How to Make Orgone Pyramid? DIY Your Own Spiritual Energy

by Sophia Martinez
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How to Make Orgone Pyramid

How to make orgone pyramid starts with understanding its unique ability to transform negative energies into positive ones. Crafting your own Orgone Pyramid is a journey into combining natural elements like metals, crystals, and resin. This guide will provide simple steps and necessary materials to create a spiritual energy tool right in your home, helping you enhance well-being and protect against harmful energies.

What is Orgone Pyramid?

Orgone Pyramids got popularized from 20th Century and was formulated by an Austrian Psychoanalyst named Dr Reich. So what is it? Well, Orgone Pyramid is a mixture of semi-precious stones crystals, quartz, metals and resin that are combined together in order to balance the life force energy, also known chi, orgone or prana.

This combined energy is considered the strongest energy in the world. It resonates global Schumann fundamental frequency of about 7.83 Hz. Though it sounds pretty complex, this energy is actually pretty easy to make and anyone can make it right in the garden by collecting and using various cheap materials available in the nearby locality that balance the energy we are surrounded by converting the negative energies into positive ones. The resonance of the Orgone is considered the heartbeat of the earth.

The healing effects of the individual metals and stones used in the pyramid increase and strengthen when compressed in a pyramid form. As the stones are added to the mixture to form a pyramid, the resin starts charging them electrically & pulls all the sem0prceious stones together.

People often think that the concept of the Orgone Pyramids is not backed by science but the truth is it actually does. As per scientific studies, it has been proven that orgone accumulators have some effect on the human body.

Why Do We Need Orgone Pyramids?

An Orgone Pyramid is made by mixing crystals with composite resins & metal shavings. While the procedure goes on, resin compounds tend to contract and it further compresses the crystals in layer one. This compression is what adds effectiveness to the pyramid. With the use of various materials of the earth, the compression process acts as a positive energy generator. As we all know that copper increases intuition, black tourmaline helps to improve self-confidence & improves the power of understanding & rose quartz is associated with inner peace and harmony.

Olivenorma - How To Make Orgone Pyramid

Following are the reasons why one needs Orgone Pyramid

  • When an Orgone device is placed in the home it allows transmuting every DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) given off via different electrical home appliances like PC, washers, dryers, refrigerators, ACs, and wireless routers and many more. One needs to place an Orgone device at the corner of a home or near EMF emitters of the house.
  • The DOR that is present in the house are often responsible for physical and emotional degeneration & creates turbulence in the body and mind. Further, the DOR can because severe environmental damage and deteriorate the earth and nature. This dame is not visible to naked human eyes. Dr Reich, after understanding the damage caused by these negative energies, developed the various Orgone energy accumulators which have the power to transmute all the negative Orgone energies.
  • Dr Reich’s discovery also correlates with several religious concepts of various cultures from around the world. It also correlates with zero-point energy as stated by the quantum physicist. Although the use of this energy was popular right from the ancient days, Dr Reich has rediscovered the same concept of balance between technology and wisdom. By applying ancient knowledge we can protect the earth and our surroundings from negative energies.
  • Any kind of trauma on the body blocks the natural energy inside the body which could transform into trapped tension. The energy of the body becomes stagnant after trauma and soon transforms into deadly orgone energy. So the orgone devices can also help humans recover fast after any trauma on the body.
Olivenorma - How To Make Orgone Pyramid

Do Orgone Pyramids Really Work?

Skepticism surrounds the effectiveness of Orgone Pyramids, yet many users report significant benefits. These pyramids are said to transform negative energy into positive vibrations, using a blend of resin, metals, and quartz. The theory is based on the concept of orgone energy, which, although not scientifically proven, is linked to life-force or chi. Proponents believe that the materials within the pyramid work together to improve the energy flow in environments and individuals.

Those who use Orgone Pyramids often speak of enhanced mood, better sleep, and a reduction in stress. Some even claim these pyramids help in mitigating electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from devices, which are thought to contribute to certain health issues. While concrete scientific support is limited, the anecdotal evidence and the continued popularity of these pyramids suggest that many find value in their use, whether as a placebo effect or a genuine energy tool.

Is it Worth it to Make Your Own Orgonite Pyramid?

A DIY project on Orgone Pyramid is quite a fun task. By accumulating simple materials available from nature and turning them into a pyramid one can balance the energies in one’s home. But this task is expensive. One needs to buy expensive materials and accumulate them together to change the negative energies at your home into positive energies. But if you are looking for a cheaper version to protect your home and workplace from negative energy you can try using GEO cleanse which is a cheaper alternative.

Therefore though this DIY project might sound pretty fun, it is quite expensive. People who like to experiment with gems and crystals can go for it or else it’s better to buy inexpensive products from the Orgone Energy line which serve a similar purpose.

Olivenorma - How To Make Orgone Pyramid

What You will Need?

As mentioned earlier, making an Orgone Pyramid might be a little expensive. For this you will need the following:

Metal Shavings

One does not need large pieces of metal or fine shavings of metal. One can use any kind of metal shavings like copper, iron, steel, bronze, brass or nickel. One can also use aluminium loops. Generally, if you go to a hardware shop, the shop owner might give you these metal shavings for free. Bring a bucket full of shavings from the shop.

Quartz Crystals

Using funky, smoky, ugly quartz crystals will be a good idea for your orgonite device. One can find these types of quartz pieces in any mineral or gemstone shop at a cheap price. If you cannot manage it from shops, you can also buy it online from orgonite-conscious sellers in required quantities & sizes.

Epoxy Resin or Fiberglass Resin

Now this is where your budget might cross. Epoxy resins are very much expensive and it is the most costly component of the Orgone Pyramid. You can get it somewhere between $18 to $24 per gallon. Now that’s pretty expensive! You can get it from any local hardware or marine supply shop. Among the different types of organic resin available in the market, the liquid one is the most convenient to work with. In order to catalyze the hardening of the resin, you will need an additional chemical which is sold in the market as a hardener. Generally, you will get it for free along with your resin bottle.


While choosing the mold you can be a little creative. There are several types of mold available in the market to choose from. Any mold that can resist boiling temperature can work for this project. But it is recommended not to buy normal plastic molds for the project since the catalysis process involves heating the resin to boiling temperatures which normal plastic cannot resist and gets easily melted. The best is if you purchase metal molds for the job. But for an inexpensive version, you can also try using big-sized paper cups.

Olivenorma - How To Make Orgone Pyramid

How to Make Orgone Pyramid:

  1. Pour a thin layer of resin in the bottom of a mould. Then place a crystal quartz in the mould.
  2. Then place metal shavings inside your mould.
  3. Pour resin over top the metal shavings. …
  4. Once cured remove your orgonites from the mould and place them in desired helpful areas.

Apart from the major materials required you will also need a mixing container, a wooden stick, some old rags, a bucket, some paper towels in case of any spills & splashes and any flat a large surface to let the orgonite harden.

How to Make the Orgone Pyramid of the Tree of Life

Before starting please choose a place that is hygienic and clean to prevent contamination of the pyramid from any pollutants. Once the glue is prepared it should be used immediately. Therefore don’t make an excess amount, make it in a small batch.

Step 1- First add the very first layers of the crystals and next adjust the metal wires accordingly to a length and shape as per your requirements & smoothly place it inside the crystals.

Step 2: Pour the two types of glue A & B in a 3:1 ratio in the measuring pots, stir it for a few minutes and directly pour it inside the mold. The glue needs almost 24 hours to set completely at an average of 25 degrees centigrade. Note that the higher the temperature the faster the glue will set.

Step 3: Now place the 2nd layer of the stones & the 2nd layer of glue in the same ratio as mentioned above inside the mold. Repeat the same process to set the 2nd layer of glue and you are all good to go. Your task is done!

Safety comes first! Note that all the materials are kept away from children as they can be deadly if consumed. Also, wear gloves while doing the project to avoid any mishaps.

Olivenorma - How To Make Orgone Pyramid

How to Make the Orgone Pyramid of the Sphere

Step 1: place the mold horizontally & make glue in small batches. Mix the glue A and B in a 3:1 ratio.

Step 2: Now put the crystal ball inside the mold and pour the glue mixture to cover the sphere completely. You can use a small stick to adjust its position. Now, let it set for 24 hours.

Step 3: Put some decorative items like silver or golden foils, glitters, etc. upside down inside the mold and pour another layer of glue and make sure the decorative items get submerged.

Step 4: Next add the crystals and crushed stones inside the mold and add a portion of the glue mixture and let it sit for the next 24 hours at a twenty-five-degree centigrade temperature. The higher the temperature the faster the glue will set.

Olivenorma - How To Make Orgone Pyramid


An Orgone Pyramid will help to remove toxic energies around you and your home. Placing an orgonite device will at the corner of your home will enhance your and your family’s physical and mental wellbeing. So make your own orgone device or purchase a readymade one and keep your home protected.


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