Opal Crystal: Increase Your Love and Happiness

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Opal Crystal

Every detail of information about Opal Crystal is awesome. It comes in a ray of colors: yellow, green, red, purple, blue, dazzling white, and more. It can be found in various shapes, like triangles, ovals, squares, etc. Opal has been in existence since 400BC. They were found in ancient Greek caves and mined in Ethiopia. The magical gemstone has myths and legendary tales featuring it from ancient cultures of East and West Australia. Amazing virtues about Opal are that it frees inhibitions, prevails self-confidence, cupid’s stone, among others.

What is Opal Crystal?

Opal Crystal is a unique gemstone rich in silica water since its status represents luxury and opulence. The famous name Opal originated from the name Opalus, which means precious. It’s also known by the name eye stone, which resembles its flashes, colour play, and brilliance. It inspires amazing qualities such as love, happiness, hope, calmness, innocence, and purity. Opal appears in two types; the common and precious Opal. In short, we can say Opal Crystal stands for hope, purity, and amplification.

History of Opal Crystal

Ancient Romans were the first people to market opal. Their empire was one of the richest; therefore, most of its citizens had a passion for gems and acquired their disposable income from this. Opal Crystal is well-known for changing its colors under different lights and is rear to find if you compare it with diamonds and pearls. During the middle ages, Opal Crystal was famously known as the ‘eye stone’ because it was believed to help in good eyesight. Moreover, blonde women wore opal necklaces to protect the color of their eyes. Other cultures believed that it could render the person wearing it invisible.

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The opals are set in the Crown jewels of France, where Napoleon gave his empress Josephine a stunning red opal that had red flashes called ” The Burning of Troy”. During the late 18th century and early century, Opal lost its value, and people started regarding it as a stroke of bad luck. This was because it was associated with negative things such as famine. Queen tried to change this view and began loving Opal. She wore Opal Crystal throughout her reign. Moreover, her friends and daughters received opals which were later regarded as something fashionable around the world. Later, during her reign, other Australian opal fields were discovered and worked.

Opal Crystal Meaning

Opals incorporate color, light, and play. All these help balance and harmony while increasing their vibrations to allow you to get to the next level. It is always associated with good karma, luck, the spirit of hope, fortunes, and achieving many other good things in life. It features a wide spectrum of colors, high vibrations, and shamanic healing powers that strengthen in different aspects.

Opal Healing Properties

Opal Crystal entails amazing healing properties, vibrant amplifier, and sensor balance. You’re feeling sad, oppressed, and almost giving up; gaze at Opal, and you will feel a renewed life, energized brightness, and positivity. The infusion of colors symbolized luxury and self-reassurance. The luxury constitutes elements such as trust, love, seduction, and passion, enabling a person to heal completely and forget about any troubles.

Physical Healing Energy

Opal Crystal is full of health benefits. It’s able to flush ailments, trace diseases, and infections, and it can reduce fever levels, and boost the immune system. It can brighten up the eyes and degenerate skin cells; hence, it repairs the body’s worn-out tissues. If you are suffering from chronic diseases such as pressure, kidney failure, and arthritis, you must own the gem so that it can flush your system and renew your energy levels.

Mental & Emotional Healing Energy

Opal Crystal is a hope stone in the sense that it can bring harmony into balance. It works on the internal energy of an individual. If someone is depressed, feeling anxious, and withdrawn, fully revive them to feel positive about themselves, aggressive, powerful, and fearless. Emotion also has negative power, and opal helps heal from relationship stress within an individual.

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Metaphysical Properties Energy

Opal Crystal can cleanse all the chakras in the body. It enhances higher communication where the user receives spiritual light. The heavenly light received enables the individual to be protected in their earthly movements. Their spirit reals, and the angelic realm rises. Opal gem has absorbent water content which acts as communion water, for cleansing plunge and enabling people to stay close in the spiritual matters.

How to Use Opal Crystal?


Opal Crystal can be worn as a beauty element, and wear it to the wrist for direct connection with the skin, enhancing your beauty and allowing you to elicit amplifying powers. It beautifies your soul and makes you glow physically and emotionally. For best results, put it on after you have taken a bath so that it connects with purity.

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Feng Shui

Opal Crystal is well associated with water energy, quiet strength, stillness, purification, and so on. With the water element, you are assured of formless, yielding, and powerful energies with unrealized embodied potentials, rebirth, and regeneration. It is that energy that goes hand in hand with your life. You can enhance your prayer, repose, or calm reflection space by simply using common or precious Opals with blue or black shades. Traditionally, water energy is associated with the north side of your room or home and goes hand in hand with your life and career paths.

Opals have fire energy, illumination, warmth, the energy of enthusiasm, activity, and brightness. This is Yang in nature. Moreover, it is that energy of emotion, heart, and passion. This is associated with the southern area of your room or home, and with reputation and fame in the place you live. This energy is very vital in boosting your life and enhancing your stand in your community or family. Other Opals are well known to possess wood or earth energies.

Birthstone and Opal Crystal (The April Crystal)

Being an April crystal opal, it strongly connects with people who were born during this period to enable them to have a balance in love life and embrace harmony. It encourages that to focus on teamwork if they want to succeed. Another known zodiac is the Libra and Scorpio sign. As for Libra, the gem is a powerful amplifier that leads to love and harmony.

Scorpios will benefit from the Opal Crystal. Scorpios have characteristics of brave, determination, and loyalty. They can also be secretive and tend to be jealous, which is where Opal could help.

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What Chakra is Opal Crystal?

Opal Crystal is a gemstone of amplification, and this indicates that it gives light, and purity and can be used for mystical plays. It’s a pure candy that doesn’t tolerate any shades beneath its surface. Opal comes in different colors, and it’s mixed with different chakra to bring a healing effect. It’s an amazing stone for chakra balance, but then chakra is available in different colors, choose the one that suits your needs.

Linking the Root Chakra, Opal Crystal ensures you are strongly rooted to the ground for stability and safety in the world. Ethiopian Opal is a sacral opal that exhibits joy and wisdom.

Opal Crystal gently stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra and caters to the health and wellbeing of the body. Opal activates the Heart Chakra and utilizes the energy of family and health, prosperity and abundance. Removing negative factors in the heart, like jealousy.

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Meditation with Opal Crystal

Opal Crystal can be used when meditating and doing yoga. It allows for emotional and physical balance. It gets you close to your working mat. Moreover, it has powers of implication to enable you to have deep meditation and intense inner thoughts for spiritual energy. So carry your opal stone where you are doing your yoga for effective feedback.

Reiki Healing

Bring Opal Crystal to your home and use it for reiki healing due to its amplifying energy. In case you want to have positive vibes, grow on your love, increase your thinking capabilities, and have a positive approach toward life., then use Opal. Carry it to your favorable sitting place and place it on a clean surface. Let it settle there as you work. It creates a calm and relaxed mind to enable you to focus and carry down your duties energized. Therefore, bringing it home can work wonders for you.

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Opal Crystal Combinations

Opal Crystal is one of the most versatile crystals you can find around. This makes it so convenient to combine it with a wide range of other stones. Its vibrations are well known for their protection and support. This means that each time you need a motivational outcome, this is the way to go. It helps you to achieve your intentions so far as you are very clear on what you want to achieve.

Chakra Crystal Combinations

You can use darker shades that have Hematite or Black Obsidian whenever you need to get in touch with your instincts further. Whenever you are feeling worried or uncertain, that you have not met your material needs, you can use Opal Crystal to work on your Base chakra that goes along with Red Jasper or Black tourmaline.

When you need to balance or cleanse your Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, it is suitable to use orange or yellow shades with Sunstone and Carnelian. The white and blue shades work well with Diamond, Sodalite, Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, and Sapphire. This helps you clear and cleanse the Third eye, Throat, and Crown chakras.

Other Crystal Combinations

Whenever you need to get rid of any negative behaviors and thoughts, you need to combine Opal Crystal with Obsidian. This will always remind you to avoid focusing on bad things that could easily divert your attention and attraction. It is wise to decide to get rid of any negative behaviors before allowing Opal to absorb and release them to turn them into harmless energies. Furthermore, Opal is considered a karmic stone that will always remind you that all that you do will always find a way of coming back at you, no matter the situation. Universe has its way of getting back to you.

When you offer love to the world, that love will find its way back to you. Since Opal is a protective stone, you can easily program it to avoid any negative energies or unnecessary attention. You can pair it with Garnet for better results.

You can as well use it with Amethyst to allow you to concentrate on perceived strengths and turn them into strengths. It will help you achieve your full potential since it offers you the motivation that you need for your success.

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How to Care for Your Opal Jewelry?

Everyone would love long-lasting Opal jewelry, which means that you have to take care of it. You should prevent any blows or scratches because this changes the beautiful look of your jewelry. This should not be kept with oil or chemical substances because you can easily lose your jewelry. Opals have some water, so you should avoid storing them in a vault or bank for a longer period because they dehumidify after some time.

How to Cleanse Opal Crystals?

It’s vital to keep the opal gemstone clean, particularly for its healing effect. If you live it clogged with dust and mad, then it may not be in a position to give you the positive results that you need. Cleansing and recharging Opal can take two methods: cleanse it by use of water or smudging. You can cleanse it by rubbing it in between your palms or by moonlight.

Water or Smudging

Opal is absorbed with water hence able to react well with water. Run it in clean and fresh tap water. Avoid the use of salty and warm water. Cool water offers you the best results. Opal is a soft and delicate silicate gem. Hence, needs to be handled with care. Smudging is one of the super methods for cleansing opal. To smudge Opal, light a sage bundle, and use the smoke emitted to waft over the Opal. Do this repeatedly, and after a while, the Opal will be cleansed of the negative energy and fully purified once again.

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This was a traditional native method that was used to keep Opal clean and purified. After thoroughly rubbing it between your palms, let it stay outside in a safe place to be recharged by the moon. Don’t forget to collect it in the morning because it’s delicate and sun heat will not do justice to it. Give it a balance and consistency of the temperatures.

How to Tell if an Opal Crystal is Real?

There is a wide range of ways for you to know if your Opal Crystal is real. You can try holding in under light to check if you can see the spectrum of lights. You can easily identify a real Opal because it has layers of color and pattern.


Opal Crystal is one unique unit that is characterized by a wide range of benefits. This makes it a must-have accessory for most people. This assures physical healing, mental, emotional, and metaphysical healing. You can opt to wear it for better chakra balance or use it in meditation or yoga whenever you need to amplify your energies. There are different opal jewelry that you can always wear. This kind of jewelry complements most outfits. Therefore, you can wear it at all times. Regardless of where you wear it, you are assured of good things happening in your life.


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