Rainbow Obsidian: Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

by Alex Green
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Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow obsidian is a beautiful crystal; sages and healers have used it for a long time for its numerous healing and grounding characteristics. This crystal possesses immense powers and benefits the body and mind. In addition, it can enhance your skills. Its qualities and connotation are similar to those of a charm against evil.

The vivid iridescence and variety of colors of this stone make it challenging to ignore. Its healing abilities are as varied as its shimmering bands. Because of its capacity to offer anything from psychic protection to an unwavering foundation of self-confidence, this unassuming volcanic rock is a favorite in crystal healing. 

However, this blog post will examine rainbow obsidian, the significance of it, its therapeutic properties, advantages, and other pertinent information.

What is Rainbow Obsidian?

Rainbow Obsidian is a striking type of volcanic glass, renowned for its glossy sheen and the mesmerizing layers of iridescent colors that appear when it catches the light. This natural glass forms from rapidly cooled volcanic lava, and its unique rainbow effect is created by the inclusion of magnetite nanoparticles causing light diffraction. The colors can range from subtle greens and blues to vibrant golds and purples, making each piece distinctively beautiful.

Primarily sourced from Mexico and certain parts of the United States, Rainbow Obsidian is not only sought after by collectors but also highly prized in various cultural artifacts and jewelry. Its smooth, mirror-like surface makes it popular for use in cabochons and protective talismans. The depth of color and captivating patterns within each stone are a testament to its natural origin, offering a visual appeal that is as deep and complex as the rock’s geological history. This captivating gemstone combines the raw energy of the earth with a splash of color, making it a fascinating subject of both admiration and mystical lore.

Rainbow Obsidian Meaning

Rainbow Obsidian, often hailed as the “Warrior of Protection,” is a strikingly beautiful volcanic glass that manifests vibrant iridescence when light strikes its surface. This stone is deeply rooted in spiritual symbolism and is revered across various cultures for its profound metaphysical properties. Here, we delve into the meanings and symbols attributed to Rainbow Obsidian.

Symbol of Emotional Strength

Rainbow Obsidian, with its reputation as a “Warrior of Protection,” offers a profound symbol of emotional strength. It is believed to fortify the wearer’s heart and mind against external stresses and internal turmoil. This stone acts as an emotional anchor, providing stability during times of uncertainty and change. Its ability to absorb negative energies helps individuals maintain emotional resilience, making it an ideal companion for those navigating challenging emotional landscapes.

Beacon of Inner Truth and Integrity

Rainbow Obsidian is revered as a beacon of inner truth and integrity. It encourages the wearer to face their true self, promoting honesty and deep self-reflection. This stone challenges its bearer to remove masks and confront realities, facilitating a journey of genuine self-discovery. By shining a light on the inner shadows, Rainbow Obsidian assists in recognizing and releasing old wounds and patterns that no longer serve the individual’s highest good.

Catalyst for Transformation

Regarded as a catalyst for profound transformation, Rainbow Obsidian inspires change from within. It stimulates growth by encouraging the exploration of the unknown and acceptance of change. This dynamic process is akin to the lava that forms the stone—powerful and transformative. It’s particularly resonant for those on the brink of significant life shifts, supporting them to release outdated beliefs and embrace new possibilities with confidence and courage.

Symbol of Recovery and Renewal

Lastly, Rainbow Obsidian symbolizes recovery and renewal. It teaches that after turmoil comes tranquility. Just as the rainbow emerges from the storm, Rainbow Obsidian reminds its bearer that new beginnings are often preceded by endings. This symbolism is particularly powerful for those recovering from emotional grief or loss, providing them with hope and reassurance that healing and renewal are within reach.

Each of these symbols embodies the deep and complex meanings associated with Rainbow Obsidian, making it more than just a protective stone but a profound spiritual guide. It’s these characteristics that uphold its revered status as the “Warrior of Protection” in the realm of healing crystals.

Rainbow Obsidian Properties

Stones that can help and heal in many ways include rainbow obsidian. Its adaptive metaphysical attributes make it versatile and practical in a constantly evolving world.

Recovering after a Heartbreak

The capacity to aid in healing a shattered heart is among the most nourishing and healing qualities of rainbow obsidian. It can help you get through the most challenging situations, losing a loved one or adjusting to life without a cherished pet.

Take a hint from its appearance: Glistening ribbons of color are concealed in its gloom. Let those flashes of color serve as a dazzling light at the end of what may appear to be a never-ending tunnel of melancholy and heartache. This powerful healing crystal can assist you in overcoming any difficulty and instill a sense of resilience. Life will always allow you to overcome a challenge.

A Stronger Sense of Security and Assurance

The strength of rainbow obsidian lies in its capacity to increase your sense of security, confidence, and stability. Remember that this crystal is a grounding and healing stone made from molten rock.

This brilliant stone activates your solar plexus and foundation or root chakra, eliminating any blockages you may be facing. You feel more at ease in your physical body and find it simpler to believe in yourself when the energy in your lower chakras flows. You can be gently reminded of your value and worth by wearing a rainbow obsidian bracelet, which will give you the courage to advance in life.

Defense against Negativity

Regardless of whether you are experiencing the effects of emotional trauma, you could feel trapped in a downward cycle of negativity. As a result, you can feel helpless and depressed despite your best efforts. However, your mood can be lifted, and you can feel more like yourself again with the aid of a rainbow obsidian stone.

You can fight off negativity and break the cycle of negative thinking with this naturally protecting stone. When you address the underlying causes of your blue mood, you can let it go and enter a happier frame of mind. With a rainbow obsidian protection bracelet, you can provide yourself with constant defense against harmful energies. Its dazzling colors will make you feel better after looking at them.

How to Care for Rainbow Obsidian

If Required, Gently Wipe it with Water and Mild Soap

Clean any smudges or stains from your rainbow obsidian crystal or jewelry with a soft cloth, water, and a light soap or detergent. Use as little water as possible; this crystal shouldn’t be exposed to moisture for an extended period, but a brief cleaning is unlikely to cause any harm. Brushes with bristles should be avoided because they risk scratching the glossy surface.

Keep it away from Moisture and Sunshine in a Box Lined with Linen

If you’re storing rainbow obsidian alongside other crystals, wrap it in a natural fabric like silk, suede, or leather to prevent scratches, or place it in a lined box. It should be kept from prolonged exposure to sunshine and, more importantly, from moisture (too much water will make it brittle). Scratches alter how energy is conducted while reducing its glossy and reflective surface. Handle it cautiously, as it can become incredibly sharp when it fractures or breaks.

How to Use Rainbow Obsidian

Include it in Your Meditation Routine

Take your rainbow obsidian and head to your chosen meditation location whenever your thoughts wander or are presented with a new issue. Keep it on your lap while thinking about things that will make you less anxious.

Keep it Close by

You can hold a piece of it as you reflect, wear it as jewelry, or place a piece of it next to you on your desk. You can recognize and eliminate any internal barriers or bad habits that keep you from achieving personal or spiritual success with its reflective qualities. While looking within may not always be pleasant, the Rainbow obsidian will lead and shield you while you confront your shadow selves or unsolved traumas.

Including it in the Feng Shui of Your Home

Keep a chunk of rainbow obsidian by your front door to prevent low vibrations from entering to balance the energy inside your house. Incorporate smaller pieces into your home’s corners, windowsills, and door frames. Keep a piece of art in your living room to preserve positive energy while you entertain guests or in your bedroom to keep you anchored and safe at night.

If you conduct your business from home, place it in your workspace to eliminate any negative calls, emails, or texts. Also, consider putting this crystal close to your TVs and laptops to prevent negative energy from the press or social media from entering your home. There is no right or incorrect location for it in your home; if your intuition tells you that a certain space or room needs it, put it there.

Wear Rainbow Obsidian Jewelry All Day Long to Ground and Shield You

Before leaving the house, wear a rainbow obsidian ring, bracelet, or necklace to maintain a shield around your aura and yourself. If wearing jewelry isn’t your style, you can achieve a similar result by keeping a piece in your pocket, bag, or backpack. In particular, if you feel anxious or disoriented, the necklace will keep you rooted and in touch with the land.

Hold or Touch Rainbow Obsidian

To get insight into what’s hurting you if you’re feeling generally poorly or ill, meditate while holding rainbow obsidian. For example, your meditation may show you’ve been overworked, had poor sleep, or have other undesirable behaviors that are wearing you down. Place this crystal there while you meditate and direct your energy and attention to that area of the body if it is in pain.

How to Cleanse Rainbow Obsidian

Your rainbow obsidian requires periodic cleansing and recharging, just like regular obsidian. Highly absorbent crystals tend to retain unfavorable energies, which can eventually work to nullify the stone’s powers. Therefore, for your crystals to be ready to work with you and you alone when the time comes, you must keep them adequately charged and cleansed.

You should frequently cleanse your crystals once a month or more if your schedule permits. Any of the following cleansing techniques are appropriate for it:

  • Leaving your rainbow obsidian exposed to direct moonlight overnight on a natural surface
  • For 30 to 60 seconds, smudge your rainbow obsidian with smoke
  • Placing rainbow obsidian in the sun’s direct rays for about a half-hour.


Rainbow obsidian is a suitable stone if you want to live a cherished and awakened life. You’ll be able to let go of stress and anger and maintain equilibrium in your spiritual and emotional life. It is a perfect crystal for those who no longer wish to be surrounded by unfavorable energy.


  • Rainbow obsidian works with which Chakras?

This healing stone strongly connects to the root chakra, much like ordinary obsidian. However, because it is a stabilizing stone, it draws the user’s energy through the root and grounds them to the Earth. It can help if you’ve been feeling like you’re floating above the Earth and can’t seem to land anywhere. Metaphorically speaking, you’ll begin to feel more grounded to the globe than drifting around in space.

  • What is the price of rainbow obsidian?

Despite being rare, rainbow obsidian isn’t overly pricey in the crystal market. You do not need to buy the biggest portion you can find to benefit from this stone’s healing properties; a tiny piece will do.

Although huge pieces of rainbow obsidian are complicated, a decently sized piece of this stone may cost upwards of $40.

  • What is rainbow obsidian used for?

It’s all about anchoring and defense with obsidian. This mysterious and ethereal crystal seeks the truth. It is all about becoming connected, remaining safe and shielded from harmful energies, and assisting you in facing the truth so you can live truthfully.


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