Crystal Tree: Unlock Prosperity and Balance in Every Aspect of Life

by Alex Green
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Crystal Tree

Trees are representations of longevity, stability, and growth. The meaning of the crystal tree, also known as the gemstone tree, is that, like a properly managed tree that grows and flowers over time, we attract and achieve what we focus on. 

A tree does not have a predetermined number of leaves or fruits; similarly, these gemstone trees do not require a predetermined quantity of crystals. This article includes a brief overview of the significance of crystal/gemstone trees.

What is a Crystal Tree?

Crystal trees, also known as gemstone trees, are used in Feng Shui as enhancers and rectifiers, much like the tree of life, which has many symbolic meanings. Gemstone trees are little ornamental trees with leaves formed of small gemstones or synthetic glass shards.

They are created with genuine crystals, quartz, or gemstones like Amethystcitrinerose quartzclear quartz, etc. However, due to their construction using semi-precious stones like crystals or gemstones, crystal trees can be considered precious and expensive.

They are said to attract a lot of good energy, have healing and purifying characteristics, and can grant us love, happiness, and protection from evil spirits. Set clear intentions and watch them manifest using gemstone trees as a tool.

Crystal Tree Meaning

As a spiritual and metaphysical symbol, the crystal tree has acquired iconic status in many civilizations. Its consistency and dependability are the foundation of its meaning. A crystal tree is produced using metal wire, like gold and copper, while the leaves are made from semi-precious gems or crystals. 

The crystal tree resembles a jade plant meant to signify good fortune, wealth, and abundance. The limbs of this tree typically have attractive trunks and are composed of fine copper/golden-colored wires. As a typical illustration, the roots of a tree extend far above, as though touching the moon, stars, and sky, and they delve deeply into the ground, feeding themselves from mother Earth. 

Its trunk creates a solid foundation, and its fruits give birth to life itself. All of these represent the emergence of new life, expansion, abundance, steadiness, longevity, strength, community, ancestry, fertility, and the connectivity of all things in the universe.

Olivenorma-Crystal Tree

Crystal Tree Benefits

The crystal trees have extraordinary healing abilities. For example, it could be placed close to a sick person. These trees may also help you attract money and love into your house. Depending on the stone’s vibrations, each gemstone has distinctive characteristics and specific objectives to achieve.

The purpose of your purchase should be your only consideration before making a decision. One of its benefits is that you don’t have to worry about how to use gemstone trees. Instead, decide which one to use, and place it where the gemstone tree’s color energy points. As a result, you’ll eventually be able to notice a change in the energy in your home.

Even so, several advantages you can derive from placing the multi-crystal trees in your home or office are detailed below:

Increases Knowledge Capacity and Creativity

Placing a multi-crystal tree in your house or workplace can help your family take a new direction and strengthen your bonds with one another. Additionally, a gemstone tree with colored crystals is a fantastic choice for a family with children because it will stimulate their creativity.

Improves Creativity

You can become more creative by using multi-crystal trees. This benefits your career, business, and profession since it will help you use your creative sense to stand out from the crowd.

Builds Fame and Reputation

The multi-crystal tree works miracles when it comes to establishing notoriety and prestige. Are you looking to gain renown and prestige, or perhaps you feel underappreciated at your job while working hard? Incorporate a multi-crystal tree into your workspace. Your career will be expanded.

Improves Well-being and Health

It can improve your health and your well-being. All you have to do is surround yourself with a crystal tree of healthy gemstones.

Enhances Love and Relationships

Putting a multi-crystal tree in your bedroom or house can help your relationship with your lover become more robust and powerful. Use this technique to restore love where it appears to be fading swiftly.

Bring into your life significant individuals who are prepared to support you. By attracting multi-crystal trees, you can get the perfect personalities to give voice to your vision and dreams.

Improves Your Daily Activities

Do you want to get things done efficiently and enhance your daily life? Place a multi-crystal tree in your house or workplace. You quickly get things done without stress.

Removes Negative Energies

Any negative energy in your immediate area (such as your home or office) can be removed by a multi-crystal tree and replaced with positive energy that will bring luck, fortune, and happiness into your life.

How to Activate Crystal Tree

After learning about its advantages, you must understand how to activate the crystal tree. The four steps to activate the crystal tree are listed below:

  • First, pick a crystal tree with stones or crystals corresponding to the desired result.
  • The next step is determining where the crystal tree should be placed. The proper placement is required for this formidable aesthetic object’s potential to be realized. For example, the right location might help clear your house or office of bad energy. 
  • Place your crystal tree properly to cleanse any sluggish energies in your house or workplace.
  • Finally, activating your crystal tree is frequently exposing it to sunshine. Any negative or sluggish energy built up on your tree over time can be eliminated by the sun’s bright and luminous energy. Put the tree in the sun for a few hours since crystals like the affinity sunshine have for them.

Where do I Put the Crystal Tree?

  • To improve your love and romance, luck, and luck in general, place the crystal tree in the corner of your sitting room and bedroom.
  • The northeast corner of the study table or study space can be used to display the crystal charisma tree for those looking to improve their academic performance.
  • You should keep it in the East area of your house or office to improve your health because this area of your home deals with health, where the tree performs at its best.
  • Place the gemstone tree by your bedside if you struggle with nightmares or anxiety to get a good night’s sleep.
  • A crystal tree with many colors assists in balancing energy bodies that lead to physical or mental issues. It can be put on your work or study desk and is thought to help you remember things and pay attention to your research. The student’s bedroom’s northeast corner is designated for good fortune in school and academic endeavors.
  • A crystal tree in the home’s earth center will foster emotional harmony and compassion among family members.
  • The chakra stone tree helps us balance our lives by being kept in our homes or places of work.
Olivenorma-Crystal Tree

How to Make a Crystal Tree

What You Need

  • Beads: 1-2 strands of natural green gemstone chips, such as malachite, jade, or peridot. They are typically small or mini and should measure 2mm to 5mm on a strand. The blossoms on the ends of branches would be made of optional amethyst chips.
  • Wire: Any nontoxic metal wire will work, but it is more preferable to order jewelry-grade wire online. Excellent resources include the Rio Grande and Wire Sculpture. I suggest using bronze or copper if you’re starting. They are inexpensive and gorgeous when polished or aged. Purchase at least two feet of dead soft round wire (21 gauge) and ten feet of dead soft round wire (24 gauge) to start.


  • Wire cutters
  • Flat nose plier
  • Chain nose pliers (optional)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Small round mandrel, bail pliers, or pen


  • Cut and begin: Cut 10 inch pieces of 24 gauge wire. One 12-inch piece of 21-gauge wire should be cut. Don’t create a crease or a sharp bend when you bend each wire in half. Precision is not required. Attach the donut with the bent wire. Then, twist each pair of wires 15 to 20 millimeters away from the donut’s edge. For this, use flat-nosed pliers.
  • Keep twisting: Continue until all cut wires have been twisted, keeping the 21g wire in the middle of the pack.
  • Roots: Gently grasp the center of each wire flat against the gemstone with the flat-nosed pliers’ tip. To make the wire feel tight without pulling, give it a slight twist. The wires solely on a single stone edge should all be bent in the same direction as the illustration. Your pendant will have this on the front.
  • Make a trunk: Place the 21g wire in the center of the group of twisted wires. The 21g wire should be bent across the donut and roots. One of the two 21g wires should remain in place. Alongside the first wire, the second heavy wire passes through the donut hole. These wires should be gently twisted 2 inches together starting at the donut. (The bail will be made from the twisted 21g wires). 1 1/2 inches or so beyond the donut edge, grab the last of the (24g) wires. Then, utilizing flat-nosed pliers, twist them collectively. Once you have a trunk you like, keep twisting.
  • Wrapped loop for the bail: 4 to 6 mm above the top of the donut, bend the twisted bail wires at a right angle. Employ flat-nosed pliers. Holding the wire at the bend while using round nose pliers, form a circle with your fingers by looping the wire (tail) over the WIDEST part of the pliers. (If you have bail-making pliers, you can use them for this.) The loop can be finished into a perfect circle by modifying the loop’s shape with the pliers. Next, encircle the straight portion of the wire in the space above the donut with the remaining wire tail. Create at least three complete wraps. Afterward, if the wire is lengthy enough, you can wrap it as much as you like. If you wish, trim any extra wire.
  • Branch off: As you twist, the wires in the trunk will begin to group. Using these groups as a guide, you can decide how your branches will go. The trunk of each wire should have at least three wires, with 2 or 3 main branches.
  • Twist some more: Each branch should be carefully twisted to a length of about 1/2 inch using the flat-nosed pliers. Wire groups made up of bulk may separate more. These may also receive a few modifications. The branches could break if you twist them as hard as the trunk.
  • Add leaves: To see what you work with, spread the wire ends a little bit. Then, just past the edge of the donut, add green gemstone chips to one branch. Then, following the directions for creating a spiral, cut the wire about 8mm past the final bead. More wires can be beaded once you gain experience and finish the ends.
  • Spiral the ends: You create the spiral by forming a small round loop at the wire’s end with your round-nose pliers. Then, using flat-nosed pliers, tightly spiralize the loop. To get this done, hold the wire in one hand while rotating the pliers slowly with the other. The spiral should be made tightly against chip beads.
  • Secure branches: It will help if you remember how the branches are connected to the donut as you add beads and complete the wire ends. Longer wires can be wrapped around the donut’s back and fastened to a back bail or root wire. You can fasten the short end of a wire to another branch. An end wire can be threaded through the minuscule loop of another spiral. The extra bail wire can be used to hold branches in place. After that, tuck or spiral the ends.
  • More branches: Continue to add beads and secure some of the wires to the base or other wires. Use your artistic sensibility as a guide, and let your fingers indicate when something feels too loose. Simply cut off any branch wires you don’t need because you may have more than you need for foliage. Don’t forget to finish the ends by making spirals or tucking them away.
  • Finish: Make sure to wedge any loose ends away once you’re finished. Under a branch is preferable. Look for rough areas on the pendant with your fingers, then rub the front and back of it against some fabric. If you encounter rough edges or catching wires, file, trim, or tuck them in until everything is completely smooth. You can now choose to buff, seal, or add a patina to your pendant. Your pendant will be prepared for a cord or chain once any finishes you’ve added are dry.
Olivenorma-Crystal Tree

How to Care for Your Gemstone Trees

Your crystal tree needs maintenance, just like any other feng shui item. This entails keeping it clean frequently and making sure it is not ignored. You should take care of your crystal charisma tree frequently and remove any accumulated dust because of how it is shaped.

Crystals are also found in crystal trees, so they should occasionally have their energies cleared. This can be accomplished by leaving the tree exposed to the sun for several hours. Any stuck energy that your tree may have accumulated over time can be helped to remove by the sunlight, which has a very bright, clarifying yang energy.

Olivenorma-Crystal Tree

Final Words

The above information covers everything you need to know about crystal trees. These trees are valuable for their beauty and their meaning. The crystal tree, which has many advantages and serves as a decorative item, is a potent and fortune-changing sign. 

The crystal tree can help you manifest whatever you want. The chakra tree is a tree that bestows luck and all other positive aspects of life. This tree is frequently referred to as a type of wish-making tree. It is thought to possess unique abilities to make wishes come true.

The placement is crucial in defining what you receive. Place these lovely, practical, energy-packed crystal trees in your home, workplace, or any other area where you want to feel the effect of positive energy, and you’ll attract the good things you want, including love, fortune, happiness, and luck. 

Also, they can be bought or grown, making beautiful gifts. With a bit of care, a crystal tree can last a lifetime. So get yours today online at to take advantage of everything the crystal tree offers.


What is the Meaning of the Tree of Life?

The “tree of life” symbolizes the relationship to one’s family and ancestors. The intricate branching pattern of the “tree of life” symbolizes the growth and expansion of a family over many generations.

Is the Tree of Life Good Luck?

In ancient African tradition, the “tree of life” played a significant role. There, it is said to stand for tenacity and vigor. The “tree of life” is the epitome of stability and strength with its solid foundation and far-reaching branches.

How do you Activate the Crystal Tree?

One way to activate your crystal tree is to expose it to sunlight frequently. Any negative or stagnant energy built up on your tree over time can be eliminated by the sun’s positive and luminous energy.


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