Heart Chakra: Top 12 Ways to Unblock it

by Sophia Martinez
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Heart Chakra

Every year, over 700,000 people suffer from heart attacks. Heart diseases happen to be a primary cause of death across the globe. Though traditional doctors are working hard to prevent cardiovascular problems, many people regularly dye from heart attacks. An extra dimension is present in the heart, which needs various types of support.

The last year has been quite stressful for the entire world. With the enhancement in anxiety around the latest COVID-19 variants, the latest times have been challenging to manage because of the uncertainties. Though naps, facemasks, and traditional techniques can be helpful to take care of the self, the Ayurvedic experts try to invoke the chakras to remove the negative energy.

In addition, it is considered to be an excellent choice to manage stress. Apart from this, it has an inevitable role in promoting emotional and physical wellbeing. Thus, it is helpful in the maintenance of balance during turbulent times. This guide explores 12 effective methods to unblock your heart chakra, offering a path to greater love and compassion. Let’s unlock the full potential of your heart chakra together.

Heart Chakra Meaning

As per the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the spiritual and physical beings will come together in chakras. Such swirling energy wheels are aligned with the spine, where three wheels are present in the upper body, whereas three chakras are located in the lower body.

The heart chakra nestled in the chest center helps in connecting all of them. The chakra helps in controlling the body’s love energy. In addition, it offers a response to the immune system, lungs, heart, and upper body muscles. As the heart chakra is opened, it will fill you with forgiveness, love, and compassion.

There is a wide array of techniques; you can opt to open the heart chakra. Aromatherapy is useful in manifesting Anahata healing. Moreover, it helps raise the capabilities of love. If you plan to open the heart chakra, it would be wise to burn the candles, essential oils, and incense, along with jasmine, orange, sandalwood, lavender, and rose scents.

Practicing certain yoga poses is useful for the activation of the heart chakra. Bridge, camel, and upward-facing dog are wonderful options to open the heart chakra. Another unique way to open the heart chakra is repeating the affirmations, which are relevant to love. Repetition of such affirmations is going to introduce compassion and love into life.

Certain crystals, such as green aventurine, green tourmaline, green calcite, jade, and rose quartz, are effective in unblocking the heart chakra. Repetition of certain mantras is useful in balancing the heart chakra.

How Do the Chakras Affect Emotion and Physical?

Chakras are regarded as the centrally aligned points across the body via which the energy will flow. They will run from the specific crown chakra at the head top, after which it will pass via the third-eye chakra present in the forehead. Next to this, it will come down the spine length, through the solar plexus, heart, throat, sacral chakras, after which it will last in the feet’ root chakra.

The chakras are recognized to be the spinning wheels. As the chakra tries to spine excessively fast, it is known to be overactive. Once the spine becomes excessively slow, it remains under-active. The energy flow is determined by experiences, memories, feelings, and thoughts.

Olivenorma-Heart Chakra 1

The block chakra is referred to as the imbalance. The blockage will make the specific area feel cramped or tight, thereby resulting in the relevant physical illness in that body part. Speaking of emotional, such a kind of balance will result in feeling overly expressive or closed-off in different negative options.

As the chakras get balanced, you will feel healthier. In a nutshell, the chakras are regarded as the intersections in which a huge amount of traffic will cross. The heart chakra happens to be the energetic bridge between the spiritual and physical realm.

Why is the Heart Chakra so Important?

The chakra plays an integral role in boosting the physical health of a person. The heart chakra happens to be the crucial emotional energy center that is present at the chest center and between the back’s shoulder blades.

The heart chakra is present at the root, where a person will give, serve, receive, and love. It is crucial in processing the energy, lifting the behavior, and thoughts towards kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Olivenorma-Heart Chakra 2

The balanced heart chakra contributes to being the crucial positive human connection component. It is present at the six chakras’ midline of the body. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the system’s enlightenment and balance.

When might the Heart Chakra Become Blocked?

Just like other chakras, certain imbalances in the heart chakra might arise from over and under activity. Once it is underactive, the energy flow is going to remain stagnant. On the other hand, you will feel numb emotionally.

As the chakra becomes overactive, you will witness energy flowing into the surplus. So, there will be an over-dependence on other people. Through the overactive heart chakra, the individual will not be capable of receiving love, as they cannot love themselves.

In order to open the blocked heart chakra, it is essential to confront the previous emotional traumas. So, they will feel bubble-like feelings on the surface. Meditation and journaling are recognized to be starting points. In addition, the person can spend quality time with young kids, animals.

It is possible to start re-balancing heart chakra practice by different physical means. You can do so by mixing essential oils in the home. Moreover, you can consider that practicing specific stretches will positively affect the physical and mental attention to the particular energy center.

How to Balance Your Heart Chakra

In this section, you will tell you about the different tips to balance the heart chakra:


Meditation is considered an excellent option to restore the prerequisite flow of energy towards the heart chakra. As meditation offers an in-depth personal experience, you need to take enough time to find a specific practice, which will work wonders for you.

Olivenorma-Heart Chakra 3

To perform meditation, it is necessary to wear light-weighted and comfortable clothing. After this, it will lie or sit in a specific position so that no strain is caused in the joints and spine. You should make sure to find a specific place where no one will not disturb you.

Green Food and Green Color

You will be amazed to know that green food plays an integral role in healing the heart chakra. So, you should introduce a variety of green food items, like green apples, cucumbers, broccoli, and leafy green vegetables. You will be amazed to know that the green color is interlinked with the specific heart chakra.

Olivenorma-Heart Chakra 4

Hence, it is a prerequisite to introducing certain ways to integrate color in daily life. So, it will be beneficial to add green clothing to the wardrobe. After this, you should decorate the place around you with specific green accents. The plants are regarded as an excellent option to offer life and greenery to the workspace.

Positive Affirmations

The positive affirmations are effective in enhancing the positive energy, which is interlinked with the 4th chakra.

Mantra Chanting

There are a plethora of sounds, which are going to resonate with the specific chakras. A bunch of Sacred Vowels systems are predominant in Mystery Schools, which offer a helping hand in balancing the chakras. It is recommended to chant the spoken Bija mantras loudly for resonating the chakras.

Olivenorma-Heart Chakra 5

Yam happens to be the corresponding fourth chakra’s bija, which is the heart’s seed. You should chant the mantra properly for healing the spiritual and physical heart center. Apart from this, you should repeat the mantra sub-vocally and vocally during meditation.

Learn to Self-love

If you want to open the blocked chakra, it is essential to love yourself first. In this regard, you should write a love letter to yourself. Moreover, you should write yourself to the life’s love.

Use the Elements of Air

Air is referred to as the 4th chakra element. The breath-work refers to the gateway to open the heart chakra. As the heart chakra maintains the balance between the opposite energies, a unique breath-work technique balances the left and right brain hemispheres. In addition, it is effective in opening the heart blocks.

Yoga Heart-Opening Pose      

Now, we will tell you about the yoga heart-opening pose:

Camel Pose

Half camel pose contributes to being the deeper backend for the upper back. It plays an integral role in opening the heart space. To perform it, you should kneel where the shoulders are stacked over the hips, whereas the hips are stacked on the knees.

 After this, you need to bring the palms, whereas the fingers will face downwards to the glutes tops. In the next phase, you have to press the hips forward as you try to lean the heart in the backward direction. Now, you should bring a hand to the heart chakra. Now, you should activate the core, after which the hips and shoulders are re-stacked.

Bow Pose

This pose produces mobility in the spine and flexibility in the hip flexors. To perform this chakra, you should lie down with your face downwards on the mat. After this, the hips will place the top of the feet on the palms and on the mat. 

Olivenorma-Heart Chakra 6

In the next step, you should bend the knees and bring the feet to the glutes. Now, the shoulders, neck, and head are lifted while you try to reach for the heels, ankles, and toes simultaneously. Then, you should start inhaling into the hands, thereby deepening the chest expansion. As you become ready, you should release the belly slowly.

Reverse Plank Pose

The reverse plank pose helps in strengthening the core, back, legs, and arms. It helps to open the heart center in the upward direction. To accomplish this pose, you should sit on the mat along with the legs extended. Again, you should bring the palms by the hips where the fingertips face the toes. Now, you should inhale and press into your feet and hands.

 Next to this, the hips are lifted in the sky. Now, you should bring the gaze behind you, thereby opening the throat to procure extra intensity.

Chest Expansion

In order to perform this pose, you should interlace the fingers behind the back after which the grip is pressed in the direction of the floor. Now, you should bolster the heart in the space up. You should maintain the grip and bend at the waist in the forward direction.

Puppy Pose

This pose begins by starting the knees and hands-off in the tabletop pose. After this, you should walk with your hands in the forward direction slowly till the chest reaches towards the ground. Now, the rips will be lifted away from the hips, after which they should be placed either on the sternum and the forehead. Again, you need to close your eyes and remain in the specific pose for about five deep breaths.

Unlock Your Heart Chakra Crystals Collection   

We are going to tell you about some crystals which help in unlocking the heart:

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz happens to be a popular crystal, which is useful in healing emotional traumas. It features soothing energy, which helps overcome the hard times, such as grief, break-up, divorce.

It is loaded with the energy of peace, tenderness, nourishment, compassion, and unconditional love. To open your chakra by using this crystal, you should wear it so that you can enjoy gentle energy throughout the day.


It allows you to give more importance to the heart so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. You can carry the stone in the charm bags for alluring luck sufficiently in the love life. Moreover, you should place the stone in your hand for some time if you feel any kind of negative emotions.


This crystal plays an integral role in cleansing and balancing the heart chakra. Thus, it is useful in healing matters related to the heart. It is equipped with protective properties, which are useful in releasing the tensions.

Heart Chakra: Top 12 Ways to Unblock it

If you want to use jade, you should showcase jade sculptures in the home. Also, you can consider placing these stones in the heart chakra area.


This crystal has become the prime choice of people to stimulate the heart chakra and increase compassion. You can consider placing the palm stones upon the Heart chakra during relaxation.


To open the heart chakra through this crystal, you can wear it as a protective amulet. You can also consider placing the tumbled malachite in the bowl in the office or home.

Olivenorma Malachite Sphere & Obsidian Healing Orgone Pyramid


As you display this crystal in the house, it offers optimum protection to your home. You can also place it on the heart chakra during relaxation.


This crystal contributes to being a valuable stone for people who are looking forward to healing emotional wounds. In addition, it helps to heal previous life’s traumas.


The heart chakra is known to be the center of feelings. It is regarded as the blessed place in which love will blossom and be awakened. It is essential to balance the chakra so that it has a positive impact on emotional life.


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