Blue Calcite: Discover How It Soothes, Heals, and Elevates Your Spirit

by Alex Green
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Blue Calcite

The blue calcite crystal is known for its powerful spiritual properties. It aids in the restoration of emotional equilibrium and reconnection with your higher self. In addition, it supports connecting to your spiritual team, including guardian angels and other higher-dimensional beings. 

This article will explore the powerful, amazing transformational energy of this healing crystal. We’ll discuss its metaphysical and healing benefits and suggest how to use, cleanse, and recharge your blue calcite gemstone. This way, you’ll be able to get the most out of this magnificent spiritual stone.

What is Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite is a type of gemstone part of the calcite family. It is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate that comes in various colors. The term is taken from the German word for limestone, ‘calcit.’ It was also known as alabaster in ancient times, and it was sometimes combined with gypsum due to its light fair milky color. 

This type of calcite was highly valued because of its light blue color. In addition, it was believed to have powerful spiritual properties, particularly in the hands of experts who understood Christology well. It’s most well-known for its ability to aid with healing, communication, and rehabilitation.

Blue Calcite Meaning

The raw blue calcite crystal promotes clarity, serenity, and balance. It is a mesmerizing and versatile gemstone that continues to captivate believers. Raw blue calcite is a mineral for many purposes, but it is most commonly associated with personal growth, mind expansion, and soul calming. 

This crystal is an extremely efficient auric cleanser. People often look to it for comfort after experiencing a traumatic event. It’s often recommended to those grieving or experiencing other significant life changes. This stone has the power to change things. 

According to healers, the crystal will absorb any form of energy that comes into touch with your aura when it is in your presence. It sorts out the negative for you so you can appreciate all the wonderful and magnificent things around you. 

Not only does it eliminate negative energy, but it also transforms that into positive energy and expels it. It is known for its serene energy, making it the perfect crystal to promote peace. It can calm your nerves and inspire you to act level-headed in any situation.

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The Benefits of Blue Calcite Crystal

It is a potent gemstone that can provide several benefits for healing. The following are a few of them:

Physical healing

Raw blue calcite, with its potent healing energy, is an excellent crystal for lowering blood pressure and relieving pain on all levels. Also, it has been found to help with joint and bone problems. It aids in rapidly healing fractures, dislocations, sprains, and other injuries. 

This stone is also said to help balance the body’s calcium levels. Furthermore, it is claimed to enhance mineral and vitamin absorption in the body. It is claimed to boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system. It may also help regulate your heart rate and treats issues with blood flow.

Emotional healing

The blue calcite can help to calm the mind and release negative emotions, bringing balance to the emotional and spiritual body. It can stabilize emotions and act as a magical shield. It can provide a barrier for your aura to protect you from negativity. 

Furthermore, it expels negative emotions that have plagued you. It then absorbs the unwanted energies and converts them into positive energies. As a result, you’ll feel more optimistic.

Sleep insomnia

The raw blue calcite crytsal is said to soothe the nighttime mind by chattering with its relaxing vibrations. It can help relieve the stress and tension that builds up after a long day. Sleeping with this crystal can help you have more pleasant dreams and prevent night terrors. This may help you sleep better by preventing disruptions and improving sleep quality. 

However, one of the fascinating advantages of blue calcite for sleep is its capacity to enhance lucid dreaming. It is strongly linked to the higher chakras of communication (throat chakra) and perception (third eye chakra), resulting in enhanced dream comprehension and vividness. 

It also aids in the recall of dreams. This stone has the power to act as a spiritual unblocking agent and restore balance in the physical, spiritual, and mental planes. This way, you can more clearly explain and comprehend the visions and dreams you receive. 


The blue calcite can help you feel more confident and secure in yourself. It empowers you to achieve your real objectives in life. When you use this stone, you will no longer have to be concerned about your skills. Furthermore, this stone can aid in the reduction of shyness. It pushes you to explore areas that are outside of your comfort zone. In addition, it helps to alleviate social awkwardness.

Depression and anxiety

Raw blue calcite helps you feel peace and serenity as if gazing upon a still ocean or open sky. The gemstone is beneficial for rest and recharging. The stone is known to purify and cleanse your emotions and space, promoting relaxation. 

In addition, this stone can also work as a natural sedative to help those experiencing emotional trauma or who have lost somebody important to them. Its calming properties can also aid you in thinking clearly about emotional circumstances. It helps you better understand your feelings and thoughts. It also surrounds you in a protective auric shield that protects your mental health from harmful emotions and beliefs.

Blue Calcite Properties

Blue calcite crystal, a member of the calcite family, is only one of many colors in which calcium carbonate may be formed. It is most often encountered as a component of sedimentary rock and may also be found in the shells of several sea creatures. 

They also used it for gun sights during World War II due to its never-ending availability. However, despite its color, raw blue calcite remains a unique gemstone with a wide range of healing properties and characteristics, which include:

The healing properties

This crystal is mostly associated with the stimulation of your metabolism and the strengthening of your immune system. Not only that, but it also stabilizes irregular heart rhythms and reduces blood pressure. Experts have long used this stone as a remedy to alleviate various physical discomfort and ailments. 

In addition, raw blue calcite is believed to help people who suffer from nervous disorders by reducing stress and anxiety. It is known to naturally induce feelings of relaxation by promoting peace and tranquility. It may also be used as a natural therapy for trauma since it gives an impression of serenity.

The metaphysical properties

Blue Calcite is known to improve mental abilities and reconnect you with natural energy flow, which might help treat various illnesses. By identifying the resentment, we see it is a cover-up for a much bigger issue. Though you may not feel at ease or harmonious when using it, the key is to handle your frustration thoughtfully. 

Your aura of blue calcite emanates soothing energy that helps you smooth over the bumps in any relationship. This allows you to look past inconvenient times and avoid being caught up in them, as a consequence of which long-term and loving partnerships may develop.

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How to Use Blue Calcite

Healers have used this stone as a tool for peace and calmness for many years. It aids in connecting with the energies of numerous chakras and treats sleep disorders, anxiety, mood swings, and stress. Here are three effective ways to use blue calcite crystal:

Carry blue calcite with you all-day

The longer you spend in contact with this stone, the more energy it can help you to absorb. Keeping it in your purse or pocket and tapping it whenever you feel the urge to focus on your objectives might help you stay on track.

Place blue calcite on your body

You may wear blue calcite as jewelry to keep it near your body and allow its curative energies to flow through all of your chakras. It may also encourage your chakra’s energy to heal your emotions and improve your mental state throughout the day. Placing the stone close to your heart or throat allows you to open up those chakras, which makes it easier for you to give and receive love.

Use blue calcite during your yoga practice session

Many individuals are aware of the therapeutic benefits of yoga, and wearing a blue calcite crystal on or near your yoga mat may help to quieten the area where you’re practicing. It can enhance your focus and help you reach a deeper meditative state.

How to Cleanse Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is excellent at absorbing negative energy, so it’s essential to cleanse the stone regularly. It should never be cleansed with water – smudging is the best method. Smudging is an ancient Native American tradition that uses cleansing smoke to remove negative energies. Here’s how to use smudging to cleanse blue calcite crystals:

  • Choose your material: You may use any material you wish, but white sage is the best.
  • Choose a fire-proof container: This will keep the ashes from spreading and make the procedure safe. Alabaster shells work best for this process.
  • Choose where to perform the ritual: Smudging works best outdoors unless the weather is bad. But if you want to smudge indoors, leave a window open so the smoke and negative energy can escape.
  • Light the material by holding it upside down and setting fire to it. Then, as quickly as possible, extinguish the fire. This will make the material generate smoke. You’ll need to blow on it several times to bring out a red glow.
  • Hold blue calcite crystal in the smoke: Hold your blue calcite crystal in the smoke when the bundle is burning. You can do this for 30 seconds or more, depending on how long you want. Then, gently waft the smoke through the crystal with a feather. The feather represents connecting with the divine, which adds a beautiful touch to this ritual.

There are other ways to cleanse blue calcite that don’t involve smudging.

  • Brown rice: To cleanse your stone, bury it in organic brown rice for 24 hours. The rice will act as a filter and draw the negative energy out of the crystal. Avoid eating the rice after using it since it will contain bad energy.
  • Selenite: Selenite is a strong negative energy cleanser. You can use a bowl, wand, slab, or tower made of selenite to purify your stone. The blue calcite stone cleanses itself in 24 hours as long as it comes into contact with the selenite.
Olivenorma-Blue Calcite

How to Charge Blue Calcite

Once you’ve cleansed your blue calcite, charging it will help to restore its energy. When you charge it, the stone’s energy and vibration are restored. Here are some ways you can charge it:

  • Selenite: Selenite’s high vibration helps to restore a stone’s natural frequency. This process may be used to charge blue calcite at the same time as it is cleansed.
  • Moonlight: The blue calcite crystal is complementary to the moon’s energy, making it an excellent charging option. Place your blue calcite outside during the full moon, and allow it to rest directly on the earth or another natural material. Cover your stone with a glass or bowl to keep the moisture out and stay fresh.
  • Tibetan quartz: Place four Tibetan quartz crystals around your blue calcite at the center. Ensure the points are facing inwards. 

How to Wear Blue Calcite?

Wearing blue calcite is a great approach to utilize its therapeutic benefits. This crystal is known to activate the Throat Chakra and Third Eye. If you wish to make the most of it, put it on as jewelry close to these Chakras.


Wearing blue calcite as a necklace helps to keep the stone’s healing energies close to your center of communication. You’ll be able to communicate honestly and openly if you wear a blue calcite necklace.


Blue calcite earrings help open and nurture your Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakras. You may increase your inspiration and focus by wearing blue calcite earrings. Blue calcite earrings are recognized to aid in the balance of the brain’s two hemispheres. You may notice an improvement in your mental and emotional well-being when you wear these earrings.

Get Your Blue Calcite Crystal Today!

Blue calcite is a versatile stone with a range of applications. However, it benefits individuals who wish to get rid of their psychological closet. This stone not only allows for a clearer understanding but also allows creativity to flow more freely. It’s also good for people interested in learning how to access greater levels of their spirituality. 

This stone may help you cleanse yourself without feeling bogged down by sadness, but rather it provides a lightness of happiness for a healthy cleansing and amplifies your capabilities as well as the entire body.


  • Where is blue calcite found?

Calcite is one of the most world’s abundant minerals in the world. Calcite was used in gun sights during World War II because it was so accessible, but blue calcite is one of the more uncommon types. This crystal can be found in Mexico, the United States, Great Britain, and Iceland. It has also been discovered more recently in Pakistan.

  • How expensive is blue calcite?

Raw blue calcite is one of the more unusual varieties of calcite, and its prices are somewhat higher than orange or yellow. The cost of a raw blue calcite crystal varies based on factors such as size and shape. However, raw blue calcite stones are not as costly as many believe, especially if you’re not looking for large specimens.

  • Is blue calcite rare?

No, raw blue calcite is not an uncommon mineral. This crystal’s major veins are located in Mexico, but blue calcite may be found in several other countries. Although not as prevalent, blue calcite is still considered a rare find among other forms of this popular crystal.

  • What is the zodiac of blue calcite?

The stone is most often associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces. For example, blue calcite is a wonderful stone for Pisces since it has a water association. Although blue calcite is commonly associated with Pisces, individuals of other zodiac signs can still benefit from its effects.

  • Can blue calcite go in the sun?

Blue calcite should not be exposed to direct light, as the color will fade. Although it won’t happen immediately, you should best avoid putting the stone in sunlight, even for only a short time. Blue calcite is especially susceptible to cracking or breaking when exposed to sunlight.


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