Orange Chakra: Unlock Vibrant Sacral Healing & Joy

by Sophia Martinez
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Orange Chakra

Orange Chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, Sacral Chakra, embodies creativity, confidence, and the joy of living. This vibrant center of energy influences our feelings of self-worth and our capacity to relate to others in an open and friendly manner. It’s the heart of our emotional well-being, playing a crucial role in our sexual desires and our ability to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Discover how to harness the power of the orange chakra to balance and enrich your life, encouraging a flow of positivity and well-being that resonates with every aspect of your existence.

Meaning Of The Color Orange

To understand the orange chakra, we must first understand the color orange.

You need to only look at it to understand why it is associated with creativity, confidence, joy, and enthusiasm. Its brightness brings with it certain feelings of resilience too, as though by simply wearing an orange shirt or dress, we’re somehow stronger and better able to deal with any challenges we face throughout the day.

This creativity, freedom of expression, and confidence is also something that links in well with sexuality, and, to some degree, sensuality too. After all, if we feel free to express ourselves with confidence, we’re already much more connected with our desires. The color orange means fun, freedom, and friendliness.

In the next section we’ll look closer at the meaning of the orange chakra, but bear this section in mind too as you read on – maybe you’ll be able to see why the sacral chakra is linked so heavily with the color orange…

Meaning And Benefits Of Our Orange Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Orange Chakra Meaning

Our orange chakra, or sacral chakra, is the second of our seven energy centers in our bodies.

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The sacral chakra is responsible for pleasure, enjoyment in our lives, and is also heavily linked with our sexual desires and relationships with the rest of the world.

When it is balanced and allowing energy to flow through it effectively, we should feel in control of our relationships, balanced in our approach to life, and better able to enjoy every situation we find ourselves in.

We associate the orange chakra with the element of water, an element that is often connected with freedom, flow, and flexibility – all words that can certainly apply to our sacral chakra too.

In many ways, the orange chakra is the epicenter of all our emotions, feelings, and pleasure. It allows us to stimulate ourselves and seek out pleasurable experiences that fill us with joy and confidence.


Svadhisthana is located just below the navel, in the center of our lower belly. Due to its location near some vital organs, we also associate the orange chakra with having an important role in the function of our bodies on a physical level too.

We’ll cover ways to balance and heal your sacral chakra towards the end of this post, but for now just remember that the orange chakra is located below the naval, and plays an important role in our physical health, as well as our spiritual, emotional, and sexual health too.

The major organs that we associate with our orange chakra are all the ones located close to it. These include our reproductive organs, our genitals, bladder, gallbladder, and colon.

If you are experiencing any problems with any of these, then consider working with your orange chakra more closely to allow energy to flow through this vital energy center. This should help ease any problems you are having in these particular areas.

Associated Problems

As we’ve already touched on in the previous sections, if your orange chakra is not working how it ought to be and allowing energy to flow through it freely, then you may notice some issues. We’ll cover these physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects in greater depth in the section below, but for now we shall look at what an unbalanced sacral chakra might mean for you in more general terms.

Some of the associated problems we see with an unbalanced orange chakra are the feeling of being “held back” in many areas of our life. Maybe it’s in our ability to seek pleasure or enjoyment from activities that once brought us vast amounts of joy, or maybe it’s in our ability to find and sustain a fulfilling and meaning sexual relationship.

Problems with our orange chakra are not only linked to feelings of being held back though. If we feel held back, it is usually due to our orange chakra being under-stimulated in some way, but overstimulation is also a problem too.

You might notice that you are overindulging in your sexual desires in an unhealthy manner, or maybe you’re becoming over-invested in a creative pursuit that is taking you away from other aspects of your life that are equally important.

In the next section we’ll look at different positive and negative physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the orange chakra, but again, remember that this list is not exhaustive. Instead, it is a general guide to help you understand these connections on a deeper level for yourself.

Positive Aspects and Negative Aspects

Physical Level

In terms of the positive physical aspects of our orange chakra, you should expect to see healthy sexual function, a healthy digestive system, and proper kidney and bladder function. You shouldn’t experience any unexplained pains in the areas surrounding the sacral chakra, such as your lower back or your lower belly, and you should notice a general feeling of balance within your own body and its functions.

If your sacral chakra is blocked, then there are certain negative physical aspects that you might notice within yourself. This may be an inability to become aroused during sexual experiences, pain during intercourse, or even pain or discomfort when using the bathroom.

You may also notice symptoms of a digestive system that isn’t functioning correctly such as illness after eating, or a general disinterest in consuming food at all.

Mental Level

With the positive mental aspects of your sacral chakra, you might notice that you are better able to work on your creative pursuits -whether it’s writing, art, or creating in any way – a healthy, balanced orange chakra will free your mind up to concentrate on these creative areas of your life.

You should also have a feeling of resilience too, meaning that one bad thing throughout your day is no longer enough to derail you and ruin your good feelings entirely.

The negative mental aspects we associate with our orange chakra can be quite serious. One such example is eating disorders. Even if it is not yet at a stage to be categorized as an eating disorder by a healthcare professional, you may notice examples of disordered eating within your own life, and certain negative thought patterns associated with that.

You may also notice feelings of low self-esteem if you are struggling to communicate effectively with others in order to get what you want out of life.

Emotional Level

The positive emotional aspects of the orange chakra are all to do with pleasure. Whether it is joy, confidence, or feeling as though you are finally free to be who you are and pursue the people and things that bring you the most happiness in life, you will notice a feeling of liberation when your orange chakra is allowing energy to flow through it smoothly.

On the flip side, the negative aspects of the sacral chakra are often to do with a lack of pleasure. You might feel emotionally distant from others and notice a lack of interest in activities that once brought you joy. You may no longer feel confident to express yourself meaningfully for you, and you might even resent those that do.

As we spoke about earlier, you may also notice a feeling of being held back emotionally, and this could easily affect every aspect of your life if left unchecked, leading to a general dissatisfaction with your life path.

Spiritual Level

Spiritually, we can think about the orange chakra as being essential with connection to others, a key part of our spirituality. If our sacral chakra is performing as it should, then we will notice an ability to connect with others, being able to seek those whose energies properly align with our own.

We will also explore our spiritual selves with confidence, allowing us to challenge ourselves and grow, knowing that we are secure about where our life is headed.

The negative spiritual aspects of our orange chakra are to do with feelings of being held back once more. We may no longer feel confident to explore our spiritual connections with others and the universe and instead feel closed off to those around us.

Meditation may no longer feel as though it is effective for us, as the noise of our own worries and anxieties are more susceptible to creep in during these unbalanced times.

You may feel as though your connection with yourself is severed or broken, as though you are merely a passenger in your own life.

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How to Balance the Sacral Chakra

If the negative aspects that we have touched upon above sound as though they are relevant to you, then it may be time for you to concentrate on your orange chakra again, so you can bring balance to it once more.

There are several ways that you can do this, but a key way is meditation. The link between meditation and the chakras has been long established, so falling back on these ancient connections can help you feel more grounded. There are certain yoga positions and guided meditations that specifically target your sacral chakra, so try these and you might notice a change in your sacral chakra.

If it is a guided meditation you are looking for, then search online, or consult with others in the spiritual community – a great way to bring balance to your sacral chakra is through new connections too, so seeking help with meditation is a great place to start.

Some key positions for your sacral chakra include the happy baby and goddess poses, but look for other hip-opening yoga poses too, as these help free up our emotions and allow us to express ourselves more.

The butterfly pose is a great help here.

Olivenorma-Orange Chakra 2

Simply sit on the floor and place the soles of your feet together. Grab your feet with your hands and bring your chest forwards until you feel the stretch in your lower back. Hold the position for 30 seconds on a held breath. Breathe, relax, and repeat.

Alongside meditation and yoga, you should also try affirmations such as “I am in control of my destiny”, “I am confident, I am free, and I can experience deep pleasure”, and any other variations that target how you wish to feel. Speaking something into existence can be a really powerful way to put you back in control.

Certain crystals are also linked with the sacral chakra – as a general rule, look for orange crystals to help realign your sacral chakra, but remember that this does not always apply. I often find that selecting crystals to help me is a very personal experience. Just ensure you have a selection to hand, and then pick the ones you are most drawn to. Our bodies have an amazing way of telling us what we need without us even realizing it. If you want to learn more about the Sacral Chakra Crystals, you can click here.

A final, simple suggestion is to simply get your emotions out. Whether it is on paper, in a diary, or through a conversation with a trusted loved one – expressing your emotions can be a great exercise in mindfulness, which helps bring balance to your sacral chakra.

Practice expressing yourself in different ways, encourage yourself to be bolder, and allow yourself to sit with any emotions you are experiencing in the moment as you do these mindful exercises, and you’ll soon learn how to communicate and seek your needs and desires effectively.

How to Heal your Sacral Chakra

There are many ways to heal your sacral chakra, and how you decide to do so will depend on how much your sacral chakra needs healing. If you are somebody who is experienced with healing, then you may even work alone, but if you’re relatively new to the concept of healing, then seek guidance from somebody more experienced than you.

Reiki healers are powerful at being able to align your chakras and bring balance to them, allowing energy to flow through them freely, but seek healers that align with your own beliefs too.

If you feel as though you do not need a healer, then there are simple things you can do to nourish and heal your sacral chakra yourself. One such way is simply being by the water.

As we associate this chakra with the element of water, going for a swim, laying in a bath, or simply watching the waves can really bring you a lot of inner peace and promote healing.

If you choose to take a bath, then make it a luxurious one.

Olivenorma-Orange Chakra 3

Fill the room with your favorite scents, and allow yourself to immerse everything about your being into the water. Perhaps even give yourself a massage in the warm water – it’s a great way to relax and remind yourself to make you a priority too.

Food is also a great way to heal our chakras, and especially so with the orange chakra. Look for food rich in healthy fats, such as fish, nuts, and seeds. You might also feel drawn to orange foods, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and oranges – these are all great ways to heal your sacral chakra too.

Another brilliant way to heal your sacral chakra is through creativity. Even if your current creative project has ground to a halt, you should still try to work on something creative, even if it’s something unrelated to your current pursuit. Trying something new can really help creativity flow, which will open up your sacral chakra to positive energies again.

A great ancient way of healing your sacral chakra is through chanting. The sacral chakra chant is ‘vam’ and chanting this during meditations and yoga exercises can be a great way to allow good vibrations into your orange chakra. Focusing on your chant can help you fall deeper into your meditation or yoga exercises, allowing you to connect with your chakra for healing.

Although in the previous section I mentioned I would not say explicitly which crystals to use for bringing balance to your sacral chakra, for healing there are a few tried and tested options for you to choose from. Again, go to the ones that you feel most drawn to, but some great options are citrine, amber, orange calcite, and hematite. Using these during meditation is great, or simply carrying them with you throughout the day can be enough to welcome healing energies.

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We’ve covered a lot here today, but if I were to round everything off with a take-home message, it would be this: knowing the link between your orange chakra and your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self is imperative.

Understanding how an imbalance in your chakra might affect these areas of your life gives you power already, because you will be able to quickly identify when something is amiss and then do something about it.

Remember, this article will always be here for you to refer to, so why not bookmark it in your browser for later use? I also have plenty of other articles about all six chakras which you may find helpful, so when you’re done here, why not check out my other posts too?


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