Black Onyx: Meaning, Benefits and Uses

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Black Onyx

Black Onyx serves to bring out the wearer’s true soul and allows the people around them to see their depths and who they really are. The mysterious crystal or stone also acts as a spiritual guide to bring the person out of the dark tunnel and into the light. 

This complete guide unravels the mystery behind the stone, from its ancient roots to its modern-day applications in jewelry and spiritual practices. Discover how this captivating stone can enhance your mental clarity, protect against negativity, and support your journey towards true self-discovery and empowerment.

What is Black Onyx?

Black onyx is classified as a silicate stone that’s condensed further to become a quartz mineral. It’s hard and has a rough texture, mostly due to the morganite and quartz intergrowth. 

The stone has a jet-black and glossy appearance when polished. It’s not uncommon to see white lines or dots upon closer inspection, and this is perfectly normal. 

Olivenorma-Black Onyx

The black and alluring crystal has a long history of different cultures. The all-black stone we see today wasn’t always this way- people often displayed them with colorful stripes ranging from brown to white. 

What’s the Meaning of Black Onyx?

Black onyx inevitably forms a deep connection to the wearer’s soul and empowers it from within. 

Black onyx stone meaning is mostly about strengthening the soul and the renewal of the spirit. In history, people who have developed an irrational fear are given the stones to wear. In Greece, the onyx is often referred to as the fingernail stone because of its similarity. 

The meaning of the stone as an accessory is to benefit the mind, spirit, and soul. The stone offers a three-pronged approach- one, to filter out people’s shallow perception; two, to guide the wearer in their spiritual journey; and three, to protect the mind from negative energies, thereby preserving the wearer’s emotional health and well-being. 

What are the Benefits of Black Onyx?

The dark quartz derivative produces a grounding effect that anchors the physical body to the earth. More than that, the stone actively repels stress and harmonizes the mind in all its aspects. 

Black onyx accessories are best for those who are constantly feeling stressed out. The same goes for those who feel drained and individuals who have trouble balancing their life and responsibilities. 

Wearing black onyx can also ward off evil spirits while letting you control your emotions better. It can help you concentrate and focus better on your endeavors. Those who are unloved can turn to the stone to help them find love and give them a boost in the confidence department. The wearer’s charm gets amplified, and any advances will have a higher chance of success. 

Entrepreneurs and those who want to get rich can also supplement their endeavors with the stone on hand. Over time, the dark-colored crystal elevates positive aspects, such as intuition, potential, and achievements. 

Healing Properties

Black onyx is a potent stone for healing, and it’s the reason why it has transcended time and history to make it what it is today. Its characteristics make it an excellent companion for both physical healing and emotional/spiritual concerns. 

Physical Healing Energy

The dark gem acts as a grounding stone to make the wearer calm and feel more stable. Black onyx works to stabilize the nervous system and touches on the immune system to ward off illness and fatigue. 

Olivenorma-Black Onyx

It can also be an excellent companion for those who are on the path to recovery. Individuals who have suffered tissue and bone marrow damage can become empowered with it. The stone also serves to strengthen and help grow healthy bones and teeth. 

Emotional and Spiritual Healing Energy

Black onyx has a similar grounding effect on one’s vitality and strength. It boosts confidence and self-control, which is good for those who constantly lose control over emotions. 

The black stone can soothe the soul and the spirit, and keep it from going on frequent flights of fancy. Specifically, the stone is recommended for those who are grieving as it becomes a companion during mourning and gives the wearer a quicker release. 

Black onyxes are used throughout history for protection against evil spirits. Energy can pass through more freely and wash away damaging and stagnant auras. 

Aside from letting go of grief, it can also release negative emotions and baggage. Last but not least, the stone gives the wearer the power to overcome depression and sorrow. 

Legend and Folklore

The black onyx has a deep and varied history across cultures and civilizations. Legend has it that onyxes contain demons that would go out at night and ruin relationships between lovers. Today, the stone is seen as a protector for loneliness and dark nights, as well as allowing the wearer to see glimpses of a bright future. 

Individuals who can’t seem to let go of the past and its trauma will find the stone very helpful. Aside from that, it can increase instinct, intuition, happiness, and regeneration. 

The Symbolism of Black Onyx

Like a stone, the onyx has always held a dear place in people’s hearts. In aesthetic terms, the stone is mysterious and seems to possess a strong character. 

The Chinese, in particular, have an affinity for the stone and its immense power. They believe that it grounds the wearer in Feng Shui while imbuing them with determination, stamina, and support so that they can persevere. 

It’s also a popular component in amulets and wealth bracelets. Indian people know the black onyx as a protective stone against evil spirits. On the flip side, they also believe that it brings people closer together, symbolized by the black and white layers of the crystal pattern. 

The stone has astrological symbols as well, with strong ties to Capricorn and Leo. Those who are born under the aforementioned star signs can amplify their luck and charm by wearing a black onyx accessory. 

Using on Black Onyx

Black onyx, like other healing and protective crystals, may be fashioned into jewelry and thus allow for round-the-clock benefits. Its special protective characteristic makes it an excellent stone to keep in your house in regards to Feng Shui as well. 


Perhaps the most popular way to wear this protective crystal is to fashion it into an accessory. 

The act of carrying a black onyx around is believed to imbue the individual with a protective aura. Onyx jewelry is by far the most convenient and easiest way to wear it.

Olivenorma-Black Onyx

Keep in mind that constant skin contact with the stone will allow for healing and energy transference, as well as grounding and keeping away the negative energies you might encounter on a day-to-day basis. 

Black onyx is widely regarded as a transformative stone, which means that the individual will slowly but surely gain the benefits inherent in wearing it. You’ll slowly undergo a positive transformation and outlook as long as you keep close contact with the dark-colored stone. 

Feng Shui

Black onyx can also be used in Feng Shui practices as well. The aura it brings allows for flowing energy with cleansing, contemplative, and stillness effects. Crystal enthusiasts can place a stone or two in their favorite place and enjoy an atmosphere where they can rest and not worry about life’s stresses and hardships. It’s also recommended that you put one near entrance points to bring good luck and fortune. 

Zodiac Birthstone: Black Onyx

The Leo is the best recipient for the black onyx since individuals born under this star are closest to Saturn. 

It produces a calming effect and staves off negative emotions, especially in prolonged turmoil. As mentioned, it can ground the wearer and make them feel safer and more secure. It’s believed that Leos are possessive, and the onyx can directly counteract this behavior. 

Astrologists in ancient times believe that the stone imbues courage and strength, which blends in well with Leo and Capricorn. These two are the most ambitious in astrology, and a black onyx amulet can serve them very well in their endeavors. 

Black onyx birthstones are different- in the old Tibetan calendar, it’s assigned to December, while Hebrew and Italian calendars mark black onyx to July. 

Black Onyx and Chakra

As a natural groundbreaking element, black onyx is an excellent earth stone and linked to the Root Chakra. 

Olivenorma-Black Onyx
Black Onyx: Meaning, Benefits and Uses 17

The root chakra is the base of all chakras and is considered the source of stability and foundation for the rest. Its position can be found at the sacrum and spine base- having the black onyx with you allows you to open the chakra and balance it, thereby unlocking your potential with every other Chakra. 

The best way to use the onyx is to have it rest on your pubic bone as you meditate or lie on your back. 

Meditation with Black Onyx

Those who meditate will find their experiences enhanced when they bring a black onyx into the session. 

The stone gives off a calming aura and allows the user to focus on breathing. Black onyx effect works even when the object of attention is another crystal or mineral. It’s best used when you’re sorting out your emotions and trying to find an answer with a clear mind. 

Individuals who are trying to get rid of their emotional burdens, such as grief, depression, or addiction, can turn to meditation that’s coupled with the onyx. It’s worthy to note that the dark-colored stone pairs well with most other crystals, especially those that provide similar synergistic effects. 

Some of the specific emotions and habits it can break include selfishness, narcissism, being very competitive, egomania and others. 

Placing black onyx during meditation is easy. Simply place the stone by your side or have it near you as you sit or lie down. Start the session, and you’ll find it easier to process your feelings and emotions. 

Black Onyx Stone Combinations

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli and black onyx form a powerful pair and combat challenges in all its forms. Individuals who want to gain more confidence and not have to doubt their ability can get a lapis lazuli and black onyx stone or jewelry to achieve this end. 


Hypersthene is mostly associated with positivity and success, while black onyx wards-off negative energies and clears the way for good things to come in. It’s the recommended combination for people who are aiming to have a better life, e.g., wealth, relationship, and happiness. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye crystals mainly cover competitive aspects, such as winning a tournament or getting a promotion at work. Pairing it with black onyx gives you the ability to clear away adversaries and make your way to the top. 

Olivenorma-Black Onyx


The combination of black onyx and adventurine works well as it amplifies the grounding effect. That means you get double the benefits of calm, mindfulness, and clearing away negative aura in your surroundings.

A few adventurine stones with the onyx work particularly well during meditative sessions and when you wear both on a daily basis. 


Similar to adventurine, hematite, along with emerald, moonstone, and zircon can further amplify the calming and protective effects of black onyx. You can mix and match according to color preference or if you already own existing jewelry of the aforementioned stones. 

How to Care and Cleanse Black Onyx Stone

The best way to welcome a black onyx stone is to cleanse it upon receipt. As time goes by, the stone will require regular charging and cleansing as well. 

Being a material that constantly absorbs negative energies and auras, the onyx might require higher maintenance than most other crystals or jewelry in your collection. A newly-cleansed onyx will certainly work better than one that has accumulated a lot of bad vibes. 

Olivenorma-Black Onyx

To remove the unwanted bad energy, you can cleanse your onyx in the following manners- using sunlight or by smudging with a sage stick. Light a sage stick and hold your onyx so that it passes through the smoke. Do this for several seconds or for a minute or two for optimal results. 

The other method is to place your stone where it can get direct sunlight for approximately 6 to 12 hours. That should charge it right up and make it good as new. Alternatively, you can let it absorb natural energies by leaving it in the rain or by having it soak up the moonlight. 


The Black Onyx is a stalwart protector in every way. Aside from warding off evil spirits and protecting you from negative energies, the stone grounds you to the earth so you can eliminate distractions and bad habits. Furthermore, it offers excellent spiritual and mental benefits, especially for those who want to be the best versions of themselves.


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