Howlite: Meaning, Benefits and Uses

by Alex Green
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Howlite is a beautiful white stone that represents the spiritual qualities of tenderness, open-mindedness, and stillness. Although you may not know it by the term Howlite, many people call it the Imitation Stone. The stone was named after Henry How, a scientist credited with bringing it to the attention of academics in 1868 after finding its deposits in Nova Scotia.

The stone has other names like magnesite and has also been called the Snow Leopard Stone in recent times because of its semblance to the Snow leopard’s fur. It has many healing benefits. Read on to learn more about Howlite and its uses, both physically and spiritually.

What is Howlite?

Howlite refers to a borate mineral that has a monoclinic structure and irregular nodules. It has a chalky white color scheme that has dark veins and a porous texture. However, it can also be colorless. Its meaning is linked to perspective and patience.

It Is also called the calming stone. It is soothing, soothing, and ready to get you back from an emotional ledge. The stone is all about weathering the storm. People also call it kaolinite, White Turquoise, Lapis Howlite, sacred Buffalo, or White Buffalo. Those who are scientifically inclined to call it Silico Boro Calcite.

Whether by nature or name, Howlite is a healing crystal that is spiritually gifted. It is also called the imitation stone because dealers sometimes dye its snowy hues with a different color, making it look like Turquoise. However, Howlite does not need to imitate anything because it is a unique stone having many beautiful healing properties.

Origin of Howlite

Howlite crystallized in nodules and masses of prism-like crystals. It first came to light in 1868 near Windsor, Nova Scotia. They informed Henry How (Canadian Geologist and chemist) of an odd mineral in a gypsum mine near King’s College office. After investigating the unusual crystal, Henry determined it had to be an entirely new mineral. Henry called the crystal “Silico Boro Calcite” in what he believed to be its chemical structure. After How died, James Dwight, an American volcanologist and geologist, renamed the crystal to “Howlite” to honor Henry How.

Olivenorma - Howlite

It has been found in various parts of the earth since its discovery in Nova Scotia, Canada. You can also find the crystal in Germany, the USA, Namibia, Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan. In the United States, two states have essential deposits of the crystal, Nevada and California. These are the only two places where the mineral has been found crystallized. To the Geology community, finding Howlite in crystallized form was monumental. It confirmed Howlite’s rumored existence.

Howlite Meanings and Properties 

As you have seen above, Howlite has many uses based on its properties. However, its healing powers are its major plus. It comes with many healing benefits that soothe your body, spirit, and mind. It is a calming stone that is always ready to reduce the rate of your heartbeat, cool down your calamitous tempers, and lead you to wisdom. Its gentle vibration flows and connects, raising your awareness and giving you a clear vision. Based on healing, it has many meanings. We can classify the healing power of the stone into physical and spiritual healing.

It is a borate mineral that you can mine in blooms resembling cauliflower or wild nodule shapes. Since it is a calcium borosilicate hydroxide, Howlite is a relatively soft stone, measuring about 2.5-3.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. With its snow-white color scheme that looks purist, this stone oozes sensitivity and compassion.

We can dye the crystal with various colors to look like other minerals. Therefore, it is in most cases used like an “imitation stone”. Howlite is used for making “fake” Turquoise, which is used as jewelry. Turquoise has low levels of hardness and is brittle. Hence, it is impossible to use unless a matrix backs it. That is why this stone is dyed and sold like they had hardened it because of its mass formations. That was a fallacy that the mineral market ran with. You can find dyed Howlite in rock shops, jewelry stores, and gem shows. You can avoid buying an altered mineral by inspecting it for unnatural colors and its levels of hardness. 

Physical Healing Power

Although Howlite is a highly emotional stone, it is also helpful in your overall wellbeing and health. It helps balance the levels of calcium in your body using its white bone coloring. It can help you add strength to your skeleton, allow the gleaming of your pearl-looking white teeth and shiny hair.

This crystal also may serve as an indicator that the body needs more water for survival. Whether soaking inside a detox bath or sipping your herbal tea, Howlite always reminds you of the water element. 

Spiritual Healing Power

Using Howlite as a spiritual ally for meditation makes you feel like being transported to mountains packed with snow, where nature and spirit are united in a white blanket. Similar to other gemstones, it can give you clarity and peace of mind. Howlite’s black lines show that the mind is still focused and at work. Because it resembles the snow, it is a winter months crystal when the mammals hibernate either fully or partially.

This process gives the spirit and the soul the energy to continue with their vital transformative works. Allow this healing crystal to lead you in the process of physically slowing down as you maintain total spiritual awareness. It is in such times where the negative thought patterns, energies, and habits are eliminated.

Olivenorma - Howlite

We can also consider Howlite a crystal of compassion too. Its soft texture reminds us to be gentle in everything that we partake. These are the actions involving others, but those actions that we do ourselves. Regardless of what stage you are in spiritual transformation, this crystal gives you that example of a snow leopard full of focus and strength. It is also soft with white fur that it carries with it wherever it goes. Similarly, when we make various transformations in our lives, our spirits need to be soft. We should gently treat ourselves as notable changes don’t happen overnight.

The other spiritual quality that Howlite has is open-mindedness. It allows all our thoughts and ideas to existing within us with no judgment, functioning compassion perfectly. When you come across new arguments, challenges, persuasions, and ideas, consult with your Howlite stone. It will guide and ask you to investigate each of the above with loving paws. Not all thoughts and ideas within us are beneficial.

If you approach them without an open mind, it will lead to the poisoning of judgment within, bringing further discomfort and pain. Treat every challenge and day like a new guest who you will stay with for a while. Entertain and ask them questions. If favorable to your life, let them stay. Otherwise, escort them away or out.

Meditation with Howlite Crystal

Howlite crystals have superb powers of spiritual healing. Therefore, its best uses are in daily meditation. The crystal has a calming, soothing energy that helps you relax and gently move into your inner awareness, full of peace. To allow for a gentle broadening of your gentle awareness, use the serenity and deep peace these stones bring. By doing this, you will be ready to take an inner journey and connect to higher realms easily.

Olivenorma - Howlite

These 3rd eye chakra stones are vital in stimulating deep wisdom. Their restful vibrations are essential in helping you unwind and release any intrusive thoughts that can be a distraction. Bring your forehead close to the 3rd eye to open the veil between the Divine realms and this world. It could help you gain clarity regarding your spiritual path and even access past lives. 

The process also helps you get mind-opening awareness on your spiritual journey. It may also help you perceive the real meaning of enlightenment. We can also use this crystal to explore past lives because its energy can boost our memories. It helps you recall whatever you uncovered during meditation.

Zodiac Birthstone

With Howlite’s flowing energy, the capability of tempering many emotions, and its pale coloring, it is not a surprise that it enjoys hanging with Gemini. This crystal and Gemini Zodiac signs are very similar, and they keep each other at a balance. Geminis are another entire world of emotions for those who know about them.

On one side, they are stern and sensitive, while they are flighty, fun, and super chill on the other. This crystal brings back an even keel to the twin sign’s wilder side. People also know Gemini for their deep compassion and deep love to communicate. By sharing these traits, Howlite stones are complementary to the Gemini nature.

How to Use Howlite?

We use can this crystal for small carvings, beads, jewelry components, cabochons, and decorative items. Even when dyed with different pigments, its healing properties remain unchanged.

This healing crystal deserves a place in anyone’s life if they seek a stone about inner vision, attunement, and conscious living. Let us look at two areas where the stone is commonly used.


As we saw earlier, Howlite has a soft color scheme. Its light delicately dances when you press it against your skin. These make a Howlite Jewelry a joy to behold. Although there are many other ways to enjoy the magic stone, wearing it as jewelry is the best way. It leverages most of its healing powers. When the crystals come into direct contact with your skin, they can better transmute their healing vibrations and power in line with your body’s low energy.

Olivenorma - Howlite

Whether you wear a pendant or a Howlite Energy Bracelet, you can remain assured that its energy flows into you with no distraction. Other stones suiting Howlite’s moods well include Obsidian, Agate, Chrysocolla, and Lapis Lazuli. Whether you use it as a beautiful gemstone bracelet or as a tool for meditation, it will bring harmony and healing to your life.

Home & Office

Bring this magic stone to your home and relax as it does its thing. It detoxifies the environment and shakes off the strands of anger. If there is any tension at your workplace or home, bring some Howlite beads or a piece. It will enhance connection and communication and soak all the negative energy. Ultimately, everyone will agree. To sleep better and experience lucid dreams, place this crystal under your pillow before you sleep. 

When you put it in your purse or pocket, it can absorb bad feelings, including jealousy, spite, or anger. It ensures your aura is peaceful by getting rid of harmful emotions and thoughts.

How to Care for it?

Because Howlite is a soft stone, it can scratch easily. It is vulnerable to acidic perspiration and chemical cleaners. To clean your Howlite jewelry, always use soapy and lukewarm water.

Use cotton to a soft cloth to dry it, removing any water or soap residue. Never immerse a dyed Howlite in soapy water. Ensure that you wrap the Howlite jewelry in a soft cloth. Store the jewelry in a pouch or a box where it cannot get crushed, scratched, or bumped.

How to Cleanse it?

Howlite removes all the negativity in your life. These negative energies may have accumulated in the crystals, making cleansing them vital. There are several easy and quick ways of cleansing your Howlite crystals. They include:

Using Sunlight

Does your place experience sunny weather at most times of the year? You can use the sunlight to cleanse your crystal. You leave your crystals under the sunlight for a few hours. Ensure that your pets do not reach the crystals. If you plan on using this method to clean your darker crystals, know that sunlight may affect their color.

Olivenorma - Howlite

Moonlight Cleansing

The moon has compassionate energy that is cleansing, lucky, and healing. To cleanse your Howlite using this technique, leave them on a backyard, roof, or porch during the night when there is moonlight.

Using Rice

You can also cleanse your crystal using brown rice. Place the brown rice inside a glass bowl and keep your crystals on top to use this method. The crystals should remain on top of the bowl for 4-24 hours. Discard the rice after you use it to cleanse your Howlite crystals.

Using Sound

Sound waves can also be used to cleanse your crystals. All you have to do is put your crystals inside a singing bowl and start playing it. The bowl creates a sound that fills and cleanses your crystals and the environment. 

Water Cleansing

You can either use running water or saltwater to remove the toxic energy from your crystals. However, ensure that you do not leave the crystals in water for over 7 hours. Another effective way to cleanse your Howlite is by using a concentrate of black Obsidian. Put Black Obsidian in a jar and fill it with water. Leave the jar outside under sunlight for about 4 hours. Spray your crystal with the concentrate to quickly cleanse it.

How to Tell the Good Quality of these Crystals?

Just like any other item, there are many Howlite fakes out there. Therefore, you need a way of knowing a good quality Howlite from a fake. Looking at the Lines on the stone is among the easiest ways of telling the quality of the crystal. The lines are sunken within the stone if it is on quality or genuine. They are not painted or drawn on it. If the lines appear on top of it, then the Howlite is a fake. 

Howlite Crystal Combination

When you combine Howlite with other crystals and stones, its effectiveness in easing your mind and calming the powerful emotions improves. The best crystals and stones that you can use with Howlite include Amethyst, Peridot, Rose Quartz, and Agate (Blue Lance). 

To improve your understanding and patience for situations and people, pair your Howlite stone with Chrysoprase and amber. Have the crystal with you whenever your patience seems to run low. Howlite is a stone of harmonious and open energy. 

Olivenorma - Howlite

If you are experiencing issues with anger management, there are other stones known to calm it. They include Black Obsidian, Larimar, Quartz, Augelite and get you off angry feelings. They are also helpful in soothing and eliminating stress. Place them near your bed before you sleep. They will calm you, remove rage and anger, allowing you to sleep well. You can also use Howlite together with other stones that relieve you of stress like Bustamite, Amazonite, Lithium Quartz, Hiddenite, and Scolecite.

You may also want to increase the vibration of these stones to help you become more tactful. Witches finger Quartz and Aurichalcite are some stones that you can use for stimulating tactfulness.

Maybe you have issues sleeping. Stones like Scolecite, Stilbite, Unakite, and Purple Amethyst can help you. Put them below your pillow. Used together with other stones, they can help fight insomnia.


If you are searching for peace and calmness in your life, Howlite is a stone that can benefit you immensely. It has a soothing nature, pale colors that are shimmering and connect with brown and 3rd eye chakra. The overall meaning of this is that Howlite crystals enable you to remain tied to your inner wisdom. It wants you to have a gentle soul.

Although life is tough, you should not allow your emotions to lead you. However, sometimes the emotions get better off between us. Howlite is here to help us remain calm and cleanse our breath. Before acting, the stone gives you a chance to gather yourself. Buy a Howlite crystal today, and your life will never be the same.


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