Yearly Horoscope 2022 & Best Crystal For You (2022 Guide)

by Sophia Martinez
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Are you wondering how 2022 is going to treat you? Do you want to be ready for what is to come? Well then, read on to learn about the horoscope of each zodiac sign in 2022. Also, find out which crystal works best with your zodiac sign.


2022 Horoscopes for Every Sign

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The year 2022 will be financially content for you, but you shouldn’t be inclined towards lending money, especially towards the year’s second half. You will most probably be able to buy your dream house this year. Don’t pay heed to negative inputs on your personal or professional preferences. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Your growth this year will be massive, both professionally and personally. Academicians who have applied for their desired varsity will probably gain admission, even at the eleventh hour! Leaving for abroad can be dangerous, so be careful this year with such plans. Including changes in diet will prove beneficial for your health during the first six months. 

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

This is a good year for you. You can expect a financial increase before the last quarter. Resolution and tough grind can radically change your economic status. Health can be improved with proper discipline, and finding a match is also possible in 2022. But social necessities might increase at both the beginning and end of 2022. 

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You will find happiness this year. For careers, you can expect changes for good. Former financial investments will benefit you largely this year. Romantically, you will enjoy it all throughout the year. Your offspring’s success will make you socially more reputable. Alternative medication may prove beneficial health-wise. 


Leo (July 23 – August 22)

2022 comes with bountiful opportunities for you. Your hobby may give you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Your business venture may grow with partnerships by the first six months. Romantically, you may expect unfavorable situations within the first six months, but it would help you to prioritize your relationship instead of avoiding it. 

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

This is the year for achievements for you. You may be able to achieve your dreams, but you need to be strong enough for the ride. By the end of the first half of 2022, you may financially gain through passive income sources. With the increase in tasks, you will also improve your promotion chances. It is better to avoid rigorous workouts to keep your health under control. 

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Those who belong to the Libra sign will experience happy times in 2022, provided you take your time to unravel all things as they come instead of trying it on all at a time. You will be motivated by extended members of the family. Success in the profession is another possibility this year. Marriage is going to be a good decision in 2022. 

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

It is time to be happy for you because you will lose the baggage of work in 2022. With the help of some individual, you will be able to fulfill all unresolved works on time. Starting your own business is a good idea for those with a creative mindset. Initially, you may experience turmoil in your love life, but it will get better with proper management. 

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

You will gain success in all that you do in 2022. Work with your instinct for improving your chances of success. You will possibly inherit property for financial growth this year. It is better not to fall for any high-risk investment in 2022. Marriage is a good idea for you this year. However, your work should not affect your physical health. 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This year is all about peace and comfort, provided you don’t hold on to any previous misgivings. Professionally you can expect an increase in salary, which will give you the opportunity to make an investment in stocks, a car, or even property. Family addition is to be expected in 2022. Health may suffer towards the end of 2022, so be careful on that front. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

This year, you must be more focused on what you aim to achieve and prioritize accordingly. You may experience closeness to nature in 2022. Gold bond investments in early 2022 may offer you impressive returns soon. You will benefit from advice from a health coach to get into shape. 

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Begin this year by accepting your defects and realizing what strengthens you. Diplomacy will help you find your way out of any unprecedented situation. Health will favor you this year, but you need to carefully research and chalk out a plan before making a career change. 


Best Crystals For Every Zodiac Sign

Apart from the horoscope for 2022, the following list of crystals for each zodiac sign can prove helpful to calm rough times through proper guidance and healing. Don’t hesitate to own a crystal that works best for you. 


Best Crystals For Aries

Since Aries individuals are continuously exposed to negative and positive energies, they can profit most from healing crystals, which are provided below:


1. Topaz- This stone, especially the blue topaz, will provide the benefit of healing and balance in emotions, and tone down negativity in Aries personality. 


2. Aquamarine– This crystal provides balance and awareness to your energy levels. Any work based on emotion can be performed without any effort with this Neptune-ruled stone. 


3. Sapphire– This crystal works efficiently in providing relief from any tension, or negative thought/mood. Relaxation and motivational vibes are added gains from sapphire. 


4. Amethyst- The calming effect that this crystal provides, will improve the understanding and perceptions when facing difficult circumstances. 


5. Jasper- You can either opt for Ocean Jasper or the Red Jasper, based on your current situation. The former helps in getting rid of negative energy and rage, while the latter provides strength to the process of manifestation. 


6. Fluorite- This stone provides cleansing so that you can gain success in your goals and make the right decisions. 


7. Lapis Lazuli– This stone provides clarity when understanding complicated situations or aspects and when trying to process anything new. 


8. Citrine- With this crystal, you will be able to calm yourself and achieve desired success in your profession. 


9. Aventurine– With this crystal by your side, success in your career is well-assured. That is because it functions to improve and sharpen your skills as a leader. 

Top 5 Crystals For Taurus

These 5 crystals can work wonders for any Taurus individual, and you can choose one or more for a better life:


1. Amber- With this stone, you will experience a transformation in your negative energy into strong positive energy. It will help you gain clearer thoughts and stronger decisions. 

2. Rose Quartz– This crystal helps you love yourself more, and calms any emotional upheaval in your life. 

3. Tiger’s Eye– This stone helps with manifestation, and helps you find both financial growth and prosperity. 

4. Garnet- You can improve your feelings of passion with this enticing crystal. 

5. Sapphire– This stone provides you with better communication and meditation while improving your spiritual development. 

Healing Crystals For Gemini

Gemini crystals can greatly improve your life with their powerful healing properties. Get one or more of these whenever you can. 


1. Agate– This healing crystal will help you retain inner peace, and keep you protected from an external influence. 

2. Alexandrite- With this crystal, you can give voice to what you desire, and experience a step up in your spiritual life. 

3. Moonstone– This crystal helps you with self-growth and development, giving you the opportunity to achieve your ambitions. 

4. Citrine– You will experience a better mood with this crystal on you. It will protect you from feelings of jealousy, vengeance, or malice. 

5. Tourmaline- This stone is key in helping you find your way through complex situations in daily life while providing you with desired positive energy. 

6. Aquamarine– This crystal provides you with relief from anxiety and calms down physical disorders related to your digestive system. 

7. Sapphire– You can opt for White Sapphire to neutralize negative feelings and change them into strong, positive ones. 

8. Celestite- This powerful crystal provides you with relief from situations that are stressful, and helps you detect the truth. 

9. Topaz- This crystal, especially the Blue Topaz, gives you a better understanding of your world. You can gain wisdom that will expand your universe with this stone. 

10. Chrysoprase- This enigmatic stone comes with properties that heal your heart. You will be more self-assured and bold with this stone on you. 

Perfect Crystals For Cancer

Curious to know what crystal works best with Cancer? Here’s your answer, and while you are at it, grab one for a more-improved life:


1. Emerald- This crystal will help you overcome rough phases in life through peace and healing. 

2. Carnelian- This stone provides grounding energy and helps keep your spirit energized.

3. Pyrite– This crystal leads to affluence and offers protection from negative energy. 

4. Rhodonite– With this crystal by your side, you will feel more independent and secure when it comes to relationships. 

5. Citrine- With this stone, you can improve your self-confidence and experience happiness. 

Powerful Crystals For Leo

The Leo birthstone describes the birthstone that a Leo individual is associated with. There are two birthstones that belong to the Leo sign- Peridot (for the ones born in August), and Ruby (for the ones born in July).


1. Ruby- This birthstone improves a Leo individual’s fertility and love life. Allies of this stone are Carnelian and Red Jasper. 

2. Peridot- This stone is great for encouraging abundance, and improving focus.

Additionally, Gold Citrine can provide uplifting vibes, while Amber helps with cleansing. 

Top Crystals For Virgo

Here’s a list of the most-accepted crystals for a Virgo individual that you can try today:


1. Citrine- With this stone, you can lower your ego and change negative into positive.

2. Green Jade– It encourages happiness, and brings forward the best in your skills while improving your focus. 

3. Red Jasper– This crystal improves your skills in the organization while increasing your chances of success. 

4. Moss Agate- This is a calming stone that relieves stress and helps you avoid confusion. 

5. Amethyst- This stone works to soothe your energy. 

Best 8 Crystals For Libra


1. Bloodstone- With this stone, you will experience positive energy and an overall balance of energies. 

2. Lapis Lazuli- This gemstone provides you with better focus and judgment, and gives you wisdom and self-awareness. 

3. Aquamarine- This stone can be used to relieve anxiety and bring down stress levels. 

4. Peridot- This stone comes with healing properties with respect to emotions, physique, spirit, and the mind. It provides protection by balancing positive energies. 

5. Smoky Quartz- This stone keeps you grounded, keeping you protected from negative energy. 

6. Pink Tourmaline– This is a healing stone that makes you more accepting of yourself and increases self-awareness. 

7. Agate– This crystal encourages happiness, harmony, and peace. 

8. Citrine- This gemstone provides prosperity and abundance while making you mindful and calm while dealing with a situation. 

Perfect Crystals For Scorpio

Take a look at the following crystals that work best for a Scorpio individual, and consider buying one or more of them:


1. Smoky Quartz- This stone will provide relief from emotionally-draining baggage, and help you recover from failure. 

2. Citrine- With this crystal, you will experience happiness, and growth in finances if you are into business. 

3. Rhodochrosite- With this crystal, you can start over successfully, and experience joy and self-love. 

4. Amethyst- This crystal assists with maintaining spiritual connection, and helps you explore positive energy within you. 

5. Malachite- This healing crystal helps you carry on with life effortlessly, and lowers your concerns while helping you accept changes in life. 

6. Sodalite- With this crystal, you can clear your mind while making better decisions. 

7. Beryl- This stone is all about joy, and can change negative energy into a positive one. 

8. Golden Yellow Topaz- This is another healing stone that helps you achieve your goals.

9. Aquamarine- This stone helps with relief from anxiety, fear, and doubts, while encouraging confidence. 

Powerful Crystals For Sagittarius

A Sagittarius individual can profit from these crystals:


1. Citrine- With this crystal, you can balance your emotions and get protection from emotions that overwhelm you. 

2. Beryl- Stones like Aquamarine and Emerald are effective Beryl stones that balance emotions and provide tranquility. 

3. Pink Quartz- Use this crystal for experiencing healing and unconditional love. 

4. Lapis Lazuli- This stone encourages abundance and improves communication.

5. Zircon- This stone helps you become more virtuous and honest while gaining wisdom and insight on daily happenings. 

6. Amethyst- Experience healing from emotional damage with this crystal. 

7. Sodalite- You can use this crystal to protect yourself from negative vibes and improve self-work. 

8. Ruby- This stone encourages motivation and passion. 

Healing Crystals For Capricorn

These crystals work best for a Capricorn individual, so go get one for yourself now:


1. Onyx- With this crystal, your confidence levels will grow, and you will get rid of negative energy. 

2. Lapis Lazuli- This stone helps improve self-expression and self-awareness. 

3. Ruby- With this crystal, you will be encouraged to enjoy life better, and achieve what you set your mind to.

4. Peridot- This stone is all about prosperity and abundance. It provides relief from stress and ushers in peace. 

5. Blue Topaz- This soothing gemstone provides protection from negative energy while improving your intuition. 

6. Malachite- You can use this gemstone to restart your life afresh, and accept any change in life. 

7. Agate- This gemstone, especially the Blue Lace Agate, can bring down stress levels, and prevent you from getting overwhelmed emotionally. 

8. Quartz– This is a positive energy stone that helps with balancing emotions and relief from stress. 

9. Tourmaline– The Black Tourmaline provides protection while promoting balance. This stone clears your mind from blockages. 

10. Fluorite- This gemstone provides cleansing and positive vibes while encouraging healing inside of you. 

Top Crystals For Aquarius

These 8 gemstones work best for Aquarius individuals:


1. Tourmaline- This stone neutralizes toxic elements in your life while absorbing all negative energies. 

2. Jasper- This crystal, especially the Red Jasper, purifies and protects your spirit, enriching you with personal power. 

3. Labradorite- With this gemstone, you can face any opposition without any hesitation and accept all unprecedented situations. 

4. Ruby- You will experience prosperity and abundance with this crystal by your side. 

5. Citrine- This anti-stress crystal enhances prosperity in your life while helping you manifest the dreams inside of you. 

6. Obsidian- You can use the Black Obsidian to find yourself confidently, and understand your life’s purpose clearly. 


7. Pink Quartz- This stone promotes positive vibes and gives you a balance in emotions. 

8. Fluorite- With this crystal, you can ward off negative thoughts, and steer your mind clear of emotions. 

Best 8 Crystals For Pisces

These crystals are recommended for Pisces individuals:

Yearly Horoscope 2022 & Best Crystal For You (2022 Guide)

1. Apatite- This crystal can help you become more optimistic and lower your tension at work or home. 

2. Bloodstone- This stone comes with healing energy, replacing negativity with positivity. 

3. Garnet- This stone works best to improve relationships and communications. 

4. Jasper- With this crystal, you can ease your way through rough times.


5. Malachite- With this crystal, you can get relief from anxiety. 

6. Jade- You can use this gemstone to experience purity and serenity while being protected from negative vibes. 

7. Ruby- This gemstone helps you become more spiritual instead of being material-minded. 

8. Labradorite- You can use this crystal for improving personal power and encouraging the growth process. 


With the horoscope for 2022 and the list of much-needed crystals for each zodiac sign, it is time you take the next step to purchase these amazing crystals to enrich your stress-laden life.


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