Lapis Lazuli Meaning: Benefits, Healing Properties & Uses (Ultimate Guide)

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Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis Lazuli meaning delves deep into the realms of spiritual enlightenment, emotional stability, and holistic healing. The lapis lazuli is among the most sought-after adorning crystals in trinket bowls and bracelets. For ages now, this timeless gem has offered unbounded use in the spiritual realm and also notched-up bountifulness in the physical well being of its fans.

It’s a reputable healer gem and eye candy for beauty enthusiasts who have a taste for class and elegance. But as it continues being more practically usable, not everyone has a hint about this prized gem. That makes it tricky figuring out the rigmarole behind its deep-founded popularity altogether. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the ultimate guide to the lapis lazuli properties and uses.

What is Lapis Lazuli?

Behind the eye-catching blue hues and the glittery facade lies a complex chronology of processes for the formation of this crystal. It’s technically a result of metamorphism and initially forms from a combination of calcite, pyrite, sodalite, and lazurite, giving it adorning bands of individual mineral layers. Its appeal to the eye is striking, thanks to its subtle appearance, both beautiful and enchanting.

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That, therefore, makes it a more premium crystal that swims in pools containing the most valuable types, including tourmaline, peridot, and turquoise. It’s a pretty heavy stone for its size and marginally hardy, but somewhat fragile to crack and break during falls. However, it’s durable and helpful in healing the body and soul while balancing the energy flowing through to tame emotions.

Origin of Lapis Lazuli Crystal

The lapis lazuli crystal was first extracted from the Sar-e-Sang mine in Afghanistan, which has continuously supplied a great deal of tonnage to people globally for more than seven millennia. However, many other countries mine this prized crystal in minute amounts, including Russia, Siberia, Pakistan, and India.

The crystal was among the early trading items in ancient times and was a sought-after stone among gold and diamond demands. It primarily served the downright purpose of depicting class and elegance among monarchs, but a considerable number of people used it to unlock their psychic abilities.

To date, the gem is a mainstay among people seeking deeper consciousness of their divine selves or achieving a higher cosmic understanding altogether. That helps in gaining insight into the multidimensional world, far beyond the stretches of the three-dimensional realm. 

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

The Lapis lazuli crystal meaning lies within its capacity to forge a spiritual connection to the divine world and seamlessly trigger foresight. On top of that, it symbolizes wealth, royalty, wisdom, and power, which are a collection of the most prized attributes in modern days. Like ancient times, the crystal is continuously valuable as an addition to trinket bowls and jewelry for its superb garnishing properties. 

In addition, it’s a healing and protective stone that many believe wearing it shields them from psychic attacks. Some people would also use it to welcome the truth, impact spiritual wonder, and achieve inner peace. 

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From a glance, the lapis lazuli crystal crystal meaning lays out openly pretty effortlessly. Its striking beauty and beautiful facade speak volumes in terms of its adorning possibilities. Besides, it also represents divinity, acting as a portal to accessing the realm beyond the three-dimensional world.

That’s, therefore, a part of the reason why the ancient world valued it highly since it helped command immediate respect to people having it in possession. Even to date, the gem is valued embellishment to hoist physical looks and for showing off.

Lapis lazuli Healing Properties and Benefits

Lapis lazuli yields mammoth benefits both spiritually, emotionally, and in the three-dimensional realm. The latter, however, basically comprises a surfeit of physical gains, which imply healing to physical ailments. Otherwise, people owning this crystal attest to the possibility of getting a downright revelation of their inner truth and authentic selves.

· Lapis Lazuli Physical Health Healing Power

The impact of lapis lazuli crystal on physical health is incredible and unbounded, thanks to its impeccable healing ability. The throat, vocal cords, and larynx lead the trail, both benefiting from the healing and regulation of the thyroid and endocrine glands. Besides, the gem also counters eye infections, including septic sties and eye oozes.

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Women can also have a piece of lapis lazuli healing abilities through alleviating menstrual cramps and stiffness. The crystal also improves blood circulation, counters insomnia, and impacts healing on the skin.

Most essentially, the peak of its healing power manifests in inducing balance in the nervous system and tackling brain disorders, including autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

· Lapis Lazuli Crystal Emotional Healing Power

Emotionally, lapis lazuli crystal entirely does a painstaking amount of work in mending relationships, revealing the truth, and exposing the authentic selves to people. That, therefore, self-awareness and the downright ability to recognize emotions pretty remarkably, which in turn gives people the front chair in channeling and controlling them.

Besides, the crystal makes people feel more outspoken and can pour out oppressing emotions without holding back, which helps empty negative energy.

Notably, this crystal helps explore the opportunities for thriving and the setbacks involved, keeping the path for growth clearer ahead. That, therefore, clears the mind and gives a more defined perspective on life.

Also noteworthy is the chance lapis lazuli crystal offers in straightening individual relationships and improving social interactions that help forge friendships through compassion and honesty. 

Lapis Lazuli and Chakra

The seven chakras lie apart in the human body and represent mantles of energy that create a sense of harmony in the body. However, only two of them associate with lapis lazuli – the throat and eye chakra. They provide the ability to perceive, hear, feel, and express what’s beyond the three-dimensional world. Conventionally, that only happens after putting in the work in acquiring wisdom, self-consciousness, and a more stack of intuition.

Olivenorma Seven Chakra Crystal Protection Decoration

Nevertheless, the lapis lazuli crystal alleviates that hassle by triggering psychic abilities by opening the third eye chakra pretty seamlessly. This chakra is usually located marginally above the center of the two eyes on the lower part of the forehead. It improves the perception of both the outer and inner world. It helps broaden thought processes and sharpens intuition, making it easy to discern right from wrong or what’s good and what’s evil.

Also, the throat chakra works in tandem with the eye chakra and infuses balance with the rest of the body chakras for an improved spiritual and emotional being.

When these chakras are activated and in proportion with the rest, it bolsters the ability to be more expressive and outspoken. That promotes the natural revelation of personal truths boldly and assertively without fear.

Color Energy of Lapis Lazuli

While there are umpteen fake variations in the jewelry market today, it’s often challenging to point out the authentic types. However, genuine lapis lazuli crystals are usually less shiny and more matte, with deeper and colder shades of blue. However, keep in mind that the color variations match their grades, and these shades can differ.

Olivenorma Lapis Lazuli Wisdom Crystal Heart

Crystals having deeper shades are more powerful, and such an intensive blue shade implies the ability to express compassion and speak the truth fearlessly. Besides, they teach honor and respect as well as compassion for others.

It’s a high vibration shade that works the conscious self, inducing a balance within and enabling individuals to dispense that energy onto others. Lighter and muddy shades imply the polar opposite, depicting low vibration and the increased fear of boldly coming out with the truth.

Use of Lapis Lazuli Stone

These powerful and useful blue crystals are substantial in numerous aspects, either for healing or self-improvement, both internally and externally. They work the aura and get to the bottom of emotional selves as well as the physicals. That’s achievable through daily lifestyle practices, including:

· Jewelry

The crystal being a gem itself, there’s no way it won’t fit in the cosmetic industry where beauty is more revered. Beauty enthusiasts include them in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings by fusing them with other types, which blend them pretty seamlessly. They usually pop up thanks to the conspicuity that makes them more decorative.

Olivenorma "All thoughts are stars" - Retro Lapis Lazuli Ring

· Meditation

Lapis lazuli’s inclusion in meditations streamlines the energy flow and infuses peace and calmness in the process. Placing them in the palm or close to the body strengthens the aura and helps maintain a balance of energy gravitating from the mind to the core through the chakras. 

· Feng Shui

This practice streamlines the internal energy flow – the Chi – and orients it according to specific spatial arrangements. The Chi is a calming sensation, more like the still waters represented by lapis lazuli crystals. Placing them on the sides facing the north in homes welcomes some quietness and high vibration that infuses tranquility.

Zodiac Birthstone: Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli crystal is a perfect match for Sagittarians, known for their honesty and boldness, which the crystal is all about. However, Libras and Virgos have marginally similar characters to those that the crystal crusades for; other types apart from the lapis lazuli work better.

Olivenorma Turquoise with Lapis Lazuli Sagittarius Zodiac Orgone Pyramid

Sagittarians are also easy to forge personal relationships, are profoundly understanding, and are good communicators. That undeniably makes them inseparable from the crystal and can pick them as their birthstones.

Lapis Lazuli in Legend

The lapis lazuli crystal has an incredible track of use in ancient times, and that also includes a mention in old testimony of the bible. King Solomon, depicted as the wisest human ever lived, had a unique lapis lazuli ring to help him construct God’s temple, given to him by the angels. Still, the Egyptians believed that a pulverized form of the crystal mixed with gold could heal the souls situated in their brains by harnessing the crystal’s mental remediating ability.

Olivenorma Red Jasper Lapis Lazuli Turquoise Metatron's Cube Symbol Necklace

Lapis lazuli’s use is also apparent in the ancient Summerian legend, where it’s believed that the gods’ flesh was made of crystals. And when Inanna, their goddess, voyaged the underworld, she carried with her lapis lazuli rods to measure the human lifespan. Several other legends indicate how essential and integral this crystal was in the early lifestyles, especially for healing, protection, and divinity. 

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Combination

Various crystals carry varied abilities to heal and strengthen the body, mind, and soul, and combining them creates a concentrated and more focused remediating impact. However, these combinations should be driven by purpose and reason to achieve specific objectives. Compatible combinations include: 

·Red Granite and Lapis Lazuli

A red granite and lapis lazuli combination improves psychic hearing by unclogging the chakras and opening up the metaphysical. In most cases, it’s also topped with a tiny gold amount, which adds to its healing. Usually, wearing it as an earring unlocks that ability and similarly works when worn as a talisman.

·Opal and Lapis Lazuli

This combination attracts abundance and success – and does that faster. Opal highlights that desire and focuses lapis lazuli action towards achieving it. Wearing it in necklaces and talismans can be okay.

·Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli

An amethyst and lapis lazuli combination can comfortably meet that purpose to achieve the ability to see beyond regular sight and uplift the spirit to a higher level. These individual crystals both unlock the third eye chakra, while amethyst leans more on uplifting the spirit. Wearing them as unique bracelets works the trick.

Olivenorma Amethyst Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

·Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli

For a more peaceful self, free from frustrations and anger, a turquoise and lapis lazuli combination can be perfect. Besides, this combo unlocks the throat chakra, allowing it to flow seamlessly through the body, enabling one to be well-spoken and assertive.

How to Clean and Care for Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli crystals are delicate and fragile, demanding utmost care. Preventing falls is essential since they typically break or scratch, which makes them lose their glitter. Besides, they’re susceptible to water, and keeping it warm and damp conditions for long weakens their structure and reduces their durability. 

Olivenorma-Lapis Lazuli Meaning 4

Cleaning these prized crystals should utilize care to prevent wearing or weakening. Avoiding acidic ingredients is a superb way of tidying them up, and warm and soapy water can be ideal. Keeping them away from chemicals and organic acids prevents wearing and weakening. Most essentially, wrapping them up in soft pieces of cloths when storing them and placing them gently on trinket bowls without moving them about prevents scratches.

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The lapis lazuli meaning is profound, thanks to its wide array of uses. It’s a prized crystal that’s incredibly healing to the body and uplifting the spirit and emotions. Besides, its aesthetic appeal makes it a valuable addition in most jewelry, blending seamlessly. Getting one would indeed be a worthy consideration for both healing and adornment.


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