Incredible Purple Crystals: Meaning, Healing Power, and Names

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Purple crystal

Purple is a color associated with monarchy, power, and wealth. It is frequently regarded as a symbol of riches and dignity. Color healing science is still being researched. However, it is believed that different hues can impact different body regions. But many people don’t realize that purple has fantastic capabilities that can help you spiritually.

Let’s dive into the world of purple crystals to learn about their healing powers, spiritual significance, and how they can enhance your life in profound ways.

What are Purple Crystals?

Purple crystals revolve entirely around spiritual energy. These stones increase our intuition and a greater sense of self, allowing us to connect with our mystical sides. They can also be useful for accessing the divine realm of dreams for artistic inspiration or spiritual advice. 

If you want to enter a deep meditative state, use purple stones.” This color indicates strengthening and increasing intuition, assisting with focus, and starting or deepening a meditation practice.

Purple Crystals Meaning

Each crystal and gemstone color has its meaning, talents, and vibrations. For example, purple stones offer various meanings that can be interpreted in various ways. In this way, any purple stone can be used for any occasion. What matters is how you interact with and use the stone.

Purple crystals’ hues appear passionate and exotic, representing many things in each setting. Purple crystals are associated with enchantment, mystery, monarchy, and sound judgment. They define a state of tranquility or an energetic state. Purple crystal energies have the power to remove impediments and restore equilibrium in your life. The list could go on and on!

Types of Purple Crystals

Purple crystals come in various forms, each having special qualities and abilities. While light purple crystals are softer and more relaxing, dark purple crystals are among the strongest and most defensive stones you may utilize. 

Clear crystals are excellent for boosting energy and promoting mental clarity. You can connect with the spirit realm and your spiritual energy with whatever purple gemstone you pick. These stones can give you strength and worthiness because purple is a regal color. Use purple crystals when you require assistance with decision-making, improved psychic talents, or more spiritual awareness.

Dark Purple Crystals

Amethyst, sugilite, and lepidolite are crystals with a dark purple color. These stones can be used to safeguard against all forms of negative energy because they are strongly defensive. They work wonders for eradicating phobias and fears and lowering tension and anxiety. When you require more vigor and support in your life, work with dark purple crystals.

Light Purple Crystals

Lavender jade, crystal quartz, and rose quartz are some examples of light purple crystals. Compared to their dark cousins, these stones are kinder, yet they still have a lot of impacts. They are effective at fostering general tranquility, relaxation, and peace. Use the stone when you need to let go of negativity or relieve stress in your body or mind.

Clear Purple Crystals

Fluorite and charoite are crystals that are clear purple. These stones are ideal for raising energy levels and enhancing mental clarity at the same time. Thus, your attention and concentration will likely improve, and your psychic talents will likely improve. 

Use transparent purple crystals when you require further help in manifesting your objectives or raising your consciousness. Whatever purple crystal you select—dark, bright, or clear—you’ll undoubtedly gain from its special abilities and strength. Use these stones when you require additional life support or help to attain your objectives.

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The Symbolism of Purple Crystals

Purple is often associated with wisdom, magic, and mysticism. Because of this, it connects with the third eye and crown chakras and is strongly linked to intuition and psychic skills. It stands for our spiritual selves and more advanced knowledge. We have access to universal truths and rules because purple mixes the energies of red and blue. 

The crystals represent things that are invisible to the naked eye. This color has a high vibration and is frequently linked to affluence, nobility, and power. Due to its distinctive characteristics, purple might be viewed as unconventional and individualistic. Purple has a strong connection to consciousness. Its vibration is also linked to rarity, originality, and concepts like free speech and thought.

Why Use Purple Crystals?

Purple stones are renowned in the healing crystals community for their elegance, beauty, and metaphysical abilities. The vibrational energies of purple crystals can improve your moods and spirits by simply looking at or touching these powerful gems.

This is because purple crystals can aid to soothe your nerves and mind while going through uncertain and tough situations. They prevent you from having bad thoughts or overthinking. Furthermore, these crystals might help you avoid distractions and focus on the job.

But arguably, the most potent aspect of purple crystals is that they provide a sense of spirituality. You do not have to be religious. Instead, these gems’ strong energies would make you feel and be conscious of a stronger and mightier force at an action in your life.

Purple crystals are also utilized to stimulate the third eye and crown chakra because of their strong connection to the upper chakras. They aid in sharpening your awareness and enhancing your mental abilities and capacities. As a result, they improve your spirituality and psychic powers, making them the ideal color crystals for spiritual development.


Some like to be more covert, carrying their mission stone in their pocket or pocketbook and allowing the energies to keep their wits sharp. Remember that they are stones that can assist you in making those fantastic money-making ideas a reality. They are great crystals that will help your business succeed.

Your decision-making ability will also improve when you deal with purple crystal energies. It will be a lot simpler to answer yes or no. Purple crystals can help you make wise financial decisions, ultimately pleasing you!

Love and Relationships

Purple crystals have strong spiritual energy. Since there is no sign of hostility or violence in these crystals, there are no undesirable side effects. They are peace crystals. Your concerns will subside, and your hopes will rise. Additionally, they will make you feel better and take the guilt away.

Purple crystals will remind you that your self-deception will never result in anything positive. There should be no need for pretenses or lies if you want to understand what it is to be truly loved. These crystals can help you exercise excellent judgment and control your overindulgence. They’ll also diffuse your emotional turbulence. Additionally, purple crystals are crystals of passionate, sincere, and honest love.

These gems have a natural and true vibration. They’ll surround you with positive vibes and an increased capacity for empathy. Purple crystals will be a gentle reminder to avoid worrying excessively and becoming distracted. They’ll help you achieve a good emotional balance and reduce compulsive tendencies.

Healing and Health Benefits

The purple stones are thought to aid the ability to overcome drug dependency greatly. In overcoming reliance, their vibrational energies help provide inner tenacity and mental toughness. These crystals mostly affect the pituitary and pineal glands. This will relieve migraines, anxiety, head injuries, depression, and other mental health issues. In addition, they support cellular healing throughout the body.

Purple crystals are also known to control hormone output since they specifically target the pituitary and pineal glands. Additionally, they aid in treating several blood problems and reducing stress. They can also be used to purify the blood and lower blood pressure.

Purple crystals also benefit the heart, nerves, bruises, and swelling. Even a few hearing problems may benefit from their use. Moving down, purple crystals can thoroughly clean your skin and pores, as well as stimulate hair growth. They are also beneficial for your digestive system.

Crown Chakra Healing

Psychic power-busters include purple gems! These extremely spiritual and highly attuned gems shine when clearing blockages in the crown chakra and ensuring that your inner light is beaming as brightly and proudly as possible. 

All the energy circulating through our bodies can be directed outward into the world when our head chakra is open. In addition to enabling us to embrace our clairvoyant visions and use our amazing witchy skills for good, this helps us connect with and sync up with the universe.

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5 Best Purple Crystals: Names

Ready to let the healing energy of purple crystals permeate your life, but not sure which ones to start with first? Here are 5 powerful purple crystals names and their healing properties for you.


Amethyst is the preferred go-to stone for all spiritual healers. The stone of spirituality, with its magnificent purple tones, can calm and arouse your conscious mind and soul. It links you with the divine realm while increasing your psychic powers, allowing you to progress to the next level of your spirituality.

Amethyst promotes mental clarity by restoring balance and harmony to overactive higher chakras. Furthermore, it is an excellent stone for addiction recovery, brain diseases, and hormone balance. 

Amethyst’s relaxing vibrational energies can help you rest your mind while calming your stresses and frustrations. This allows for more mindful meditation and astral travel. Amethyst can help shield you against night terrors and insomnia while also enabling you to comprehend your dreams.

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The Lepidolite’s violet crystalline formations provide a subtle vibration that affects your subconscious. It resonates strongly with your head chakra, allowing you to connect with the divine realm.

Lepidolite, sometimes referred to as the stone of transformation, radiates calming and peaceful energies that can assist you in managing stress in your life. It brings you serenity and calm and helps you to stay focused so that you can open the door to the divine world and achieve cosmic awareness.

Lepidolite is one of the most effective protective stones for removing electromagnetic pollution. As a result, it is an excellent crystal for working on computers and other electronic equipment. It also helps banish negativity and provides a powerful protective shield so that you won’t have to deal with negative influences from your environment.


With its vibrant purple color, sugilite is one of the most spiritual stones, providing a link between the spiritual and physical world. Since ancient times, spiritual healers and shamans have employed sugilite to promote spiritual practices such as lucid dreaming and astral projection. Sugilite is a tool for communicating with your intuition and spirit guides. 

As a result, your intuition will be strengthened, and you can transmit and receive messages on your spiritual journey. It symbolizes spiritual love and knowledge, and it activates your higher chakras. Not only that, but the purple crystal teaches you about forgiveness and guides you on your spiritual journey.


The charoite stone has an intense, vivid purple hue. It is a versatile stone that has the power to balance and awaken the upper chakras. In addition, the stone, also known as the stone of power and transformation, has the power to change negative emotions into positive ones.

This purple stone can help you sleep through the day’s negative energy to wake up feeling positive and with new perspectives. In addition, Charoite, which is also known as the stone of inspiration, fosters creativity so you may discover new possibilities and come up with original ideas.

It also lets go of outdated energy patterns and comprehends acceptance. Then, it releases higher vibrational energy into your auric field, enhancing your psychic work and promoting spiritual awareness.

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The lovely purple stone known as alexandrite makes you happy. It helps you become more conscious of life’s beauty and your ability to make decisions and enjoy it to the fullest. Additionally, it encourages you to tune into your inner voice, listen to your emotions, and use your creativity.

You develop emotional maturity and improve your willpower with the aid of alexandrite. 

Additionally, it boosts your creativity and provides you with calming and inspiring energies anytime you feel unwanted or lose interest in your job. This purple crystal, which functions at the core of your mind, can assist increase your self-assurance. The alexandrite’s capacity to display two colors enables you to see both sides of a situation, uniting your intellect and heart to give you a superior perspective that integrates the intuitive and logical points of view.

Using Purple Crystals for Best Results

Purple crystals can be placed near your bed or under your pillow to help with insomnia and to stop nightmares and night terrors. As a result, they provide you with restful sleep and insightful dreams. In addition, these crystals can help you ward off negativity in your daily life when you carry them or wear them. Purple crystals are very protective stones and can shield you from harm, evil people, accidents, and illness while traveling.

How to Cleanse and Recharge Purple Crystals?

Purple crystal stones are no different from other crystals because they must be recharged and cleaned. But how may these stones be regenerated and cleansed? Water is one of the best instruments you can employ. To clean your purple stones, all you have to do is hold them under the running water. You can also take them to a river or clean spring, though. But seawater is the favored choice. 

Given the likelihood that you don’t live near a body of water, running your purple stones under tap water while visualizing it, purifying and calming your energy is a great alternative. Along with water, you can also purchase sea salts and carefully and gently brush your purple stones with them. 

To get rid of the salt residue, wash it with water afterward. Then, your purple stones can be recharged and cleaned by the moon’s energy. First, you must set your purple stones in the moonlight for a few hours. But you can think about waiting for the new moon if you want to get the strongest frequencies.

Final Words

Spiritually awakening can be made more accessible by relaxing and peaceful vibrations of purple crystals. They help you see and understand certain realities by subtly clearing a passage between your head and heart. Even though purple gemstones are less frequent than stones of other colors, they continue to be sought after because of how uncommon they are and how few of them require any modifications to their natural colors. 

Their colors and facets have depth and layering, making stunning trinkets that stand out in a way that most other stones don’t. These stones have a dazzling aura and are a terrific positive source of radiance. In addition, they have a certain amount of light that will make it easier for you to balance even the most difficult circumstances.


What other gemstones should I combine them with?

Any stone that has the same color as the crown chakra has purple power. All purple stones can strengthen your feeling of purpose, especially when combined for greater potency. Pairing your deep purple stones with black stones is a great technique to ensure your protection. Black tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, and shungite stones provide protection akin to donning an invisibility cloak. Because Clear Quartz is so amazing at enhancing the energies of other crystals, it can also be fantastic to wear it with purple jewels like the Amethyst stone.

What does purple crystal mean?

Purple crystal is a gemstone with the connotation of warding off evil and protective qualities. It is widely used as a charm to remove negative elements from the body. In addition, it is a stone with a powerful healing force. It may fill the void in your mind and fortify it to prevent future injuries. Popular gemstone purple crystal has dual healing and strengthening properties.


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