Brown Crystals: Unveil 6 Must-Have Gems for Healing and Harmony

by Alex Green
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Brown Crystals

When asked to think about crystals, most of us conjure up images of colorful stones like blood-red rubies, sky-blue sapphires, and the greenest emeralds. Very few people consider stones that have a color as ordinary looking as brown. However, brown stones are quite powerful healing crystals and have a wide range of amazing mystical properties.

Let’s take a look at a few powerful brown crystals as well as their features and amazing properties. Hopefully, by the end of this article, we will have changed your mind about brown stones.

What Do Brown Crystals Represent?

Brown stones have been associated with several amazing properties. Here are a few of them:

  • They represent strength, reliability, and stability. Brown stones like brown topaz are used as a source of strength when we need it. They also ground us in reality, helping temper some of our more idealistic tendencies.
  • Brown stones are signs of warmth, comfort, and nurture. Brown is a very common color that is found all around us, especially in nature. Brown is one of the colors which represents Mother Nature which is seen as the ultimate source of life and nurture.
  • They are powerful warding stones. Many brown crystals resonate strongly with the Root Chakra and are therefore connected to the Earth element. This makes them powerful wedding stones and great for protecting yourself against harmful radiation such as EMF rays.
  • Brown crystals have wonderful healing properties. Brown crystals are also great for healing a wide range of physical and mental conditions. They imbue their body with energy and help balance the flow of chakra, therefore promoting healing and recovery.

Brown Crystals Names and Properties

Now that we know some of their general properties, let’s take a look at some popular brown stones with useful properties.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye crystals are among the most well-known brown gemstones in the world. This is not only due to their unique appearance and inexplicable allure but also due to their wide range of uses. The crystal is officially known as a metamorphic chatoyant stone and is mined from countries like China, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, India, Burma, Namibia, and Spain.

This beautiful stone gets its name from the unique color patterns found within the crystal. These are patterns of brighter bands of brown stone mixed between darker bands. This gives the unmistakable impression of the slitted gaze of a large cat, especially a Tiger. It has a beautiful sparkling effect which can best be seen when rays of direct sunlight stream through the stone.

Tiger’s Eye crystals represent several important mystical attributes. These include the qualities of strength, confidence, and courage. It is a great grounding stone and can be used as a source of motivation when you feel like you need a little push. Another great thing about Tiger’s Eye is that it gives off a calming aura, which is great for alleviating stress and boosting productivity.

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Brown Citrine

Citrine is another popular healing crystal, however, most people are familiar with the golden-yellow variant of the gemstone. Citrine also comes in more earthy tones like golden brown to even more reddish-brown hues.

Brown Citrine is known universally as the stone of material wealth and financial success. This is likely why it is also known as the Merchant’s Stone and is a great item or gift for people who own a business or are starting a new business venture.

The stone stimulates productivity, creativity, and cooperation. It’s a great stone to have in the workplace as it creates social cohesion between co-workers and is great for creating an enabling business environment that drives growth, reduces workplace conflict, and helps fight off fatigue by rejuvenating the mind and body.

Such a stone can be placed on your desk or any other place you spend a lot of your time working. They can also be placed in your place of work, preferably in a central location where their properties can be evenly dispersed throughout the workplace.

A great way to use this stone is to combine it with certain healing crystals like clear quartz (which is great for focus, insight, and clarity), amethyst (a stone of the Crown Chakra which represents serenity and healing) as well as Malachite (the stone of positive transformation).

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Brown Tourmaline

Brown tourmaline (also known as dravite) is a powerful brown gemstone that belongs to the larger tourmaline family. The stone is known for several important attributes such as producing a soothing aura which is great for getting rid of stress and fatigue.

The stone ranges from a light brown yellow to darker mud brown colors. It is currently mined in places like Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada and got its name from the first site where it was found, the Drava River located in modern-day Slovenia.

Like the most popular member of this family, black tourmaline, the brown variant of this semi-precious stone is also a powerful grounding crystal that has strong protective properties. It helps ward off negative energy and harmful forms of radiation.

Brown tourmaline resonates closely with the Heart and Root Chakra. Its association with the Heart Chakra makes it a powerful stone for healing old hurts and finding closure from past traumas. This shows its association with Mother Nature and her nurturing attributes. On the other hand, its association with the Root Chakra creates a grounding property that is great for both warding off negative energies and balancing your inner chakras.

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Cat’s Eye Apatite

Cats Eye Apatite is another beautiful stone that exhibits the property of chatoyancy. This means that due to special arrangements of the crystals within the stone it creates a beautiful pattern of alternating light and dark bands which resemble the slitted gaze of a cat (just like Tiger’s Eye crystals).

So the stone occurs in abundance in nature, the semi-translucent form is rather uncommon making it one of the lesser-known semi-precious stones. The stone is commonly mined from countries like Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Algeria, Portugal, Tunisia, South Africa, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

Cat’s Eye Apatite is considered a stone of learning and inspiration. This is because the gemstone has a deep connection with the Inner Eye and also possesses the ability to streamline the flow of chakra through the mind thereby opening your thoughts to a wider range of creativity and focus. This is why the stone is commonly used by artists and creative thinkers to overcome a mental block.

Another great way of using this stone is as a meditation tool. It can be used as a point of focus while you make your daily affirmations. Cat’s Eye Apatite can also be combined with a range of other healing crystals to enhance its effects. Some other semi-precious stones which work wonderfully with this product include onyxclear quartz, and moonstone.

Chocolate Opal

Opals belong to a family of minerals known as amorphous silica crystals because they are usually found around water bodies that have a high concentration of silica. These gems are well-known for several reasons. First of all, they have a wide variety of beautiful colors, ranging from yellow to turquoise and even brown. Also, they produce a beautiful shimmering effect due to their unique structure. As we mentioned earlier, opals can come in a wide range of colors including brown. Brown opals are commonly known as chocolate opals and are quite beautiful to behold especially with their characteristic shimmer.

Most of the world’s chocolate opals are mined in Australia, though Brazil, Mexico, the US, and Honduras also produce significant amounts. The stone is not a “true crystal” but is rather classified as a mineraloid due to its unique amorphous structure.

Chocolate opals are stones of balance, good karma, and harmony. They can be used as a source of strength and stability, as well as a way to ward off anxiety. These infusions of colors found throughout the stone represent vitality, healing, and joy. Opals are well-known for creating a positive aura around the wearer and negating harmful energies.

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Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a dark and mysterious stone which comes in a range of colors which may range from a light golden-brown to a darker shade of brown. The stone is mined in several countries which include Mozambique, Brazil, Australia, Scotland and the US.

As a member of the larger quartz family of crystals the gemstone has a natural affinity with the Crown Chakra, making it a stone of insight, meditation and enlightenment. However, smoky quartz also resonates strongly with the Root Chakra, giving the stone a unique grounding property as well.

For this reason, smoky quartz is an incredible grounding stone and is great for dealing with negative emotions such as grief and anxiety. It also helps create a sense of clarity and pragmatism as well.

As a stone of the Root Chakra, smoky quartz can also be used as a ward in stone to drive away harmful energies. Simply keep the crystal around you and you’ll feel it engulf you in an aura of positive energy.

Olivenorma-Brown Crystals

Here are some other beautiful brown crystals you should check out:

  • Enstatite
  • Brown Jasper
  • Brown Golden Beryl
  • Smoky Quartz Crystal
  • Fire Agate
  • Brown Zircon
  • Brown Topaz
  • Brown Moonstone
  • Diaspore
  • Brown Diamond
  • Brown Sphalerite
  • Sillimanite Cat’s Eye
  • Brown Aragonite

Final Words on Brown Stones

As we said, brown crystals may not be as popular as their more colorful cousins, however, that does not mean that they are any less powerful. The beautiful stones listed in this article have several useful attributes which can help you live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.


  • How do I know if a brown crystal is fake?

Some of the best ways to identify a genuine stone are to look out for its characteristic pattern, test its hardness, purchase the stone from a trusted merchant or look out for a lack of inclusions.

  • Which brown crystals are best for protection?

While all brown crystals have warding properties, stones like brown tourmaline are considered some of the most powerful protection crystals available.

  • Can brown crystals be made from colored stones?

Many brownstones come from naturally occurring crystal deposits. However, they can also be created by subjecting colored stones to high amounts of heat, pressure, or specific chemical processes.


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