stone would ensure a safe journey in the sea. It also found a deeper meaning attached to healing and seasickness. In the Roman era, this stone was used to purify water and get the aesthetic pat. They used to make pots and goblets with this stone. It was the fishermen of the Roman era who first referred to this stone as an aqua marina, which means seawater. 

Olivenorma - Aquamarine Crystal

They used to believe that this was a lucky stone, which would help them catch more fish. Also, this precious rock was used by Roman-era doctors who treated diseases such as edema, eating disorders, and poor digestion. For so many years, the meaning of this stone has been analyzed by its feature and benefits. Besides being a lucky stone for sailors, it was also considered the stone representing good spirits, and it will always free them from the dark. It represented the happiness and youth in human life. 

If you look at the Egyptian beliefs, they thought that this stone belonged to the sea goddess. They used to make amulets of this stone, and it was used for good health and pain relief in that ancient time. Archeologists have found aquamarine stones in the mummy crests. Then in the more recent time, the president of Brazil gifted Queen Elizabeth II with an aquamarine necklace in 1953. The color of the stone fascinated her, so she made a tiara made of the same stones some years later. 

Similar to emerald, aquamarine crystal meaning is related to the earthly things, as it is a type of beryl, which has various ranges of blue. You will find this stone in the color of light to darker blue. The darkness of the blue of this stone determines its price. 

Symbolism of Aquamarine Crystal

Other than the sailor’s stone symbolism, this semi-precious rock symbolizes harmony, clarity, serenity, and tranquility. That is a birthstone for Pieces people, and it represents truth, youthful vitality, hope, loyalty, and purity. It goes without saying that aquamarine crystal possesses the qualities of the ocean and its healing features. Some believe that this stone protects the sea also the land.

In the ancient Egyptian era, this rock represented spiritual energy, warding against deaths and other things. In ancient Rome, they used amulets made of aquamarine crystal that could cure procrastination, laziness, and for better protection. They also used blue-green crystals to help with poor eyesight issues. It is rumored that Emperor Nero used this stone to better his eyesight. 

Olivenorma - Aquamarine Crystal

The courage stone: This is a birthstone for the March born, and was used for personal development. Experts in crystals believe that as this stone is connected with the sea, it provides better wisdom, and gives the courage to open the feelings of yours to others. 

Other than inner development and courage, it also increases the artistic skill in people. This stone is related to kindness and empathy, and these features are closely attached to having trust and peace with other human beings. Other than the symbolism attached to this rock, aquamarine is gorgeous to look at. 

Olivenorma - Aquamarine Crystal

Aquamarine Healing Properties 

Aquamarine stones have certain healing properties, and it heals not only the body but the mind too. Let’s find out more about this. 

Physical Healing Power 

This rock is regarded as the stone of breath, which means that it helps the respiratory system and the lungs. This stone is useful for people who are suffering from sinus, chronic allergies, hay fever, and frequent coughing. It also cures bronchitis and colds. 

This is a cooling stone that heals sore and strep throat, continuous infection, gum and teeth issues. It helps in curing inflammatory diseases like psoriasis, rosacea, hives, and eczema. It can also prevent the dangers of herpes.

Furthermore, it can heal tired eyes issues, as you have to place the stones on your eyelids for twenty-minute each night. If you place it on your solar plexus, then it will calm your nervous system. 

Olivenorma - Aquamarine Crystal

Emotional & Spiritual Healing Power

That is a water element rock, and thus it has a powerful cleansing feature in it. It was believed in the ancient days that this stone could purify water. Based on that, it can also calm your mind and help in the healing of your soul. Aquamarine will help you speak up your mind, and this is helpful for public speakers. It will calm your emotions and dim the rage you used to feel.

That is an excellent stone for children who have gone through physical and mental trauma. The stone has the quality to heal rifts in your mind, as it allows your thoughts to calm down. People who go through panic attacks can find healing energy from this semi-precious stone. It helps people flow positive energy and washes off the darker thoughts, just like the sea. 

What Chakra is Aquamarine?  

The vital energies of this stone are closely related to the third eye and throat chakra. If you are looking for aquamarine stone meaning in spiritualism, then let’s know about the chakras it belongs to. 

· Throat Chakra: This is the voice of the body. When this part is blocked, we have to compromise with our health. With a blockage, people find it difficult to speak up, and they often become angry or detached from others. You can use this crystal to help you heal and open up to others, express your feelings. The soothing and calm nature of this stone will help you clear your mind and think better. 

· Third Eye Chakra: This is for the wisdom of human beings. With this chakra, you will be able to get harmony with other chakras. When you use an Aquamarine stone to clarify your thoughts, it will guide you towards peace and calmness that you haven’t felt before. It will relax your mind and body and allow better wisdom to enter your system. 

Birthstone and Aquamarine

That is the birthstone of people born in March, which means the zodiac Pieces. As this is their birthstone, it represents many things related to the rock. The people of this zodiac possess a watery nature, and they tend to move fluidly in a herd. But they also sometimes find it difficult to voice their thoughts. That is why they should start using their birthstone to heal them. Scorpio and Aries can also get help from this stone. 

How to Use Aquamarine Crystal

There are various ways you can use this stone. You can have the same in your home or office for good luck or wear it as jewelry. 


That is a semi-precious stone that is perfect for jewelry. You can have one on your bracelet so that it touches your pulse point. Or you can wear it as a pendant and keep it close to your heart so the healing energy can reach you directly. You can pair the stone with other options like Agate, Tourmaline, Morganite, and Topaz. 

Olivenorma - Aquamarine Crystal

Feng Shui

This stone uses water energy and utilizes the strength of purification and stillness. Although water has no form, it possesses great power, like rebirth and regeneration. You can place the stone on the north side of your room so that it can give the energy for a life path and a better career. 

Meditation and Aquamarine

Meditation with Aquamarine crystal will always be fruitful. If you have a string of beads, have some Aquamarines in them. The moment you start to calm your mind, the stones will help you achieve that state. The water substance in the stone will give you a cooling and soothing feeling. It will also wash your body from all the impurities and leave only the pure and positive things. This rock makes an excellent meditation stone just because it helps in the calming process. 

Aquamarine Crystal Combinations

You can use other crystals with Aquamarine. You can opt for stones like, 

Aquamarine and Malachite: Malachite is from the group of copper carbonate hydroxide minerals. This precious stone is also called a transformation rock. It can help you venture farther into your comfort place. With the combination of Malachite and Aquamarine, you will get powerful protection that will surround you. It will create a barrier against the evil spirits, start healing. This combination is the best one for absolute protection.  

Aquamarine and Peridot: This one is known as the evening emerald because of its beautiful green shade. This stone is known to clear rifts in relation and solve jealousy-induced feelings. When you wear Peridot with Aquamarine you will get continuous emotional and physical invincibility. 

Aquamarine and Aventurine: You already know that Aquamarine has a connection with the heart chakra, and the Aventurine stone is known as the heart healer. That is a well-known stone, and when you wear it with Aquamarine, you will experience spiritual healing. 

How to Care for and Cleanse your Aquamarine

Although the stone symbolizes water, you have to cleanse your Aquamarine for better performance. You can submerge the stone into soapy water for a few hours to clean it. It will wash the toxic things off their surface. Also, make sure the water isn’t too hot. The stone also loves the rain, so you can leave it there. It will not only clean it, but it will come into a touch of mother nature. 

How to Tell the Good Quality Aquamarine

To tell which Aquamarine stone is the best, you have to determine some attributes such as: 

Olivenorma - Aquamarine Crystal

The Color: If the color is deep, only then it’s a good quality Aquamarine. 

Clarity of the stone: You have to check the transparent features of the stone. Look for a few inclusions. Only then is the stone of genuine quality. 

Cut of the stone: The cut must be perfect, and that way you will get the best shine of it. 

Carat of the stone: If the stone is bigger, it will have a better price and preference among users. 


Aquamarine stone is beneficial not for your physical health but also for your mind. You will find the feeling of calm and wisdom once you start to use it in your healing therapy. Aquamarine stone meaning is attached to water, and this element will always help you break the barriers in life. 


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