What is a Chakra Bracelet: Meaning & Benefits (2021 Ultimate Guide)

by Sophia Martinez
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Chakra Bracelet

When you want to balance your chakra, you need to become aware of it. This is the first step to do so. Our lives in an imbalanced state have to be balanced and hence our chakras should be focused on being kept open.

You can aid the opening of chakras through different means like meditating, wearing a chakra bracelet, being mindful, and so on. Understanding each chakra will help you know your imbalance and to cope with it up as well.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra means wheel. In meditation and yoga, chakra refers to the wheels which are all through your body which transforms the energy all through the body. The 7 chakras in your body align all along with the spin and start from the spinal base and continue all through up till the crown of the head.

The 7 chakras of the body comprise neurological bundles and leading organs, spiritual, emotional, and psychological state of a human being. It is quite important to sustain your chakras open. They should be aligned to avoid and enhance an appropriate flow of energy.

This could be a little tough to sustain a chakra open in the beginning. However, it is not tough when you are aware of it and want to keep it open. This is where chakra healing comes into the picture. Each of the chakra stones or colored stones that are associated with each chakra can be used in the form of a bracelet to channelize your concentration in sustaining the chakras healthy and open.

Your soul, body, and mind are all linked in a lovely manner in circles. Being aware of every chakra could aid in healing the imbalances in a bodily area and get all other areas back to balance.

Chakra Bracelet Meaning

What is a chakra braceletIt is a bracelet of 7 colored beads, each color associated with each chakra. The meaning and purpose of these 7 chakra bracelets are to assist the balance of 7 centers of energy within our human body.

Olivenorma-Chakra Bracelet

These bracelets are most energy healing bracelets which are built of chakra cleaning colored stones and each color is linked to a single chakra.

The human being has 7 fields or levels of energy consciousness. At an etheric level, each person is vitalized and conditioned by the vital energy force of the universe which is penetrated via the chakras or our principal energy centers.

The chakras offer an energy attraction that assists in the body’s balance on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. The color associated with each chakra and its associated stones or bracelets is some ways to heal the bodily parts.

Whenever a person is healthy, there is a rhythmic balanced flow of all the chakras. Whenever there are long-term perturbations in your emotional state like permanent anxiety or hostility, the energy flow becomes shabby that can eventually harm all the systems.

You can also take the instance of depression and fear which can minimize the usual energy flow, so the bodily organs such as kidneys can function ably and appropriately.

Balance the chakra for a good energy flow

If a person is healthy and very happy mentally, the flow of energy is gentle and balanced. The chakras are capable of transporting energy from a level to another.

Chakras have an essential role in sustaining the complexity and health of the immune system of the body along with other systems. This is why a chakra bracelet is also referred to as a chakra healing bracelet.

The chakra flow of energy is a field that is a universal force. It is therefore present always. However, its flux could be minimized or made limited by particular conditions.

The chakra bracelet meaning is a method for energy balance wherein every chakra is harmonized and, in its core, while wearing it. Whenever you put on a chakra bracelet, it will set your mind to focus and set the mind’s intention to clearing and grounding yourself to remain true to the full authentic self.

Chakra Bracelet Benefits

Some of the healing benefits of 7 chakra bracelets are:

  • The ancient people believed in the stone crystals and their healing power.
  • It is believed that it would subtly absorb the negative energy of the person wearing it and there is a flow of energy in balance. However, chakra activation and opening it is possible thus.
  • For many years, the chakra bracelets have been always a part of Indian tradition which was worn by male and female counterparts.
  • To others, it is a combination of fashion and culture worn to activate awareness on sustaining the 7 energies within balance.
  • It is important to remember that a chakra bracelet works only on a believer as positivity comes within the mind.
  • Some feel that chakra bracelets give the energy from the used stones, while some feel they motivate awareness in the person wearing it.
  • It permits enhanced focusing on sustaining the 7 balanced energies.
  • It is used to promote vitality and healing.
  • It is focused primarily on chakra healing.
  • It is a destresser, emotional supporter, and pain reliever for many.
  • The power comes from gemstones which use energy healing properties for the person wearing them.
Olivenorma-Chakra Bracelet 2

The colors associated with each chakra are:

Stones/Gemstones are associated with each color and correspondingly to each chakra. Gemstones are natural energy conductors. This is what gemstones make as terrific tools in aligning and healing your chakras. The gemstones colors will direct the respective flow of energy to various chakras associated with respective colors.

The following gemstones are associated with the 7 chakras:

  • For the Root chakra, Red jasper is worn
  • For The Sacral chakra, Picasso and Carnelian is worn
  • For the Solar Plexus chakra, Yellow Jade is worn
  • For the Heart chakra, moss agate and Aventurine is worn
  • For the Throat Chakra, turquoise and amazonite is worn
  • For the Third eye chakra, sodalite and Lapis Lazuli is worn
  • For the Crown chakra, quartz crystal and Amethyst is worn

How to Wear Your Bracelet and What Hand do You Wear a Chakra Bracelet on?

Now that we know what are the 7 chakras and what are 7 chakra bracelets and their benefits, let’s now see how to wear them and on which hand it is more beneficial and appropriate to wear. This is essential as ancient science demarcates the bodily sides and their associated functions.

The Left Side

The left side of the body is termed the feminine side of the body. It is also termed as the receiving party. Fundamentally, the purpose of the body is for energy received externally and to bring it inside to result in internal shifts in you. This is why it is understood that chakra bracelets should occupy your left hand.

Olivenorma Orgone Chakra Healing Bracelet

Let’s see what crystals/gemstones are used for what purpose:

  • For warding off negativity or negative energy, you use the lava rock and The Black Tourmaline.
  • For offering more love for oneself, you use Rose Quartz crystal
  • For minimizing stress from various emotions, you use the Amethyst
  • For a boost of confidence, you use Red Tigers Eye
  • For granting wishes, needs, and fulfillment of desire, you use the sunstone bracelet
  • For better intuition, you use Prehnite

The Right Side

The right side of the body is the giving side. It is meant for energy control within you and its dissemination to the external world. The same crystals will provide you a different experience when worn on your right hand.

Olivenorma Chakra Natural Golden Color Adjustable Yoga Bracelet

Let’s see what crystals/gemstones are used for what purpose:

  • To protect from negative energy, you should wear the black onyx or the lava rock
  • To make you lovable to your neighbours, you should wear the rose quartz
  • For a calming environment, you should wear the amethyst
  • For disseminating blessings and healings towards your loved one, you should wear the sunstone

Can You Wear More Than One Bracelet on Both Hands?

You can wear as many 7 chakra bracelets as you want. However, do not anticipate getting the energy multiplied with that number of 7 chakra bracelets.

You ought to work on each level mastery at a given time by blending various stones, your experience by wearing it, and its impacts on you. Observe and pay attention to the surrounding energy with every bracelet you wear and before purchasing the next. Work on the positive combinations for you and wear what works best and is suitable for you.

Olivenorma Lava Stone Chakra Protection Bracelet

Understanding the Chakras – Introduction to 7 Chakras and Their Benefits

Before purchasing your chakra bracelet, it is essential to understand the associated benefits of each chakra and stone associated with it. Each of the stones is represented by each chakra or bead or stone.

7 Chakras and its Meaning

  • Muladhara chakra- The first chakra, is of security and stability which ties the fundamental requirements of the human being. This is also called Root chakra. When balanced, you will find a sense of security and safety.
  • Svadhisthana chakra- The second chakra, is associated with our sexual center and creativity. In imbalance, you feel creativity is blocked. It is situated above the pubic bone.
  • Manipura Chakra- The third chakra, is associated with the area between the breastbone and belly button. It is associated with self-esteem, personal power, and feeling about ourselves.
  • Anahata Chakra- The fourth chakra, is responsible for lower and upper chakra association within the body. It’s our source of worldly connection and love association to people and the world around us. Anything is possible when this is balanced.
  • The Vishuddha chakra- The fifth chakra, also referred to as throat chakra aids in speaking the highest truth and your deep emotions. Imbalance in this chakra creates a limited flow of energy and incapability to express emotions resulting in discontentment and resentment.
  • The Ajna Chakra- The sixth chakra, also referred to as the third eye chakra associated with listening ability and intuition. An open chakra will be able to provide this powerful faculty.
  • The Sahaswara chakra- The seventh chakra, also referred to as crown chakra is situated at the crown or top of the head. It aids in achieving self-awareness and spiritual connection. To achieve a sense of light, divine realization, love, and enlightenment, this chakra should be open.
Olivenorma-Chakra Bracelet 3

Let’s take each of the chakras in detail:

Red – the Root Chakra

Position- Mula means the root and Dhara mean support. Root means spinal base which is near to tail bone and then it extends over to belly button.

Purpose- It is believed that the purpose of the root chakra is to keep you grounded by linking all the flowing energy from the earth. In the modern era, it balances emotional and financial provisions for the earth’s survival.

In balance- When this chakra is in balance, you sense connectivity to earth and feel accomplished and in peace. The small stuff is never tough like safety, money, and shelter.

Restoring balance- Overdrive can result in anxiety, it impacts your health, resulting in digestive issues, ovarian cysts, lower backaches, and in men prostate problems. Underactiveness can result in you losing concentration, remain unproductive, and daydreaming.

How to restore balance?

You pray, volunteer in kindness, meditate and reenergize by associating with nature, do activities like swimming and gardening.

Orange – the Sacral Chakra

Position- Swadishtana or the place of self, begins below the navel and up to its epicenter.

Purpose- This chakra is known as very important to the rest of the chakras as it gives you an identity. It depends on what you choose.

In balance- It starts your sexual intimacy and other enjoyable activities to enjoy your precious time on this globe.

Restoring balance- Overdrive you might encounter obesity, restlessness, hormone imbalance, gluttony, and so on. Underactiveness can result in lowered sex drive, loss of creativity, moodiness, impotence, depression, and so on.

How to restore the balance?

Focus on practical things and stop thinking about the results of your action even before you carry them out. When you are feeling low, have a healthy snack and try to be happy.

Olivenorma Orgone Chakra Healing Bracelet

Yellow – the Solar Plexus

Position- Referred to as Manipura, implying a shining gem. It is positioned from the belly button center to the breastbone at the ribs core.

Purpose- This chakra has saved people’s lives with its tiny voice within your head, called intuition. It permits you to notice the red flags in anything, a person or a thing, and then act appropriately.

In balance- Whenever you are in balance your confidence and wisdom go high. Be cautious regarding it. It is the kind that provides you with decisiveness, personal power, and wisdom.

Restore its balance-Overdrive can make you feel anger, animosity, vengeance, remorse, empathy, and so on. Underactiveness can make you feel indecisive, afraid, insecure, weak, and needy.

How to restore it?

Exercise your skills and talents to the fullest. This is the most recommended method of restoring this chakra fast. This way you also get a great boost of confidence and you get back to usual. To tone it, love your neighbors and open up to yourself.

Green – the Heart Chakra

Position- Also referred to as Anahata, implying unhurt. This heart chakra is found above your breastbone and above your heart down to the throat.

Purpose- This chakra is responsible for compassion, love, mercy, and kindness. It is so positioned that it acts as a link between earthly and heaven chakras.

In balance- You will show compassion to the unfortunate and display deep love and affection.

Restoring balance

This is balanced in most of the people. Overactive chakra will make you take unhealthy life options concerning love. This is what happens when the wheel spins fast. This is why several spouses cheat and have affairs outside their marital life.

You might experience enhanced heart rate and heartburns in a state of imbalance. Underactivity results in circulatory issues. You do not like any personal relationship with a person and like to be with yourself.

How to restore the balance?

When you feel out of balance, you should start loving oneself more. Work out, go to the gym and exercise plenty to get in touch with yourself and spend time with yourself. This is the only way to mend the imbalanced heart chakra.

Blue – the Throat Chakra

Position- Also referred to as visuddha chakra, which implies very pure. The throat chakra, as the name suggests, is found between the collar bone and up to the eye center.

Purpose- This chakra is responsible for you to tell truth, be kind, inspired with quotes and love.

In balance– You are not at war and feel compassionate, affectionate and a sense of love with people and the world.

Restoring balance

Overactive you might feel invalidated or ignored. This chakra manifests when you feel these emotions. It can force you to speak louder with an intent to be heard by others. The majority of gender-based fighters and human rights activities have this. Underactiveness might include dry mouths, throat pain, frequent cavities, and mouth ulcers.

How to restore the chakra?

When you find any of the above symptoms, hold the tongue whenever you wish to say anything. Do not however bottle up the emotions to the extent of being not capable to express yourself. When you swallow your voice/words, you might feel plenty of digestive issues. It is always best to speak the truth and then reenergize this chakra.

Indigo – the Third Eye Chakra

Position- Also referred to as Ajna chakra, which implies beyond wisdom. It is situated between your mouth and eyebrows.

Purpose-This chakra doesn’t operate like the remainder of the chakras. It is not a straightforward chakra. This chakra provides wise mages and monks to get to see beyond the common eye. They feel the psychic flow of energy around them at all times.

In balance- This is called the third eye which is the capability of relying on a person’s intuition. You examine and analyze with the brain instead of jumping to conclusions. When the energy begins flowing, you shall be on the path of enlightenment spiritually.

Restoring balance- People who have this chakra overactive can experience paranormal activities and are obsessed with a lot of psychic stuff. The ancients are known to believe that this world beyond the naked eye and this dimension. It has a lot more physical dimension. This is why there are several psychics in this world. Some are even drawn to astrology and some to paranormal activities. People who believe in this chakra feel a lot of energy flowing within their 6th chakra.

Underactiveness brings a disconnection to the spiritual world. You might have frequent allergies, headaches, sinuses-related issues, and so on.

How to restore balance?

Do not ignore the spiritual world. Meditate and associate with it. Individuals who have enlightened the 6th chakra have usually spoken to have an experience of out of the body.

Violet – the Crown Chakra

Position- Also known as Crown chakra or Shawswara, which implies multi-petalled. It is situated at the top portion of the head. It flows outwards and downwards. It streams outwards towards the remaining universe.

Purpose- This chakra is the hardest to balance when compared to all other chakras in our body. Several ancient people, teachers, sensei have struggled to have obtained a balance in the crown chakra. But when they do, they are no more a human again as they shall be transcending to a higher supreme power.

In balance- When this chakra is put into perspective, you will get to balance the chakra. You are no longer a human or in the human arena, ie., human suffering and you can even go beyond the feeling of death.

Restoring balance-There are no cases of documentation regarding people attaining total balance in this chakra. So, there is no question of overflow. This chakra taps to links us to the universal infinite energy from the universe or cosmos. It is thus impossible to be in the union of infinite energies. Hence, there is no need to tone it down. Underactiveness is quite common and with most of the people in this chakra. It is ok and fine as we all are eventually being human.

How to restore balance?

Taking up a spiritual journey can get you close to being in union with the universe. However, it is not as easy as it is said. It is an experience, a phenomenon, and a journey to self.

Olivenorm Natural Gemstone Seven Chakra Yoga Bracelet

Ways to Balance, Activate and Open up Your 7 Chakras

The primary method of declogging and cleansing the block which is in our energy wheels for the smooth flow of energy all through the body is the use of chakra stone, crystals, and bracelets.

The other methods to do the same are as below:

Mudras- The mudras are hand and finger postures and the positioning of the body. Various hand gestures can aid in your chakra activation which is used associated with breathing as well. Different hand postures or mudras are meant to activate chakras and also heal the body flow of energy to different bodily organs.

Meditation- This is another easy and simple way of cleaning the negative energy in our bodies. This is a process of focus and concentration through breathing techniques and other meditation techniques to clean body and mind and open up to activate chakras. This helps our body a great deal.

Mantras- Sanskrit verses or words or incantations or phrases which have hidden audio waves which are strongly believed to heal. The mantras which are positive and healing can be chanted regularly to activate your chakras and heal your body. You can blend all the mantras with mudras and meditation as well to get the benefit of the three to activate chakras within your body.

Remember there are no secrets or cheats or shortcuts to opening the chakras. Everything requires effort and belief that the process is true and with a positive mind embrace it. It needs time dedication and a leveling up belief with each chakra.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I wear my chakra bracelet in the shower?

Yes, you can wear your chakra bracelet in the shower as it doesn’t make it lost its powers. Showering with it will not result in any harm concerning chakras. But, if the bracelet dismantles, they are likely to get lost and washed away in the bath drain during taking a bath.

Can I go swimming with my Chakra bracelet?

Yes, you can go swimming with your chakra bracelet. Since swimming pools are generally induced with some chemicals, they are likely to react with these precious stones and damage the luster or material. You might not see the harm in the beginning, but it becomes noticeable with time.

Do you sleep with the Chakra bracelet on?

If you sleep with your chakra bracelet on, the gemstones which are linked to the 6th chakra can distort the patterns of sleep and most likely keep you in an awake state. The stones that are ok to wear during sleep are moonstone, rose quartz, and howlite.

Where can I buy Chakra Bracelets?

You can purchase the chakra bracelets online or offline stores meant for gemstones and crystals. Look for the best, genuine in quality, and authentic stones for chakra healing.


Positive energy is everywhere and when you tap into it, you will have amazing results which are positive on the human mind and body. To restore self from energy blocks, you can activate your 7 chakras with 7 chakra bracelets. This will help shift your internal energies and enhance your energies to chakra opening and motivation.


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