Black Crystals:7 Top Black Gemstones-Meaning, Benefits and Uses

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Black Crystals

Black gemstones have adorned humanity for ages, but the darkest gems are more than just pretty to look at. They have great use in various sectors and crystal healing, an old alternative medicine regaining prominence. Black crystals are alluring and enigmatic and have a strong presence that has been valued throughout time.

Whether you believe that black gemstones make ideal presents, are looking for chic earrings in dark hues, are just enthralled by their unequaled beauty, or are searching for a crystal that will aid in your healing, black gemstones are a great choice. The best black crystals are listed in detail in this article.

Black Crystal Meaning

The most misinterpreted color crystals are likely black crystals. People immediately assume that any black stone or crystal can only bring heaviness, darkness, misfortune, agony, death, and endings. But on the other hand, black is a potent, formal, enigmatic, and elegant color.

The color black is associated with self-denial, piety, sobriety, and higher goals. In addition, black crystals have a captivating, enigmatic quality that has been valued throughout history. A commitment to one’s spiritual practice and disbelief in the falsity of the physical world are two things that black crystals can represent.

Black crystals can give you the most positive and healing energies despite their frightening appearance. Many of these will encourage you to accept fresh perspectives, explore romantic prospects, or venture into uncharted territory in your professional life.

Since crystals of every color can channel their energies for good, there is no reason to be afraid. Black crystals are frequently among the most beautiful ones available.

Black Gemstones Benefits

Physical Healing

With black crystals, you can release stress and tension, cleanse your body, and boost your physical fitness and well-being. This resonates in their capacity to detoxify and digest anything detrimental to your system. These gems are known to be wonderful amulets for helping to keep the body, mind, and soul protected. Black stones can aid in flushing out of the liver and kidneys, healing damaged cells, and improving blood circulation. They can also deliver a radiant warmth to cold hands and feet.


Being in love and relationships may often make us feel our most vulnerable, yet black crystals are incredibly protective in every manner. Black crystals provide us an ethereal sense of security, not in the sense that we feel encased in walls but rather that they allow us to be open, liberated, and prepared to trust while also knowing that these jewels have our backs. The truth is amplified by black stones as well.


You need a dose of that defensive energy regarding financial concerns. When it comes to business, black stones can be a terrific ally because they serve to protect you from harm and malicious purpose. These gemstones not only give you a feeling of absolute protection but also power and confidence, two qualities crucial for making wise choices when it comes to increasing your money. 

In addition, these gems, which always encourage higher levels of self-trust, support you and boost your self-esteem so you can experience your way through the decision-making process.

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Best Black Crystals You Can Use Daily

Black Tourmaline

The tourmaline family includes black tourmaline. It is a kind of silicate crystal that is also referred to as Schorl. It primarily comprises sodium iron aluminum borate silicate and is frequently found in trigonal crystal structures. The rock is dark. Protection and grounding are the meanings of black tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is often considered a stone of purification and emotional body cleansing. In other words, the stone can cleanse the mind of any unfavorable emotions and ideas, such as fear, rage, and feelings of worthlessness.

The meaning of black tourmaline is essential. These stones are also regarded as a representation of power. According to some crystal healers, black tourmaline stones can assist a wearer in finding the inner fortitude they require to overcome substance abuse. In addition, it aids with the removal of potentially dangerous ideas and actions, such as excessive concern and compulsive compulsions.

Black Onyx

Onyx is a gemstone that can be found in various colors, although black is the most popular. Many people once thought the onyx gemstone was to blame for instigating arguments and conflicts between friends.

Although the connotations with this stone may have evolved, its significance has not. The onyx stone has extremely potent vibrations of protection, willpower, focus, and strength to offer its wearer. Many think the onyx’s purpose is to inspire motivation and propel you forward. Your root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras are all stimulated by it. This can make it easier for you to connect properly to the earth.

The onyx stone also can offer you the boost of energy you need to begin chasing your dreams. And then safeguard you while you proceed on that trip and achieve your objectives. By carrying or wearing onyx daily, you may protect your aura and keep harmful energy from clinging to you. Onyx has been used as a stone of protection for thousands of years and remains among the most potent stones known to man.

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Black Spinel

The black spinel crystal is not only one of the most expensive and rare gemstones, but it’s also one of the most enigmatic. Since its origin is unknown, the name itself is mysterious. Many people think the name comes from the Latin word “Spinella,” which means “small thorn,” but others think it comes from the Greek word “spinos,” which means “spark.” 

This all-black beauty supports you in reaching your goals and stands for overcoming all challenges in life. The gemstone is protective and may ward off negative energy while motivating and inspiring the user. In addition, it is widely held in many cultures that this stone, frequently used in meditation, has the power to heal the entire body.


Shungite is a high-note striker, unlike other black stones vibrating at low frequencies. High vibrations emitted by this ominous, crazy stone let it penetrate even further when it comes to chakra and energy cleansing. Shungite, one of the oldest stones on the earth, is primarily composed of carbon. 

It is thought to be two billion years old; it predated biological life. Given that we are all composed of water and that shungite is so powerful that it can purify water, think of what it can do to cleanse the body. Shungite also protects against EMFs and eases the burden of stress.

Black Obsidian

The black obsidian stone is created from the rapidly cooling volcanic lava from the earth’s core and fiery fire. Black obsidian blends all four elements—earth, air, fire, and water—together in a way that is as dark and powerful as hell. This enhances the various qualities this stone already possesses by bringing harmony, elemental healing, connection, and chaos mastery. 

Black obsidian also clarifies the confusion and removes undesirable routines, obstacles, and negative mental processes. Black obsidian is a great stone for empaths because it protects you from people who might harm you or drain your energy.


Hematite occasionally has the same color as a suit of armor, which could be why it also offers a protective aura. Hematite is delightfully anchoring and grants you all the inner power you could want. It is forever an amulet of absorbing bad vibrations. 

This gem contains a lot of iron, which makes it a perfect option for people who wish to improve their healthy circulation and maintain the integrity of their tissues. This mental rock also gives your head that wholesome toughness. Hematite awakens our innate sense of survival, dissuades us from actions that can endanger us, and restores a yin-yang balance that places us back in a position of strong alignment.

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Black Garnet

There are countless reasons to like the radiance of the garnet stone. It is passionate, zesty, and bursting with soul-awakening force. A magnificent root chakra stone that is connected to the earth’s star is black garnet. The main focus of this gem is bringing your kundalini energy into a strength by lining up with the earth’s magnetic core. 

Black garnet makes a wonderful spiritual partner because it awakens your kundalini serpent, draws from your well of creative energy, and grounds you without letting go of your thoughts of new realities. The black garnet’s ability to transform negative emotions into purity is another quality. We are less likely to become entangled in the web of powerlessness if we can neutralize or see the silver light that twinkles in a cloudless sky.

How to Use Black Crystals

The greatest way to maximize your black crystal connection is to place them tightly against your skin. Black crystals have low vibrations, excellent healing potential, and strong protection. One of the finest methods to connect to crystal power and align your frequencies so that they can start working to clear out negativity and protect you from any nearby bad vibes or dangerous rays is to have crystals in direct contact with your body. 

Black crystals provide all-around protection and can be worn as jewelry or kept hidden in your pocket or purse. In addition, when establishing a crystal grid, a crystal stone altar, or a reiki practice, you can utilize black grounding stones to draw more positive energy to your location.

The practice of inviting them into your home is another well-liked application of black stones. They can prevent any negative energy from entering your space and keep it a divine sanctuary of positive light by stationing them at your entrance door. For greater wellness and wonder in your life, pick a crystal point, granite, or dark quartz crystal.

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What Other Crystals Should Be Combined with Black Crystals?

Any other jewel you want in this universe will go well with black stones. Black diamonds are frequently paired with crown or heart chakra stones because they offer such potent protection. Amethyst is one of the stones that invites you to connect with higher realms and develop your psychic abilities. 

While doing this, we must maintain our protection to keep any potentially harmful energy away from our inner selves. The same is true for the heart chakra; when we open ourselves to love and trust with stones like Rose Quartz, we want to ensure that we have some protection so that we may remain secure and strong even when we are at our most attractive and vulnerable.

Black crystals can be a great way to balance yin-yang energies and also make a stunning visual contrast with white stones. Selenite, MoonstoneOpalFluorite, and Clear Quartz, among others, can bring harmony, light, and heightened crystal energy to the gathering.

Get your Black Crystal Today!

Many of us give black gemstones a second glance when we see them set in lovely jewelry pieces since they can be difficult to find. However, black tourmaline is an excellent illustration of why they are so cherished because they are attractive, interesting, and enigmatic. Sit quietly in the shades with the Zen-like energy of black crystals to escape the modern world’s stresses. 

These gems are infused with a quiet power that reminds us that despite everything the world brings, we will always find a way to rise, rise, and rise again. Your heart is filled with courage, and you feel the universe is in your best interests when you know that you have a black stone safely hidden. Using your intuition to lead you to where you need to be is the key to selecting the perfect black stone. Get yours today.


  • Which black gemstones are the most well-liked ones?

The most well-known black gemstones include black pearls (both round and baroque), black onyx, black tourmaline, black opal, and black onyx. For those who adore wearing jewelry, other popular black gemstone selections include black obsidian, black diamond, black garnet, blizzard stone, and black spinel.

  • Black birthstone – what is it?

As the birthstone for December, black onyx is used. Onyx often comes in black, with black-and-white variations also being very common. Other birthstones, like the black pearl, which is also the birthstone for June, can also appear in black hues (Tahitian variety).

  • Is Black Tourmaline water-safe?

Given that black tourmaline rates a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, it is thought to be water-safe. However, like all crystals, black tourmaline should not be exposed to water for extended periods. You may also wash black tourmaline in salt water, but you shouldn’t leave it too long.

  • What black stone is the most valuable?

Black opal is one of the most costly black gemstones in the world, with prices per carat exceeding $15. Black opals are exceedingly uncommon.

  • How can you determine whether a black tourmaline is genuine?

Due to the stone’s hardness, black tourmaline shouldn’t be harmed by knife scratches. You should be able to run a scratch test on it because it has a Mohs hardness rating of 7. The stone is probably genuine if it remains undamaged and doesn’t show scratches caused by a knife or steel nail. Additionally, you can feel cracks and fissures in the tumbling black tourmaline and look for long vertical lines in the gem.

  • Is black amethyst real?

Black amethyst is genuine amethyst, so the answer is yes. While the addition of hematite gives the stone its distinctive black color, one can still make out dark purple and violet colorings when viewed under a beam of light.


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