Blue Crystals: Unlock Its Benefits and Everyday Uses

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Blue Crystals

Blue represents endurance, forbearance, compassion, sincerity, and trust. The ability to face the truth, deal with betrayal and shame, and overcome insecurity are all skills that blue crystals can help us develop. They can also help us become more relaxed, quiet, and attentive. They can aid in sustaining our religion and beliefs as well as helping us recover from substance misuse.

Let’s dive into the myriad benefits of blue crystals, from health and wealth to love and communication. Discover how these gems can improve your well-being and open new avenues for personal growth and harmony.

What is Blue Crystal?

The most enticing color is seen in blue crystals. After all, the sky and water are both blue in color. In addition, it is the hue of slumber and dusk. Sincerity, creativity, and spirituality are all symbolized by this color. Both conservative and comforting words are used. It’s a fantastic hue for various gems and stones as a result.

They give us the courage and clarity to speak the truth and the serenity we need to convey our thoughts without losing our composure. Blue colors can help you express your thoughts and feelings effectively, making them ideal for presentations and speaking one’s truth.

Blue Crystal Meaning

Blue crystals are all about lulling you to a place of beautiful tranquility and are full of incredible water energy. The stunning hue blue is a representation of the expansive sky and the deep waters of the sea, lake, rivers, and streams. Blue gemstones are healing crystals that enhance your intelligence and intuition. One of the benefits of the color blue is clarity, which blue crystals are likely to impact.

Hope, sincerity, genuineness, and trust are all qualities that blue crystals convey, and they are closely related to the throat chakra. They work to restore harmony to the area of our throat that allows us to speak, defend our beliefs, and interact with others. Blue gemstones are more commonly utilized to settle disputes, particularly when a communication breakdown occurs. They give the speaker the freedom to express their true feelings and objectives.

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Blue Crystals Benefits

For healing and health benefits

  • Because of their potent antibacterial properties, bluestones are treasured by crystal healers. Blue is associated with the throat chakra. A blocked or overactive throat chakra can be activated and cleared with blue crystals. Therefore, it makes sense. When a chakra is blocked, it can be difficult to explain your feelings and thoughts. This obstruction may result in tightness in the shoulders and neck muscles, tension headaches, colds, hearing problems, and thyroid problems. The thyroid, parathyroid, throat, and mouth are among the organs that can be treated with blue crystals.
  • They help with earaches and migraines. Additionally, they will aid in bringing down fevers and ease the discomfort and signs of high blood pressure. Blue crystals are also used to cure laryngitis, eye strain, and sore throats.

For wealth

  • With the use of Bluestones, you can improve your chances of locating more rewarding career possibilities. They can also assist you in enhancing your professional or financial status. These stones are also believed to improve leadership abilities that inspire and motivate others.
  • They will help you create order in your life, enabling you to put your fears aside and show courage. They will also help improve mental clarity and lessen problems from a disorganized mind. Bluestones have a strong connection to the throat chakra, which might help you speak more clearly.
  • This is a superior way to share your imaginative ideas and creative views about a topic in a professional atmosphere. Additionally, it helps to eliminate misunderstandings and faulty communication among coworkers, resulting in a harmonious and coordinated team.
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Blue crystals throat chakra healing

  • The Throat chakra is another name for the fifth chakra. It is situated near the throat’s midpoint. It’s related to the color blue, and it’s where we communicate with the rest of the world and express our truth.
  • If our throat chakra is blocked, it might be frustrating. It might affect our ability to express our needs, set boundaries, feel heard and understood, and take charge of our lives.
  • An open throat chakra, however, gives us the ability to communicate both within and externally. In addition, it boosts our sense of equilibrium and provides us with more self-assurance, clarity, and self-awareness.

For love and relationship

It is no new thing that blue gemstones can help elevate love to an entirely new level as communication and the throat chakra are so important in relationships. These stones can help you strengthen your relationship and have nurturing experiences with the people you care about since they encourage commitment to the truth and honesty.

The calm and tranquility that blue crystals convey are good for relationships. These gems are great for restraining irrational wrath that could develop after intense disputes. They can help you develop a stronger connection with your partner and let more extraordinary intuition work its magic in your relationships.

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Uses of Blue Crystal

  • Particularly Blue Lace Agate, blue crystals can help with earaches and migraines.
  • Additionally, they can lower fevers and alleviate the discomforts brought on by high blood pressure.
  • They can also help in the treatment of laryngitis, sore throats, and eye fatigue.
  • Light blue crystals are also beneficial for your recovery from hazardous addictions or bad behavior patterns.
  • Blue crystals can be used to communicate clearly and forcefully.
  • Calming restless minds.
  • The stone is frequently used in crystal treatment to open and clear the mind as well as to awaken insight, wisdom, and understanding.

How to Use Blue Crystals?

It is nice to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of Blue Calcite by wearing it. Use jewelry that keeps this crystal’s energy close to the Third Eye and Throat Chakras because they are the Chakras that are activated by it.


Wear necklaces to keep the Blue Sandstone healing energies near your communication center. Wear a Blue Sandstone necklace if you wish to communicate more openly and honestly.

Olivenorma Blue Sandstone Healing Necklace


Earrings made of Blue Calcite energize your Third Eye and Throat Chakra. You’ll experience the improved inspiration and focus if you wear Blue Calcite earrings.

The brain’s two hemispheres are also balanced by wearing blue calcite earrings. When you wear these earrings, you can experience an improvement in your mental and emotional well-being.

How to Cleanse Blue Calcite Crystal

Blue Calcite must be cleansed after every use since it quickly absorbs bad energy.


Smudging is the best method for purifying a Blue Calcite Crystal because it is not water safe. Smoke is used in the Native American practice of smudging to banish evil spirits. Smudge sticks, white or clary sage, incense sticks, or herb bundles are all acceptable options.

  • Choose your material: Pick a material that looks well on you. For example, white sage is a very effective substance.
  • Select a fire-proof container: This will contain the ashes and secure the procedure. For this, alabaster shells are ideal.
  • Choose where to perform the ritual: Unless it’s windy or pouring, you should ideally smudge outside. When smudging inside, crack a window open to let the incense and negative energy out.
  • Light the material: Light the specified bundle while holding it upside down. Then rapidly exhale it. The substance will start to smoke as a result. It can require several blows before you see a crimson light.
  • Hold Blue Calcite in the smoke: Hold the Blue Calcite Crystal in the haze while the bundle is smoldering. As long as you like, extend the duration to roughly 30 seconds. The smoke can be blown around the crystal with the aid of a feather. Feathers represent establishing a connection with the divine, which gives this activity a lovely touch.

However, Blue Calcite can be cleansed using techniques other than smudging, which include;

Brown rice

Place your stone in a bag of organic brown rice, then wait 24 hours. As a result, the crystal’s negative energy is drawn into the rice. Therefore, the rice will have bad energy if you consume it later.


Negative energy can be effectively removed with selenite. Use a tower, wand, slab, or bowl made of selenite. Within 24 hours, the selenite will be cleansed as long as the Blue Calcite stone has some touch.

Light Blue crystals

Blue crystals are subtly tempered in their milder hues. Light blue crystals, which mimic the hue of the sky-reflecting little pools of water, encourage us to think, contemplate, consider and relax as we embrace the life we have. Use light blue crystals to cultivate patience, settle disputes, or ask for forgiveness.

The light blue rays are also fantastic for helping people break bad habits or overcome addictions. They assist in controlling our emotions and promoting calmness and composure in us. Their powerful rays can influence us to make changes in our lives that will make us more dependable and joyful. They aid in overcoming grief, letting go of the past, and healing guilt. Blue calcite, Celestite, and Angelite are a few common light blue crystals.

Blue Crystal stone

You can get several effects from blue crystal stones. While some blue crystals stones can help you develop your psychic talents, others can help you stay modest and peaceful. During difficult circumstances, Blue Crystal stones provide direction and support. Blue crystal stones can help you while you’re going through emotionally trying times or trying times in your spiritual progress.

Blue Crystal Necklace

One of the most effective forms of Blue Crystal is a necklace. When you want a confidence boost, wear Blue stones. They encourage serenity and delight in human interaction. 

Olivenorma Kyanite Healing Necklace


The beauty of blue crystals is timeless. These jewels are all about accepting the balancing act; in some ways, they are light and energizing while being fresh and invigorated in others. They walk a fine line between being authentic and expressing themselves without hurting the feelings of others. With the aid of blue crystals, it has never been simpler to raise your vibration, develop your intuition, and tune into the universe.


  • Can Blue Crystal Go in the Sun?

No, as they would lose their color if exposed to the sun, it would be better if you avoided doing so. Although it won’t happen immediately, it’s better to keep the stone out of the sun, even briefly. Due to the cleavage of Blue Crystal, sunlight may also cause it to fracture or become fragile.

  • What is the Best Combination to use with Blue Crystals?

You can combine different blue crystals and stones, such as zircon, sodalite, sapphirelepidolitelarimarlapis lazulikunzite, or iolite. Additionally, available stones include IndicoliteChrysocollaCelestite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Lace Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, Blue Obsidian, Aquamarine, Amber, and Amazonite. These crystals and stones will complement your chakras and look lovely when worn as jewelry.

  • What Price are Blue Crystals?

The cost of polished Blue Lace Agate stones is only $2. There are also some extremely excellent items at around $40. Under 5 carat, premium quality smaller aquamarine stones can be purchased for between $100 and $250 per carat. Unless they have exceptional color saturation, aquamarine stones that are more greenish blue are typically less expensive. Blue Quartz stones that have been expertly polished and tumbled are available for $10. Another inexpensive blue crystal, sodalite, is known for anywhere from $5 to $50.

  • What chakra is Blue Crystal used for?

Among the crystals used to repair the throat chakra is Blue Crystal. Blue or the throat chakra will be opened and cleansed if you wear a Blue Crystal necklace. Your heart chakra is also affected by the healing energies of Blue Crystals; as a result, you feel calmed down, nourished, and comforted. In addition, you can improve your communication skills and eliminate social anxiety with throat chakra treatment. Both with individuals and in groups, you’ll be able to develop clear communication.

  • Can Blue Crystal go in the water?

Crystals can be submerged in water, yes. Crystals with a Mohs hardness scale rating of five or above typically float just well in water. However, it is best to avoid immersing crystals with a Mohs hardness rating of less than 5 in water. For example, Calcite has a 3 rating on the Mohs hardness scale.


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