Feng Shui Hanging Crystals: How to Enhance Hidden Corners

by Alex Green
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Feng Shui Hanging Crystals

Why we need Feng Shui hanging crystals?

Do you ever walk into a room or turn a corner and know the energy is off? Perhaps it feels chaotic, angry, or stuck? What about walking into a basement? Sure, it could be the horror films giving the house’s storage unit a bad rap, but we can all agree they’re dark, stuffy, and forgotten. And you feel that buried energy as soon as you walk in.

We know turning to healing crystals is a lovely, holistic way to attract the most cleansed and positive energy possible. You can choose crystals to align with your intentions and life goals. However, we cannot always guarantee a chic way to place a healing crystal—for example, Amethyst or Rose Quartz—in that exact area. That’s when Feng Shui hanging crystals come in handy. 

They’re seen everywhere in Feng Shui shops, gift shops, and home decor stores. Known for being well-rounded energy cures, they’re the perfect solution to amplifying positive energy in those dark or chaotic spaces. And while they are quite easy to find, they never seem to come with instructions. So today we’ll tackle everything to do with hanging these healing crystals—where to hang them and why. 

What Are Feng Shui Hanging Crystals?

These hanging crystals can bring some of the most potent Feng Shui to your home. They are faceted lead crystal spheres made of crystal glass. With the appearance of a crystal ball, the faceted shape is what refracts light. So they are quite different from the naturally occurring crystals that you keep on shelves and in your meditation altar. 

When purchasing the crystal, you’ll want to look for the following: A crystal made of cut crystal like Swarovski for example, complete with a maximum lead content of 30 percent, and a diameter of approximately 1.5 inches. 

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They come in octagons, spheres, heart-shapes, and teardrop shapes. You’ll see white crystals for energy, red crystals for attracting love, and green crystals for attracting money. You’ll find other colors as well but those three choices tend to be the most popular (we can see why!).

Now that we understand how they look, you can learn about their metaphysical properties. They are good at modulating the flow of chi, or Life Force energy. So, if the room has too much energy, it can control it. If the room has too little energy, it can illuminate it. If the room has negative or stagnant energy, it can repel the bad and attract the good chi. Anything that attracts light and that attracts color, attracts energy. 

Hanging Feng Shui Crystals in Windows

Hanging Feng Shui Hanging Crystals near a window is a simple yet powerful way to bring positive energy into your home. These faceted crystals not only serve as beautiful decor but also enhance the flow of chi, or life force energy. When sunlight hits the crystals, they create a dazzling display of rainbow colors that fills the room with vibrant energy.

To maximize the benefits, place the crystal in a window that receives the most sunlight. This positioning will amplify the positive energy, clarity, and great vibes throughout your home. The refracted light from the crystal will create a dynamic and uplifting atmosphere, ensuring that the space remains filled with positive energy.

By choosing a well-lit window for your Feng Shui Hanging Crystals, you are inviting an abundance of positive energy into your living space. The rainbows created by the crystal will not only brighten the room but also promote a sense of harmony and balance. This simple addition can transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and positivity.

Incorporating these crystals into your home decor is an easy and effective way to enhance the energy in hidden corners and make your space feel more inviting and uplifting. Let the magic of Feng Shui crystals work for you, filling your home with light and positive energy.

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Feng Shui Crystals in a Chaotic Space

In Feng Shui, managing chaotic energy is essential to maintaining a harmonious home. Chaotic energy often arises in spaces where energy moves too quickly, such as around staircases, hallways, and doorways. This can create an environment that feels rushed or unsettled. Feng Shui Hanging Crystals can help manage this energy flow.

Staircases that face a doorway are prime examples of chaotic spaces. The rapid energy movement in these areas can be harnessed by hanging a crystal near the staircase. This helps slow down the energy, creating a more balanced and calming atmosphere.

Another common issue is when a front door is aligned with a back door or window. This alignment allows energy to enter the front and immediately exit the back, preventing the beneficial chi from circulating throughout your home. Hanging a crystal between these two points disperses the energy, ensuring it moves more gently and remains within the space.

Long hallways, whether narrow or extensive, can also contribute to chaotic energy. In these cases, placing Feng Shui Hanging Crystals along the hallway can help guide the energy flow, preventing it from becoming too intense. This ensures a smooth and harmonious movement of energy throughout the home.

By strategically placing Feng Shui Hanging Crystals in these chaotic spaces, you can transform the energy flow, creating a more serene and balanced environment. This simple yet effective practice can significantly enhance the overall feel and harmony of your living space.

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In the Kitchen

Placing Feng Shui Hanging Crystals in the kitchen is an effective way to balance conflicting energies, particularly between the stove and the sink. The stove represents the fire element, while the sink symbolizes water. The clash between these elements can often lead to disharmony and arguments within the household.

Hanging a Feng Shui crystal between these two areas helps to neutralize this conflict. The crystal harmonizes the energy flow, creating a more peaceful and balanced environment. By absorbing and refracting light, the crystal disperses negative energy and enhances positive vibes throughout the kitchen.

This simple adjustment can significantly improve the atmosphere in your kitchen. It not only adds a decorative touch but also promotes harmony and reduces tension among family members. The calming influence of the crystal can transform your kitchen into a more enjoyable and tranquil space.

Using Feng Shui Hanging Crystals in the kitchen is an easy yet powerful way to ensure that the energies in this vital part of your home are balanced. By doing so, you can create a more harmonious environment that fosters better relationships and a peaceful household.

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In a Missing Corner

A missing corner in a home can disrupt the flow of energy, or chi, creating an imbalance that affects the entire space. Feng Shui Hanging Crystals are an excellent solution for addressing this issue. By placing a hanging crystal in the area where the corner is missing, you can restore the balance and harmony of the room.

These crystals work by completing the missing chi, effectively filling in the energetic gap. The crystal refracts light, dispersing positive energy throughout the space and compensating for the imbalance caused by the missing corner. This helps to create a more harmonious and balanced environment in your home.

The placement of Feng Shui Hanging Crystals is crucial. Ensure that the crystal is hung at an appropriate height where it can catch the light and disperse energy effectively. This simple yet powerful adjustment can make a significant difference in the overall energy flow of your home.

Incorporating Feng Shui Hanging Crystals in missing corners not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room but also brings back the much-needed balance and positivity. It’s a practical and beautiful way to ensure that every part of your home is energetically complete and harmonious.

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A Space with Too Many Doors

Corridors and hallways lead to rooms, but sometimes those rooms are clustered too closely together. This can create a situation known as “arguing doors,” where three or more doors in a small area oppose each other. This setup can cause friction between family members or siblings as the energy from the doors bickers back and forth.

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals are a practical solution to this problem. By placing a hanging crystal near the area where the doors are in conflict, you can help to neutralize the negative energy and promote harmony. The crystal’s ability to refract light and disperse positive energy will stop the arguing doors and allow the energy to flow freely throughout the space.

It’s important to position the crystal correctly. Hang it at a height where it can catch the light and effectively distribute energy. This will ensure that the doors no longer create tension, and the area becomes more peaceful and balanced.

Incorporating Feng Shui Hanging Crystals in spaces with too many doors can significantly improve the atmosphere of your home. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure that the energy in your home is harmonious and that family members can coexist peacefully without the underlying friction caused by arguing doors.

Near “Poison Arrows”

“Poison arrows” are sharp angles or corners from walls or furniture that point directly at your bed or workspace. These negative energies can create discomfort, restlessness, and even health issues over time.

Using Feng Shui Hanging Crystals can effectively neutralize this harmful energy. By hanging a faceted crystal between the poison arrow and the targeted area, such as your bed or desk, you can transform the negative energy into positive chi. The crystal refracts light, dispersing energy evenly and preventing the harmful effects of these sharp angles.

To implement this, find the corner or edge causing the poison arrow. Hang the crystal at a height where it can catch light and deflect the negative energy. This placement will ensure that the energy flows smoothly, enhancing the comfort and harmony of your space.

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals are an easy and aesthetic way to cure poison arrows. They not only add beauty to your space but also significantly improve the energy flow, promoting well-being and tranquility. Incorporating these crystals can help you create a more balanced and peaceful environment, free from the negative impacts of poison arrows.

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How to Use Feng Shui Hanging Crystals

Using Feng Shui Hanging Crystals can significantly enhance the energy in your home. Start by cleansing the crystals before placing them. Let them sit in sunlight for at least four hours to clear any negative or sticky energy. Once cleansed, they are ready to be hung.

When measuring the string to hang your crystals, keep the length in multiples of nine. This number is significant in Feng Shui as it symbolizes completeness and is believed to enhance the positive effects of the crystals. For instance, you can hang a crystal at nine inches, eighteen inches, or twenty-seven inches.

It’s perfectly fine to hang multiple crystals in one area. To maintain a visually appealing and organized look, hang them at different heights. This can be easily achieved by using the multiples of nine principle. For example, one crystal can hang at nine inches, another at eighteen inches, and yet another at twenty-seven inches.

This staggered arrangement not only looks attractive but also ensures that the chi, or energy, flows smoothly and effectively throughout the space. Whether in inches or centimeters, this method helps maintain harmony and balance in your home.

Using Feng Shui Hanging Crystals in this way can transform any space, bringing clarity, positivity, and a harmonious energy flow. By following these simple steps, you can effectively use these crystals to enhance the energy in your home and create a more balanced environment.

Illuminate the Way with Glorious Rainbow Light

These hanging crystals offer Feng Shui that does its job as you move freely through the house, as you sleep and as you communicate with your family. Hanging such light-refracting beauties adds wonderful decor to the house and works with the home’s energy to offer peaceful vibes where your house needs it most. Light up dark areas, break up chaotic spaces, and invite clarity into the most important of places. Soon you’ll see how you never feel “bad” when turning the corner and entering a new room!


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