Kyanite Crystal: What Its Powerful Healing Properties & How to use it

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Kyanite Crystal

Who does not like to wear Kyanite? They are pretty stones and are available in many colours. But do you know that Kyanite benefits you in many ways? Let us know more about this. First of all, let us be brief about what Kyanite is.

What is Kyanite Crystal?

Kyanite belongs to the family of aluminosilicate minerals. You can find Kyanite in quartz and some portions of the triclinic system of crystals. The other names for Kyanite are cyanite, rhaeticite and disthene. The mineral is translucent and comes in many shades of blue and also green, orange and black. Kyanite meaning is recuperating or healing and thinking logically.

Olivenorma-Kyanite Crystal

A small so tiny and pretty can align the chakras of your body and bring back harmony and balance. It will calm you down and side by side keep you focused. This is because the chakras get balanced and open so that you can express your feelings and emotions freely.

Kyanite Meaning

The word translates to deep blue or two strengths. It comes from the greek word Kyanos and Kuanos. As it gives you strength to get through every stage of your life. It also means thinking logically and straight.

Benefits of Kyanite Crystal

Kyanite crystal benefits in many ways such as balancing your chakras, making you think rationally, boosting up your morale, removing all the blockages from your life and making you a better person. The list of the benefits is quite long. Let us know them in detail.

Healing Properties of Kyanite

Kyanite does wonders for any kind of blockages as it produces high vibrations that have the power to heal. It has a lot of positive energy stored in them that establishes strong connections, better friendships, loyalty, compassionate and kind communication and helps you not get involved in a people-pleasing pattern. It helps to calm your mind, soul and body.

Physical Healing

You can count on the Kyanite crystal when it comes to healing your body. It has an astounding characteristic of relieving your pain naturally, from lowering your blood pressure to curing inflammation, it always has your back. It helps your body in fighting infections or any other foreign element that enters your body. If you have ever faced a physical trauma in your life then stop looking and start wearing Kyanite as the stone beautifully helps in the recuperation process.

Kyanite has a positive effect on your mind and helps it to sharpen and process things more clearly. It even helps your nervous system formation. It promotes good deep sleep and good eating habits. It keeps you healthy and you tend to follow all the healthy habits that your body requires for the healing process.

Emotional and Mental Healing

Kyanite benefits your emotional and mental health too. Kyanite crystal is popularly known as the healing and calming crystal all over the world. The people who constantly find them in a situation where they feel as if their nerves are frayed or people you tend to quickly burst into flames of anger or feel anxiety, Kyanite will be of great help for them. It soothes their hot heads and clams all the chaos that has been running in their head and puts all the pieces back together.

Kyanite crystal can be an incredible stone for developing kindness and compassion and softening any kind of communication. For individuals who find it difficult to connect and communicate verbally even to people who are close to you, the stone will work wonders for you.

The stone will provide you with natural intuitive instincts, the confidence to vocally communicate and the ability of understanding to proudly own who you are and your self-expression.

Olivenorma-Kyanite Crystal

Kyanite is an extraordinary stone that helps you remember your dreams. We wake up from our sleep. We know we had a great dream but then it feels blank up there. The stone will help you recall your dream.

Sometimes the most important messages are hidden in our dreams. It could be the sign of the universe to communicate with us. If you remember the dream it will aid you in deciphering the message and get to know what the universe has in store for you.

The stone above all gives you an invitation to heal from within. You feel the need to heal and do better in your life. It helps you search within yourself. It lets go of the victim card and helps you in becoming independent.

It helps you in letting go of all the negative feelings and getting your life back on track. It assists in helping you have a logical mind and thinking before taking any step. It helps in not being involved in your emotions way too much and helps your soul find the correct path with certainty.

Spiritual Healing

Kyanite is an astounding chakra cleanser and the best part is that they are available in diverse styles and shades that connect to various chakra points in your body. Yes, the stone promotes you to think logically and linearly but it is not only limited to that. Kyanite crystal benefits you in many other ways too.

The stone also gives you spiritual sophistication and helps in enhancing your psychic ability. Gemstones that offer high vibrational frequencies tend to be related to things like subtle bodies, forming a connection with spirits and even telepathy.

Even if it seems too much for you, the stone helps you in being spiritually connected to the earth, shoving away all the negative energy. It taps into your deep-rooted instincts by fortifying the chakra of the third eye and will help you balance the excessive Yang energy that you’ve got. The stone helps you get out of an illusionary world and makes you see the reality that surrounds you.

Meditation and Attunement Energy

The stone helps you in meditating and calming down your mind. It tunes your body nicely and brings harmony to your body. This is one of the best powers of the crystal.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

The crystal as stated above removes all kinds of blockage from your chakra spots and brings a balance that you need in your life. It is the best kind of natural healing that you can bestow upon yourself.

Colour Energy

Every colour connects with the different chakra spots of your body. You have to choose which part you want to focus on and according to that, you can make your decision. Blue is for communication, green for your heart, black for your base and orange for creativity.

How to Use Kyanite Crystal?

You may place the stone directly on your body while lying down or you can just hold the stone in the centre of your body while sitting and relaxing.

You will be able to sense the energy flowing through your body up and down aligning all the chakra points and getting rid of the negative energy that has been stored in your body.

Once you relax your mind and go into the state of meditation and let the stone be at that place as long as you feel like it. You will have an intuition when all the chakra points in your body are aligned and the aligning won’t take too long.

Olivenorma-Kyanite Crystal

Home and Office

When you want to make the feng shui energy of your environment you should get this stone. It brings harmony to your house and in your business, and it helps in communicating more and better with your clients.


Wearing Kyanite crystal as jewelry is probably the best way to tap into the power of the stone. For individuals, who need the pure, unbridled power of the stone, place it on the top of your skin without any kind of barriers in between the stone and your body, so that they become one entity.

In this way, you will be able to carry positive vibes everywhere you go. A bracelet will align your pulse with the stone, and the power of the stone will clear all the negative energies and cleanse your aura.

Different Types of Kyanite Crystals

There are various colours and styles of the gemstone and each one interface with a different chakra which leads to aligning and healing chakras and helps you stay on track. Every Kyanite benefits you differently.

Blue Colour

Blue coloured Kyanite is one of the prevalent forms of the gemstone. It connects with the throat chakra. The throat is a very vital organ as it lets us speak. When we can communicate our thoughts and feelings with the world, then only will we be able to reach the highest of our potentials.

We get heard by the world and that gives us the feeling of belongingness. It helps us get rid of any kinds of blockages or fears, promoting them to speak out the truth. This Kyanite benefits people who do public speaking or performances. It helps them strengthen their voice and also heals the larynx and the throat.

Green Colour

The green gemstone forms a connection with the heart and assists you in moving with the flow of the universe. It imparts natural vibes that calm you down and gives you a feeling of being associated with the world.

Only when the chakra of your heart is opened then we can reciprocate the love we get freely. It also helps in getting closer to all the truth that has hidden somewhere in the bottom of our hearts.

Black Colour

The black coloured Kyanite forms a connection with a base chakra. This is one of the essential chakras because this is the space that is the root of your personal sense of being secured.

This is one of the strongest Kyanite as it helps clear out all imbalances that make your focus shake and help in replenishing your meridian framework.

Orange Colour

The orange gemstone connects with your sacral chakra and lets the dam of your creativity open. This incredible stone is good for getting over old wounds, giving a warm welcome to healing, and places you in a space full of energy where you will always be willing and ready to manifest the amazing dreams that you have in your brain.

Kyanite as Birthstone

The bluish shades of Kyanite are suited for people born in the spring and the vernal equinox, which is the period between the 19th of February to the 19th of march. This is the period when new life takes place and is the time of trust and faith. The blue stones give you respect and patience.

The indigo coloured stones are well suited for people born in the middle of winter from January 20th to February 18th. These coloured crystals are valuable and rare. They bring values like dignity, wisdom, spiritually mastery and truth.

The green coloured stones are good for people born in spring that is from the 20th of April to the 20th of May. They bring with them success, good health and renewal.

Kyanite: Amulets and Talismans

The amulet provides you with protection. It has incredible abilities that enhance your efforts and throw all the negativity out and gives you the strength to keep on going ahead.

Kyanite in Feng Shui

Blue Kyanite uses water energy that represents strength, purity, and stillness. It is associated with rebirth and renewal. It involves your career and life choices and brings balance to your life.

The green Kyanite uses wood energy in your life that represents new beginnings, health, growth and nourishment. It involves health and family and works in the area of abundance and prosperity.

How to Cleanse Your Kyanite Crystal?

Olivenorma-Kyanite Crystal
Olivenorma-Kyanite Crystal

You want to keep your stone clean at all times so that it always gives you all the energy. A good thing about Kyanite is that it is not attracted to negative energies and doesn’t store them within it. But still, if you want to cleanse it and retain it pure, please keep in mind that it is a water stone.

Even if you keep it under running water and use a bit of natural soap it will do the trick. The stone loves connecting to the natural elements and hence this recharges the powers.


Whichever Kyanite you pick, you will be benefited. If you have a special place for crystals in your life, you just go ahead with this pure stone. This is an amazing stone for people who want to heal from their old selves and go on a journey of finding their true identity and moving on a positive path in life.

It is perfect for people who want to find their purpose in life. This stone is a perfect blend of behavioural and spiritual thinking that will open new doors of opportunities for you, help you in healing in any kind of way and keep your life on track.


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