Green Chakra: How Can It Promote Your Growth

by Sophia Martinez
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Green Chakra

Green Chakra, also known as heart chakra, embodying growth and renewal, is a powerhouse of vitality and harmony. This vibrant energy center, nestled in the heart, offers more than just a serene presence; it’s a gateway to fostering deep connections with nature and ourselves.

Dive into the essence of the green chakra as we explore its profound influence on emotional well-being, physical health, and spiritual awakening. Discover how it shapes our capacity for love, empathy, and the ability to embrace life’s abundance with open arms.

Meaning of the Color Green

Green is a calming and balancing color. It comes in a nice combination of blue and yellow. The color represents growth, abundance, and renewal. Also, green is a healing color that heals your heart and helps with abundant energy.

It balances the energy levels and fills your life with compassion, empathy, and love. Apart from that, it allows you to work with nature and build a connection with the environment. When it comes to physical benefits, green color contributes to lungs and heart health. Also, it will attract fortune and prosperity to your life. Green color can enable you to fight viruses and infections. It will protect you from addictions and panic attacks as well.

In brief, the green color helps to live a balanced life. It connects you with nature and brings harmony and peace into your life. Also, the color can help to heal your physical and mental conditions. It will develop a sense of freedom. You will be more positive and energetic.

The heart chakra color is green. The heart chakra, Anahata, is located in the center of the chest. It develops self-love and love for others. Also, this chakra is aligned with Moon and Venus. If your heart chakra is not open or blocked, you can experience emotional problems in your life. You cannot develop healthy relationships. As a result, there will be a feeling of losing something.

Also, different green colors will have different meanings. For example, when dark green will make you greedy, ambitious, and jealous, aqua green will offer emotional healing and create a sense of protection. Yellow-green color can cause jealousy, sickness, discord, and cowardice feeling but olive green indicates peace.

Meaning and Benefits of Green Chakra: Heart Chakra

What Is Green Chakra?

When it comes to green chakra meaning, you can get all the benefits of the green color mentioned above.

Olivenorma-Green Chakra 1

The green chakra is the fourth chakra that impacts both your physical and mental health. Also, it controls your love life and emotions. It can transform your life with abundant energy and self-love. You will feel more compassionate and loving.

You can connect with nature and can have spiritual growth. Apart from that, it can energize other lower chakras and help with a fulfilled life. You can achieve beyond your limit, and you can connect with your wider, deeper, and greater self.

Also, the green chakra will help with a better balance. You will have healthy and balanced relationships. Apart from that, it will offer calming and soothing energy. You will love your life and can create a positive and healthy environment for you. When the petals of the green chakra start to unfold, you will find compassion for yourself and others. You can radiate love and achieve a sense of completion.


As stated earlier, the green or heart chakra is located at the center of your heart. You can visualize the impact. It will control your heart and fill your life with love and positive thinking.

When your heart is positive and healthy, you can achieve a lot of things in your life. Self-love will make you feel proud of yourself. In addition to these, it will help you to connect with your higher being. You will be aware of the spiritual aspects of your life.

The heart chakra will have impact other organs of your body in addition to your heart.

It can influence your chest, arms, shoulders, cardiac nerve plexus, and thymus gland. If you have more green, you can radiate love and openness. However, you can have negative impacts with inactive green.

Associated Problems

A balanced heart chakra will not cause any problems. You will be mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. However, too much green and not enough green can cause adverse effects.

If you have too much green, you will be more demanding, possessive, critical, angry, and manic-depressive. Also, you will be overconfident and can blame others.

When it comes to too little green, you will have a fear of rejection. Also, you will be lazy, slow, and lethargic. Apart from that, you will be depressed and moody, and others can take advantage of you.

Positive Aspects and Negative Aspects

Green chakra helps with many benefits. It can calm your mind and build healthy relationships. However, when the green chakra is overactive or inactive, you can expect some negative impacts.

Olivenorma-Green Chakra 2

Let’s cover both the benefits and negatives.

Physical Level

As discussed earlier, the green chakra will impact different organs. It will influence the chest, heart, lungs, arms, shoulders, and a few others. You can have both positive and negative impacts.


  • Healthy heart and improved immunity
  • Healthy circulation and high lung capacity
  • Upper back and neck flexibility
  • Strong upper body


  • Heart issues
  • Lung problems
  • Upper body pain and tight muscles
  • Weak immunity

Mental Level

Green chakra develops self-love and love for others. It creates compassion and positivity. Also, it builds healthy relationships. Here are more positives and negatives.


  • Social skills and ability to connect with others
  • Balances emotions and reasons


  • Critical and demanding
  • Perfectionist

Emotional Level

You might be aware that green creates a calming and soothing environment around you. You will have a positive approach to your life. You can have negative impacts when your chakra is not balanced.


  • Loving and compassionate
  • Self-loving with healthy boundaries
  • Healthy and friendly relationships
  • Empathetic and emotionally balanced


  • Critical, judgmental, irritable
  • Jealous and unhealthy boundaries
  • Overly sacrificing and codependent

Spiritual Level

As we know, green chakra can develop spiritual awareness. You can build healthy relationships with your family, friends, and nature. You will feel optimistic and embrace the spiritual aspects of life. However, inactive or overactive heart chakra can offer adverse results.


  • Unconditional love
  • Deep self-love and compassion
  • Interconnected and peacefulness


  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Cannot connect with greater life
  • Overwhelming grief

How to Balance the Heart Chakra

There are many ways to balance the heart chakra. It is worth mentioning that you will have to balance a weak or overactive green chakra to minimize negative impacts.

Green chakra plays a vital role to energize other upper and lower chakras. Also, all the physical chakras will affect the heart chakra significantly. For example, when the first chakra, root chakra, is blocked, it will not be easy for you to unblock the green chakra.

We can say the same about the throat chakra and sacral chakra. All the chakras work together to help you with enhanced energy flow. Therefore, you will have to balance all the chakras instead of focusing on the green chakra only. Here are a few chakras healing ways that you can consider to bring balance to your mind and body.


You might have heard about mediation.

Olivenorma-Green Chakra 3

It helps to improve concentration. Also, it can boost the energy flow. While practicing chakra meditations, the energy will move throughout your body and help to open all the blocking points. Meditations will naturally balance your chakras.

The best way to balance heart chakra is to start mediation from your heart. You can also focus on the spiritual love center. During the practice, you should try to feel connected with everything. You can use chakra stones and essential oils to maximize the benefits of mediations.

Embrace Green

The heart chakra is green, and you can consider embracing green energy in different ways to balance it. You can use green outfits, green fabrics, or even healing crystals to have some green energy in your life. Your green plants will also serve the purpose. You can spend time in your garden and open your heart to embrace nature.


You can chant some mantras to welcome green energy to your surroundings. The Anahata or fourth chakra sound is yam. You can repeat it for a long time to feel and restore the vibration in your body.

You can also chant some other mantras that have yam. The mantras will help to balance your heart chakra’s sound with om, the universal sound. You will have to feel the power of mantras in your chest and heart to balance the heart chakra.


Some positive affirmations can boost the energy flow in your body and mind. Whenever you feel that you do not have the required energy, you can consider positive affirmations to balance your heart chakra and revitalize you.

You can say “I am open to receive and give love”, “I love myself and others”, or “I forgive all”. These affirmations can bring many positive changes in your life by balancing your green chakra.


Yoga can contribute to both your physical and mental health. It has been around since ancient times, and it will stay forever. You can practice some yoga poses to balance your green chakra.

Olivenorma-Green Chakra 4

You can try some simple poses that include gomukhasana and garudaasana. Both these poses will attract energy to the center of your core and chest. Yoga will make your body flexible and enable it to have improved energy flow. With regular practice, you can feel that your body is more open from the toes to the heart to the head.


You might be a bit surprised to know that some vegetables can help to balance your heart chakra.

You can add chard mustard greens and spinach to your diet. Also, you can add some green color fruits and vegetables that include melon, cucumber, green apples, mint, and limes. All these will help to boost the energy flow and balance your heart chakra.


You can listen to some music to feel energized and positive. You can also sing loudly to get the same benefit. While singing or listening to any music, you will have to feel it in your neck and chest.

It will help to unblock and balance your green chakra. Whenever you feel that your heart chakra is blocked, you can enjoy some music and feel it throughout your body. It will work fast and restore energy in all the chakras. You will notice the difference.

How to Heal Your Heart Chakra

As stated above, an inactive or overactive green chakra can impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If you feel that you are not communicative like before, it might be due to a blocked heart chakra.

You will also feel tightness in the chest, heart palpitations, or difficulty in breathing. You can visit your doctor to check your condition. At the same time, you can heal your chakra. If you are a beginner, you can start spending more time with nature.

You can consider camping or similar kind of activities. You will have to embrace the serenity and calmness of nature and reconnect with yourself. It will help you to reconnect with people as well.

By spending time with nature, you can surround yourself with green color. You can have some indoor green plants in your home or office to maximize the benefits. Whenever you feel that your green chakra is blocked, you can spend time with those plants.

You will have an immediate impact. You will feel rejuvenated and reenergized. Also, you can spend some relaxing time in your garden every day to heal your green chakra. It will help you to connect with your higher being and nature. You can also consider using some green stones and crystals.

Green Chakra Stones

Different types of green chakra stones are available in the current condition. You can use one based on your needs.

Olivenorma-Green Chakra 5

In the following, we will cover different types of green chakra stones and the benefits of each.

Self Love & Peace: Red Quartz

Red Quartz can be the best to heal any emotional issues. If you are going through a hard time due to break up or divorce, you can think of having red quartz.

Yes, the stone carries nourishment, compassion, pure and unconditional love, tenderness, and peace.

You can use it as jewelry and attract positive energy throughout the day. You can also place the stone under the pillow and near the bed. During healing sessions, you can keep it on the heart chakra location. Also, you can hold it in your hand.

Trauma & Fear: Rhodochrosite

Also, you can consider using Rhodochrosite for emotional healing. It will help to raise self-esteem and self-love. This stone is known for being a powerful healing crystal. After wearing it, you can control your emotion and develop positive thinking.

Also, this stone is known as �The Inner Child Stone’. It can enable you to love yourself and heal any negative feelings. Apart from that, this stone will bring compassion, forgiveness, renewal, and peace. Also, you can use this stone to heal your new and old emotional wounds.

It will clear any childhood bad memories and awaken self-love. It can be best to forget any sexual abuse.

Abundance & Luck: Aventurine

It is worth mentioning that the heart chakra can enable you to attract almost everything to your life. Yes, a balanced chakra can help you to live your life to the fullest.

Aventurine can balance your chakra and help with positive energy and protective energy. You can use this stone to heal your unhealthy relationships. You can keep it in your bag to attract abundance and luck to your love life. You can also hold it in your hand to eliminate all the negative feelings and emotions. You can place a stone on the heart chakra area during your healing sessions.

Olivenorma Green Aventurine Tree of Life Gemstone Decoration

Balance & Abundance: Jade

Jade can help to heal all the matters related to your heart. You can use this lucky stone to release tension and attract positive energy. You can use it as jewelry. Also, you can place it in the heart chakra location. You can keep one in your pocket as well.

Protection & Peace: Prehnite

Prehnite will control your emotions. Also, it will connect your heart with your willpower to strengthen self-discipline. You can use it as home décor or place it on your heart chakra area. You can hold one in your palm and use it during the meditation as well.

Adventure & Harmony: Amazonite

Amazonite will bring harmony to your relationships. Also, it can help with revitalized energy. The calming energy will enable you to deal with loneliness and relationship issues. You can keep it in your home or office or use it as jewelry as well.

Protection and Love: Malachite

Malachite can help to relieve stress and heal through forgiveness and acceptance. Also, it can attract love to your life. You can wear this stone as a piece of jewelry. You can also display the stone in a bowl and keep it in your home. This stone looks beautiful and can add a wow factor to your home or office interior.

Olivenorma "Green Forest" - Malachite Tree Of Life Orgone Pyramid


Green chakra can attract love, positive thinking, spiritualism, self-love, compassion, and an abundance of energy to your life. A balanced chakra can enable you to achieve beyond your expectations.

However, a weak or overactive heart chakra can cause both physical and mental problems. You can balance your chakra or heal it by following the ways mentioned above. By spending a few hours with nature, you can unblock your heart chakra.

Also, a favorable stone can balance or heal your green chakra.


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