Dragon Blood Stone: Meaning, Benifits and Everyday Use

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Dragon Blood Stone

Dragon blood stone is a beautiful stone with various unique healing qualities. The durability of this stone has stood the test of time. Only in Western Australia may one find the unique healing gemstone known as Dragon blood crystal. This rock has a dragon skin-like appearance. The pairing of red jasper and green fuchsite is remarkable. 

Stones called Dragon blood jasper are crystals of Green Epidote and Red Piemontite, not jasper. It is frequently mistaken for a South African stone called Dragonstone, even though the two therapeutic stones are very different. This stone has a unique energy that inspires us to “live our words” and find solutions to our difficulties. It blends courage with practicality.

What is Dragon Blood Stone?

The dragon blood jasper is another name for the dragon blood stone. It’s a distinctively colored quartz stone with shades of red and green. Early inhabitants of Australia and South Africa thought the stone to be made of the petrified skin and blood of slain dragons. 

These crystal samples have been sculpted to resemble little palm stones. The strength within Dragon blood crystals vitality is infused with joy and compassion, which is one of its unique abilities.

Dragon Blood Stone Meaning

Dragon blood crystal’s rich green hue represents a dragon’s fierce exterior and tender heart, just like the mythical creature named for it. Dragons work to uphold the law and safeguard human life. The intense color red symbolizes the blood of the Dragon, which stokes the inner flame and boosts stamina, courage, confidence, and focus. 

In addition, the stone’s frequency aids in calming the mind and body, igniting creativity, and assisting in the pursuit of putting all wrongs right. These things may all be accomplished with the help of this stone.

A rare encounter can’t compare to the understanding and joy gained by scaling those unclimbable mountains. The significance and qualities of Dragon blood crystal play a significant role in assisting you in entering a new stage of awakening and enjoyment.

Dragon blood crystal promotes spiritual development and aids in spiritual self-healing. It sparks self-reflection as a part of this healing, assisting in the dissolution of false self-perceptions so that you can start to build upon your genuine self.

Dragon blood crystal supports your energetic grounding and centering. It awakens the chakras, awakens the Kundalini, and lines up the meridians. Additionally, it awakens the Earth’s Kundalini, sometimes referred to as the Dragon energy, which aids in healing the planet and restoring order to chaos. Dragon blood crystal aids in emotional uplift and brings vitality and joy.

A stone of inner strength from a mental/psychological standpoint is Dragon blood crystal. It offers strength, courage, and a sense of purpose to overcome obstacles and cure repressed emotional issues. In addition, this healing crystal will support and stimulate social contact if you are the reserved sort who finds it difficult to interact with others.

In terms of the body, Dragon blood crystal improves fertility and aids in treating ailments brought on by a blocked Base and Sacral Chakras. After a protracted sickness or extreme tiredness, it promotes recovery and regeneration by supporting all healing processes. In addition, it improves digestion in the small intestine, the immunological system, the neurological system, the brain, the thyroid, the liver, and the gallbladder.

Olivenorma-Dragon Blood Stone

Dragon Blood Stone Benefits


Dragon stone helps you gain more power and strength to feel more courageous. This stone is potent in bolstering feelings of bravery and will.


Through the Sacral chakra, the Dragon blood gemstone helps to inspire creativity and passion. Use this stone to increase the energy’s strength by placing it on your body directly over your naval. As you work with these stones to improve your creative and spiritual connection to yourself, give new life to your ideas and passions.

Heart Chakra healing

Dragon Blood crystal relates to the Heart and Root chakras using earth energy to ground you to your heart. Utilize the healing energy of this stone over your Heart chakra to widen your capacity for empathy, forbearance, and self-love. This stone promotes emotional healing while strengthening your heart center.

Sexual healing

To rekindle your sexual desire and fire, work with Dragon blood crytal. This stone also supports fertility by lining up meridian lines. When trying to get pregnant, put some Dragon blood crystal jewelry on. 

This stone aids in dissolving blocked energy and removing sexual barriers because it is linked to the Root and Sacral chakras. People use this stone to deal with sex-related past-life traumas that have a present-day impact. To improve your sex life, tap into the power of dragons with this healing crystal.


Using Dragon blood jasper as a meditation tool will help you balance or increase your vitality as you work with your Kundalini energy. This stone can be placed on the sacral chakra during meditation to increase your vitality and Kundalini energy since this chakra is connected to life force energy. Therefore, your vitality and well-being are strengthened by these stones.


When you feel dispersed, disoriented, and unsettled, that may be a sign that you need to ground yourself. Find a piece of Dragon blood jasper in your neighborhood crystal shop to feel more grounded and connected to earth energy. By putting this stone at your root chakra or holding a piece in your palm as you meditate, you may calm and balance your body.

Olivenorma-Dragon Blood Stone

Dragon Blood Stone Properties

Spiritual Healing Properties

Dragon Blood Stone vibe is notably mature and skillfully balances sensibility and boldness. It enables us to comprehend complex events more quickly and react correctly. It encourages us to behave with purposeful intent in all facets of our lives and challenges us to be both strong and sensitive. 

It particularly motivates us to be more aware of our actual influence. It is a constant indicator that we are firm when we employ the proper time and energy management techniques. Taking on more personal responsibility and “growing up” in our spiritual and material life are two things that Dragon Blood Stone enables us to do. The same goes for allowing others the autonomy to follow their paths without hindrance. 

Physical Healing Properties

When we need to take a realistic and brave look at our physical and mental routines and healthcare demands, Dragon Blood Stone is suggested. It motivates us to form healthy routines, act on sound advice, and be adaptable when necessary. 

In addition, Dragon’s blood jasper is a gentle reminder to approach healing holistically and avoid putting one piece of who we are before another. Both our physical and mental health are equally significant and should be treated with respect. 

Primary care physicians and alternative healers who need to consider the full patient rather than focusing on one component and dismissing the rest can wear Dragon Blood Stone as a talisman.

Emotional Healing Properties

Dragon Blood Stone is an excellent stone to work with when attempting to comprehend and alter our interactions with others. When dealing with parent and adult-child dynamics it is beneficial. It aids us in letting go of ingrained habits and beliefs that may have been held or worked in the past but no longer hold. 

This stone is also excellent for examining trends in our love lives. It aids in the analysis of behavioral patterns and the assessment of their health. It inspires us to be rational and adaptable. 

Additionally, it aids us in avoiding over-personalization and becoming mired in our emotional cycles. Finally, it aids us in letting go of unwarranted guilt and shame and any impulses to either shirk or take on excessive amounts of duty.

Mental Healing Properties

Dragon Blood Stone encourages us to conduct our lives honorably and morally. It challenges us to “walk the walk” and to carefully consider our routines and habits to make sure we are living the lives we want to live. Dragon blood crystal challenges us to let go of perfectionism while maintaining high standards. 

It serves as a reminder that because we are not perfect robots or heavenly creatures, there is no need for us to punish ourselves. It’s natural for humans to experience ups and downs, good and terrible days. Similar to how not every moment in life will be thrilling, it’s crucial to respect the everyday, routine moments because they help our lives operate smoothly. 

Dragon Blood Stone aids us in maintaining equilibrium and a clear mind. It gives users a sense of stability and mental calmness. Dragon blood crystal inspires us to work hard and complete the goals we set for ourselves. It eliminates failure and success-related worries and replaces them with a steady path towards excellence.

Uses of Dragon Blood Crystal

  • Enhancing strength and endurance with Dragon blood crystal.
  • Focus and resilience can be improved with its use.
  • It can be employed to spark creativity and self-love.
  • Our kundalini energy and the kundalini energy of the Earth can be awakened by using it (dragon energy).
  • All chakras can be opened and balanced using it.
Olivenorma-Dragon Blood Stone
Dragon Blood Stone: Meaning, Benifits and Everyday Use 14

How to Use Dragon Blood Stone?


You can meditate anywhere at any time. But did you know that some equipment can facilitate the exercise? Dragon blood crystal is most effective when used in meditation. Hold it in your hands to stimulate your chakra, or apply it there. Ruminating in your mind and focusing your attention on the stone is supposed to increase your ability to absorb its energy and therapeutic qualities efficiently.


The crystal can be kept in your auric field at all times by wearing jewelry. It remains on your skin so that you always have strength. Worry stones and loose pocket rocks both accomplish the same thing.


You can use raw cuts, points, pyramids, and other manufactured forms for interior decoration. To establish good Feng Shui, try placing it on your house’s east and southeast sides. When searching for a new home, bring a piece with you. When attempting significant actions and goals that require a lot of your effort, carry some Dragon blood crystal with you. When you’re working on something creative, have a piece nearby.

How to Cleanse Dragon Blood Crystal

Incense and Smudging

Cleaning the crystal simultaneously purifies the person, their home and workplace, and the crystal itself. Smudging frequently helps to “clean the air.”

Rice or Coffee Beans

In most circumstances, putting your Dragon Blood Stone on a plate with rice or coffee beans overnight can also work. Make careful to thank the rice and coffee spirits for their assistance and dispose of them in accordance with nature.

Selenite Plate

Dragon Blood Stone can also be cleansed with a Selenite plate or wand. After wearing them, you can leave the Dragon blood crystal on the Selenite for the night. Doing this can prevent your crystal from “turning on” and amplifying the energies it absorbed from you, other people, or your surroundings.


Dragon blood crystal’s meaning is fundamentally about power. Finding your inner Dragon might inspire you to take on daily life problems or follow ambitions you never imagined were feasible. The energy boost enhances your inner strength and willpower that dragon blood crystal provides for your soul. Not to be confused with Bloodstone, a completely distinct mineral, is Dragon Blood Jasper.


  • What zodiac sign goes with dragon blood crystal?

Leo’s qualities are all well-complemented by Dragon blood crystal, which is especially useful for achieving their goals.

  • How can dragon blood crystal be used in my home or office?

It works best when you use it alone. Its key quality is inner strength. Thus it should be somewhere you can easily see it or touch it. Put it in the bathroom at home or on your desk at work. Store it in the room or closet where you put on your daily clothes.

  • What crystal can be paired with Dragon blood crystal?

When you combine Dragon blood crystal with other healing gems, the possibilities are virtually endless. Labradorite and Wonderstone are two of the greatest crystals and stones to combine with Dragon blood crystal. 


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