Evil Eye Symbol: A Beginner’s Guide

by Sophia Martinez
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Evil Eye Symbol

The Evil Eye symbol has been a recurring theme in many cultures worldwide for almost 3000 years, beginning with the ancient Greeks and Romans. It’s quite simple to recognize and is one of the most powerful symbols. 

It’s one of the most well-known symbols in the world, and wearing an Evil Eye is thought to keep you safe from malevolent spirits. Have you ever noticed that this symbol is often used in many different places and situations? 

What exactly does it represent, and where did it originate? However, in this blog post, we’ll cover everything about Evil Eye Symbol and give you all the information you need about the symbolism of Evil Eye jewelry.

What is the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye has been utilized for thousands of years to ward off curses and malevolence. According to popular belief, the Evil Eye could protect against three kinds of harm: unintentional, intentional, and concealed. These curses can be found in various ways, including envy, someone wishing you misfortune, or harmful energy surrounding you. 

The Evil Eye is a common amulet for anyone worried about malevolent or bad fortune. Many cultures invested so much faith in the Evil Eye’s power that they put it on cribs, buildings, barns, and holy objects to guarantee their safety and well-being.

Olivenorma - Evil Eye Symbol

Evil Eye History

The Evil Eye is a figure that has been used in MesopotamiaChristianityJudaismIslamBuddhism, and Hinduism for thousands of years. The history is long because people have sought talismans and essential symbols for protection and guidance for many years. 

In ancient times, the Evil Eye was prevalent in many cultures. Some had suffered a tremendous tragedy. Others believed in hexes and curses, while many attributed the Evil Eye to their god. Despite the many differences between these beliefs and cultures, the Eye Eye’s goal has remained consistent throughout history.

Evil Eye Symbol

The potent Evil Eye symbol has most likely been seen many times. You can also wear an evil eye bracelet or necklace as a charm. You may have observed someone giving you an “Evil Eye” (you could even have given it yourself). 

Do you know the long and illustrious history of Evil Eye symbols and their prevalence across cultures? Regardless of your religious beliefs or the faith that generated the Evil Eye, its karmic essence is always the same and should be shared. The potency of the Evil Eye is what draws individuals to this sacred symbol.

Olivenorma - Evil Eye Symbol

Evil Eye Symbol Meaning

The Evil Eye symbol implies that you will be safe and secure, which is essential when achieving your goals. There is no more mystical form of protection than the Evil Eye talisman. The most compelling fact about this is that it has a rich “experience” of keeping people worldwide safe. 

The Evil Eye symbol is a popular charm in the United States, with many celebrities sporting it. Megan Markle recently wore an Evil Eye necklace and claimed, “It is meant to ward off bad vibes.” However, she isn’t the only megastar who embraces the significance of wearing an Evil Eye symbol. 

Gigi Hadid and Zayne Malik were both seen with identical Evil Eye bracelets in In Style Magazine. They recognize the importance of design, the value of protection, and the significance of the Evil Eye’s malevolent influence.

Olivenorma - Evil Eye Symbol

Evil Eye and Hamsa

The Hamsa, a nearly identical charm with the same core benefits as the Evil Eye, is often identified with the Evil Eye symbol. The Evil Eye repel is made up of an eponymous shield that deflects malevolent gazes. The Evil Eyes might indicate various things, including unpleasant ideas produced by people who envy you or merely bad individuals who do not deserve to be in your presence. 

Keep this combination in mind when deciding where to purchase products. It’s not only about words and rituals to keep the negative forces away. In many cultures, the most widely used approach to eliminate the Evil Eye effect is to utilize an Evil Eye charm, symbol, or ornament. These are intended to “counteract” the power of bad appearances. 

The Evil Eye charm originated in ancient Greece and was known as the “apotropaic” charm used to ward off danger. The most basic form of the Evil Eye discovered throughout the Middle East is the amulet, made with concentric blue and white circles to depict the Nazar. It’s most often utilized in the house, but it may be used for anything from cars to jewelry. 

The Evil Eye: The Hamsa, also known as the “Hand of Fatima,” is a potent example of an Evil Eye amulet from the Middle East and Africa. The Hamsa hand gesture is made by placing an Evil Eye symbol on the palm of your hand.

Hamsa may be worn as a charm or used as wall decoration to protect oneself from Evil appearances. The Hamsa hand was also used in Jewish tradition, where it was referred to as “God’s Hand” or “Miriam’s Hand.” The resurgence of Kabbalah has reignited interest in the HamsaHamsa and how it has influenced jewelry and design.

Olivenorma - Evil Eye Symbol

Reasons to Wear the Evil Eye Symbol

Wearing Hamsa and Evil Eye jewelry encourages individuals to look beyond what may seem bad for something greater. The Evil Eye’s symbolism may be utilized to safeguard something near your heart or to avoid bad fortune by wearing it constantly. 

Many individuals like to wear Evil Eye jewelry with other protective charms, including crosses, Hamsas, guardian angels, and celestial bodies. However, you may combine and match these designs in any way you choose; they will always be on your side.

Evil Eye Jewelry

The Evil Eye symbol is a very fashionable design in jewelry making right now. Despite its prevalence as a fashionable jewelry trend worldwide, the Evil Eye is revered highly in places where belief in the hex is strong. 

The Evil Eye is a relic of early human history, harking back to some of humanity’s most enduring and profound beliefs. At nearly every period in history, people have sought the help of mystical objects known as talismans or amulets to assist them in life and protect them from the unknown. 

In recent years, numerous celebrities, including Madonna, Britney Spears, The Olsen Twins, Mick Jagger, and Nicole Richie (to name a few), have been seen wearing Evil Eye bracelets. The Evil Eye amulet has been seen on celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Kelly Ripa, Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, and Rhianna in public.

Olivenorma - Evil Eye Symbol

Evil Eye Design

The most common design for the Evil Eye symbol is a single blue, black, and white eye. Occasionally, you’ll come across components with a full eye, including the iris, pupil, lid, and lashes. The Evil Eye’s symbolism and meaning are simplified into a single dot on a background to represent the pupil and the iris in various ways. 

It’s usually shown on a blue background, as any shade of blue is a protective color. The eye may reflect all evil and ignorance to the one casting it via its glare. This form of amulets is known as the Nazar, which means “vision” in Arabic. It is used to protect the wearer from bad fortune.

How to Protect Yourself with Evil Eye Jewelry

The Evil Eye Jewelry was created to counter the bad occurrences despite the Evil Eye curse. The secret beneficial force bestowed by the Evil Eye Jewelry is something that many individuals actively sought due to the curse’s extremely bad luck. 

The gift of an Evil Eye talisman is a sign of spiritual protection and a symbol of the giver’s concern for the recipient. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and pins can all adorn the Evil Eye Jewelry. It’s also prominently used as an emblem on rosaries and other religious items and is a popular souvenir for many people. 

Whatever you can carry with you might have the Evil Eye influence. The Evil Eye Jewelry is often given to young children and newborns because they are most susceptible to the eye. This Jewelry is said to be worn regularly by people, protecting them at all times. You may never know when to encounter someone with the evil Bad Eye.

Evil Eye Pyramid

The Evil Eye symbol is considered a nasty look cast upon someone due to envy or rage and is believed to bring bad luck. Some cultures have their techniques for warding off the evil eye. In many instances, protective talismans were produced from the color lapis lazuli. 

The spiral pyramid is the pyramid of femininity and the Moon in Mona Lisa del Prado. This is appropriate since Mona Lisa del Prado symbolizes the Mother in the Trinity of Mona Lisas. The pyramids represent similar themes as the female refines the man’s seed into a youngster.

Olivenorma - Evil Eye Symbol

On the other hand, the masculine pyramid remains motionless (symbolic of unchanging knowledge) while the feminine spiral depicts a man in action (knowledge into practical wisdom and application). In reality, a spiral cannot exist without a pyramid, for example, as an idea does not exist independently of a thought that preceded it. 

As previously said, Mona Lisa del Prado is the Moon, whose pale skin is visible. Mona Lisa del Prado is the Evil Eye, a notion known to many civilizations, in contrast to the Louver Mona Lisa with an all-seeing eye. The Evil Eye symbol refers to a malicious stare cast at someone due to jealousy or fury, which causes problems. In different countries, there are several techniques for defending oneself against the Evil Eye.

  • The Evil Eye Pyramid may be placed at home, in the office, or on the study table. 
  • The Evil Eye Pyramid may be used to grant wishes and may be placed in the South West of your home or workplace. It may also be utilized in Vastu and should be put in the South East to attract positive energy.
  • The Evil Eye Pyramid may be used for Vastu, Feng Shui, and a Wish Pyramid.
  • This may also be utilized to aid with sluggish tasks and projects.
  • It may be placed on a window sill to attract beneficial energy into your home, businesses, and workplaces as a prism.
Olivenorma - Evil Eye Symbol


The Evil Eye symbol is meant to keep you safe. It’s a potent symbol and most likely the source of all lucky charms. It serves as a safeguard against bad energy and might assist with other elements of your life, depending on the color of your purchase. But how effective is the Evil Eye talisman? 

The Evil Eye talisman has some basis in reality. Whether or not the evil eye protects you from bad luck, it is undoubtedly a lovely fashion accessory that will complement your appearance. It’s also a confidence builder since nothing boosts your self-esteem more than the belief that you are safe. Go ahead and purchase that Evil Eye jewelry; it is worth the money.


  • What is the Evil Eye?

It is a talisman or amulet that depicts an eye in the colors blue or green, signifying spiritual protection. Talismans and “evil eye” repellents, available in various designs, including pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings, are frequently worn as amulets.

  • Evil Eye symbol

The Evil Eye symbol is a talisman intended to guard against evil spirits. The Evil Eye is an ‘eye’ or ‘gaze,’ believed to bring bad fortune to the person upon whom it is directed.

  • Evil Eye and Hamsa

The Hamsa, also known as the Evil Eye, is an amulet that promotes protection against bad thoughts and envy. An “Evil Eye” signifies bad luck, adversity, or suffering. Evil Eye amulet or charm may be worn on the body or hung on the wall.

  • Evil Eye Jewelry

The Evil Eye jewelry’s purpose is to protect the wearer from harm and repel the evil targeted at them. When worn as jewelry, the Evil Eye symbol gives the user power and protection from bad spirits or bad luck.


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