Indigo Chakra: Discover Meaning and Benefits of Third Eye Chakra

by Sophia Martinez
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Indigo Chakra

Ever wondered how the indigo chakra influences your life? Delve into the essence of the Third Eye Chakra, the core of intuition and psychic abilities.

Discover the transformative power of indigo chakra, from enhancing mental clarity to fostering spiritual growth. Learn the significance of indigo-colored stones and practices to harmonize your chakra for a balanced life.

Unravel the mysteries of your psychic center with this enlightening guide.

How Your Indigo Chakra Affects Your Health and Abilities

Different parts of your body are associated with different “chakras,” or energy centers. Each of these chakras is associated with a color, certain heavenly bodies, and certain gemstones.

When the energy of a certain chakra is blocked, it causes negative physical and psychological effects. Energy workers can help people by using the right crystals/gemstones to open chakras. You can learn to open these chakras yourself.

One of the most important chakras and colors for people to understand is the indigo chakra. The indigo chakra deals with spirituality, higher intuition, and psychic power. Like all chakras, the indigo chakra has a negative as well as a positive side.

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What is the Meaning of the Color Indigo?

Indigo, a color between blue and violet, is the color of intuition. It symbolizes your ability to tell whether a decision is right or wrong instinctively. The color represents both ordinary intuition and clairvoyant or psychic power.

The color indigo represents the third eye. The third eye is a spot on the forehead, between the two eyebrows, which is the center of one’s sixth sense or psychic power.

You can open up the third eye through meditating with the goal of opening it, or by wearing indigo clothing, or by using essential oils or gems associated with the third eye.

Indigo Symbolizes Fairness and Justice

Indigo is associated with human rights. The color symbolizes believing that everyone should be treated fairly and not tolerating injustice. The color can help you insist on respect and fair treatment instead of tolerating bad treatment by others.

Indigo can also Symbolize Tradition

Indigo can be a conservative color. It can represent, either in a good or bad way, sticking to the same values you had long ago even as the world changes and other people’s values change.

Sometimes, it can represent intolerant values that still exist today, even though people are much less likely to accept them. However, there can also be some positivity in having a clear sense of right and wrong that does not change much with the times.

The color symbolizes predictability rather than spontaneity. The color may not appeal to those who like to change jobs or move to another city on a whim. It appeals to those who succeed by being steady and persistent rather than spontaneous.

Indigo Symbolizes Drama and Seriousness

Indigo makes life seem grand, dramatic, and serious. This can either be positive or negative. Sometimes, it can make something small and unimportant seem huge and overpowering.

Indigo relates to the planets Mercury and Neptune. It is the color of dignity, intuition, and knowledge, not the color of lightness and spontaneity.

While it does not symbolize spontaneity, it can symbolize childlike imagination. The color symbolizes inner visions, imagination, and the inner child.

The indigo chakra is linked to frankincense, cloves, and roses. You may be able to use these essential oils and flowers to open the indigo chakra.

Indigo also helps you understand other’s behavior. If you strengthen your indigo chakra, you will find insight into other people’s feelings and actions. You will get to know people better and understand how they react to different situations.

The color indigo symbolizes many mental and spiritual strengths, such as:

  • Sharp vision
  • Good memory
  • Dream recall
  • Imagination
  • Intelligence and mental stamina
  • Intuition
  • Deep seeing
  • Emotional stability

Indigo is between blue and red or between blue and purple. The blue and red colors that combine to create indigo each have their own meanings. The blue represents calm, and the red represents energy.

You can use a triangle within a circle to represent the indigo chakra. Indigo also symbolizes the element of light. More than anything else, indigo represents a powerful mind with sharp senses and the intuition to interpret these senses.

What is a Chakra?

Chakras are a Hindu spiritual concept. A chakra is one of seven centers of spiritual, physical, and mental energy in your body. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word, which refers to many different things that have to do with circles or circular motion.

Each of the different chakras is associated with a color, a part of the body, and different physical/mental/spiritual traits. Those who practice healing with gems and crystals know which stones are associated with which chakras.

Many Hindu concepts such as the wheel of time, wheel of life, and wheel of creation use the word “chakra.” Many things in Hinduism are cyclical. A circle can also symbolize Brahma, the highest god.

Meaning and Benefits of Indigo Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

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More than anything else, the indigo chakra helps you unlock higher mental abilities. You will make ingenious everyday realizations and be surprised by your new insight and clarity.

Indigo Chakra Meaning

The indigo chakra is the chakra of your third eye. Your third eye is your sixth sense, your psychic power.

Opening the indigo chakra will sharpen all of your senses before it unlocks your sixth sense. Your hearing, vision, and sense of touch will all improve as your indigo chakra opens.


The third eye chakra is located in your forehead, specifically between your two eyebrows. You may be able to feel that there is something there if you concentrate on that spot or put your fingers very close to it without quite touching it.

The indigo chakra is related to organs and parts of the brain that deal with spirituality, the senses, and deeper thinking. The pineal gland (very important for spirituality and possibly the center of psychic ability), skull, eyes, brain, pituitary gland, and skull are all connected to the indigo chakra.

Associated Problems

Sometimes, opening the indigo chakra can boost your ego too much and make you behave badly towards others. It can also cause the opposite of its usual positive effects. Your vision might get worse rather than better; your deeper thoughts might go away rather than increase.

Positive Aspects

  • Stronger intuition
  • Psychic abilities that go beyond normal intuition
  • Mental clarity
  • Balance and coordination
  • Improves vision and other senses
  • Upper body strength and neck flexibility
  • Improved oral and thyroid health

Negative aspects

  • Behaving badly towards others out of arrogance
  • Too much ego, thinking you are better than other people
  • Headaches
  • Allergies and sinus problems
  • Vision problems and night blindness

Physical Level

Again, the first thing you will notice is better senses, especially vision. You may be able to read small words from a distance or notice things in the corner of your eye that you would have missed before.

Your neck may become more flexible and function better. You might become able to touch your chin to your chest easily if you were not flexible enough to do that before.

Some people report a better metabolism, which can give you more energy and help you lose weight. Some health problems may disappear, such as dental health problems or problems with the thyroid gland.

Any chakra can be overactivated rather than blocked. If you have too much indigo, you will have problems. Every chakra has a negative side as well as a positive side.

Too much indigo can lead to headaches, nasal/sinus problems, and allergies. Sometimes, the indigo chakra can make your vision worse instead of better. In particular, your night vision may become quite noticeably poorer.

Mental Level

The indigo chakra does more than boosting your intuition and insight, though that may be the most important part of it. It can make actions happen easily and smoothly and no longer require willpower. Small but annoying tasks that used to take a bit of effort will happen effortlessly.

You may also remember your dreams better, have more mental stamina, or have a better imagination. You may be able to see the symbolism in art, literature, or life events better than before. If you open this chakra as much as possible, you can go beyond these mental powers and into spiritual and psychic powers.

At worst, activating the chakra too much can turn you into a mean or almost sociopathic person that thinks they are spiritually superior to and better than others.

Usually, people benefit from opening this chakra, but it is one of the riskier chakras to open because it can make you treat others badly. Be aware of the risk that you might feel like others are beneath you.

It can also reduce some of the mental powers that it usually increases. You may end up becoming forgetful, lacking imagination, or making foolish decisions.

Emotional Level

Like the blue chakra, the indigo chakra can lead to peace and tranquility, although negative emotions can easily come from this chakra as well. You may feel satisfied with your life and no longer like you need to change your life drastically in the near future.

The indigo chakra can make you sensitive, emotionally balanced, and peaceful. However, you can also experience nightmares, delusions, obsessions, and denial of reality. These emotions can all tie into the sense of arrogant superiority that can come from this chakra.

Spiritual Level

At best, you can achieve psychic abilities and clairvoyance if you learn to activate the sixth chakra. You may achieve a new understanding of the divine that goes beyond anything you knew before. Mysterious and mystical experiences might happen to you.

At worst, your thinking may become shallower rather than deeper. Your points of view may become more limited, and you may be spaced out rather than deep and focused.

Negative Effects of a Blocked Third Eye Chakra

Just as too much of the indigo chakra can have negative consequences, so can too little of it.

Oversensitivity, fear, and lack of discipline are the usual consequences. Someone with a blocked indigo chakra might withdraw into a world of fantasy and daydream about how things could be better rather than solve their problems.

How to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

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Like all the other chakras, the indigo chakra needs to be balanced. It cannot be overactivated or deficient. You need to keep it somewhere in the middle.

Better sleep is the best way to balance the third eye chakra. Take melatonin, avoid caffeine except in the morning, eat less sugar, and have a regular sleep schedule. Read a book – print rather than kindle – before bed to help you sleep.

Don’t use a computer/phone/television in the last hour or two before bed, and the blue light from screens will keep you awake. You can get an app that changes the color scheme of your screen somewhat, reducing the blue light. These apps make a difference.

You might also try aromatherapy – frankincense, lavender, neroli, and juniper may all work. Lavender might be the most calming, but they all work to balance your third eye.

To balance your indigo chakra, consider the physical health of your pineal gland. Tap water is not good for it – tap water may calcify the gland.

Use a water filter or buy the right kind of bottled water. Not all bottled water is good; some of it is worse than a lot of tap water. You could take iodine supplements or try eating seaweed, which is rich in iodine.

As long as it doesn’t affect your sleep, caffeine can help your third eye. Red onions, red cabbage, red grapes, eggplant, and berries are all good foods for balancing this chakra. Many herbs can also help you, from mint to poppy seeds.

How to Heal your Third Eye Chakra

If your third eye chakra is chronically overactive, your quality of life will suffer until you correct the problem.

Experiment with different foods – there are many that are potentially effective. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fatty fish, can heal an overactive third eye.

Seaweed, algae, chia seeds, and even dark chocolate can all help you. You might also try treatments such as reiki or sound therapy.

Getting more exercise of any kind can calm down an overactive third eye, just as it can calm down an overactive nervous system. Yoga might work better than ordinary exercise. There are specific yoga positions that are particularly good for opening the third eye.

Many people believe that each of the seven chakras is linked to a different endocrine gland. People believe chakras relate to the ancient Greek system of elements, to alchemy, to psychological states, musical notes, and more. People still create new knowledge about chakras today – not all of the knowledge is from ancient times.

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Indigo Chakra Stones

All chakras have their colors. Colors can have a physical and mental effect on you. If your third eye chakra is closed, you might be able to open it by wearing indigo-colored clothing.

Like all other chakras, the indigo chakra is associated with precious stones. You can use these stones to strengthen your third eye chakra if it is too weak. The following stones may have an effect:

Amethyst – This purple gemstone varies in color, from a lighter purple to between purple and black. It helps you meditate, become spiritually aware, avoid stress and anxiety, and unlock any psychic potential.

Lapis Lazuli – This is one of the best gems for removing spiritual blocks, including blocks of the third eye chakra. You can get everything from the ability to remember your dreams to psychic abilities from this gem.

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Sapphire – This is another gemstone that may activate psychic abilities. It also helps you tap into your deeper levels of consciousness. It helps with meditation and decision-making and can even lead you to wealth and prosperity.

Angelite – This is a calming, light-colored stone that can help you get in contact with the divine. It will put you in contact with angels and spirit guides that can help you make the right decisions.

Blue Aventurine – This gemstone is highly regarded for its ability to settle the mind and enhance masculine energy, promoting qualities of courage, self-discipline, and inner strength. It is particularly effective in aiding clear decision-making and steadfast adherence to one’s chosen path.

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If you are serious about improving your physical, mental, and spiritual health, you should learn as much about chakra healing as possible. If you take an online masterclass, you can become an expert in chakra healing. You can greatly improve your mental abilities with this knowledge.


If you are successfully opening your third eye, you should feel and notice it. You may physically feel some pressure between your eyebrows and feel a sense of increasing mental and spiritual power.

You might notice more synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) and become better at understanding how other people think and feel. You might predict what someone is going to say before they say it if your psychic powers are switching on. After successfully opening a chakra, you may not find it hard to keep it open.

There is not always an exact answer to a question about the meaning of anything related to chakras. Many people come to the same conclusions in different places and at different times, but there is disagreement as well. People disagree on chakras as they disagree on other religious and philosophical ideas.


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