What is Red Chakra? Discover Vitality & Healing Color Secrets

by Sophia Martinez
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Red chakra

Apart from the physical body, every person has an energetic, subtle body. And, within it are certain pathways that flow with energy. These pathways converge at different energy centers called chakras. The root chakra is the first chakra in the body.

Root chakra plays an important role in everyone’s life and how they relate themselves to the world. Here is an overview of the root chakra or Muladhara, red chakra.

What is the Meaning of the Color Red in Root Chakra?

The color used to represent the root chakra is vermilion red. So, red is the color that you can find on the petals of the first chakra. The red color symbolizes vitality and strength. The red color stimulates the instinctual tendencies in every human being.

The red color catches your attention instantly. And, it is always used to refer to threats and alerts. The root chakra plays a big role in your survival. And, it can bring you back to safety. Also, the red color denotes courage, power, and self-awareness.

Red color allows you to stay grounded within your physical limitations. Moreover, the red color has a denser wavelength and moves very slow compared to the other colors. This color reminds you of your connection to the earth’s energy core.

In short, red color is associated with both emotional and physical needs that are required for self-preservation and survival. Apart from these, the red color brings strength and passion to your work, life, and relationships.

The adverse effects of red from the spiritual standpoint can be seen in a person’s stability in life, security, course of action, and survival strategies both emotionally and physically. As a rule of the thumb, red gemstones can provide energy, stamina, vitality, courage, and protection.

When there is red in abundance, people tend to lose their temper, become angry, demanding, oppressive and violent. Also, they could be greedy, dishonest, hyperactive, cunning, and addicted to riches. So, if a person suffers from a bad temper, raging passions, or can’t control emotions, adding green to the surroundings help a lot.

While too much red could be fatal, having not enough of them could bring undesirable circumstances in life as well. People become fearful, cautious, lethargic, and manipulative. They lack self-confidence and they can’t achieve their goals.

Other things that contribute to the situation are frustration, feel unloved, sexually insufficient, possessiveness, and overly cautious. So, if a person feels exhausted, introducing red to the environment heightens the energy levels.

Meaning and Benefits of Red Chakra

Red Chakra Meaning

The Muladhara is referred to as “the root of all the things”.

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Red chakra meaning is associated with the feeling of being safe and grounded. It is the base of the chakra system and it is responsible for laying the foundation stone needed to expand your life.

The red chakra is the first of the seven chakras in the human body. This chakra controls the spiritual and emotional balance. Also, it takes care of instinctual consciousness. If you go to the basic level, the root chakra is connected with needs. The chakra governs one’s feelings about strength, commitment, safety, and stability.

Moreover, it is responsible for feeling grounded and self-preservation. The red chakra helps people to survive with basic needs such as shelter, water, and food. Also, it includes concepts such as community, health, and wealth.

Being present at the moment, belongings, and feelings of trust are governed by this chakra. Without roots, the integrity of the other chakras might impact. In the whole chakra system, the red chakra is associated with masculine energy and symbolized by a red lotus that has four petals.

Where is the Red Chakra Located?

The red chakra or the root chakra can be found at the bottom of the spine, pelvic plexus, and the first three vertebrae.

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The red chakra is represented as a source of energy that begins at the base of the spine, slightly goes down, and bends up again.

The related organs connected to the root chakra are the bladder, large intestine, teeth, skeleton, kidneys, vertebral column, legs, and hips. The adrenal glands are associated with this chakra as well.

What are the Problems Associated with Root Chakra?

The associated problems relating to the root chakra could be high blood pressure, kidney stones, cold toes and fingers, Crohn’s disease, colitis, piles, and diarrhea. Moreover, the red chakra can impact the reproductive system, gonad glands, urinary system, skeletal system, lower back, feet, legs, and hips.

Physically drained, lethargic, issues in the large intestine, lower back pain, cramps, and inflammation can occur. Prostate problems in men are quite common. Apart from these, eating disorders might be a sign of a weak root chakra. And, it needs to be balanced.

What are the Positive and Negative Aspects of Red Chakra?

The red chakra is the first of the seven chakras. Also, it is considered dense among the chakras. The primary color of this chakra is red. And, because red color is the densest of all colors, the red chakra is referred to as the denser one of all the chakras.

Moreover, the red color has the shortest wavelength that falls within the visible spectrum. Despite this, it is the most stimulating color. So, whenever people see red, their eyes are drawn toward the thing and attention gets diverted.

This is the reason why the color red is used in the “stop” light at a signal point. In the same way, the red chakra color seeks attention. And, it indicates danger. Hence, it is required to act immediately.

There is no other color compared to the life force. Red is the color every person comes into contact with since birth. And, blood is of the same color as well. Red denotes energy and reflects how people get connected to the Earth.

So, red is of significant importance when it comes to finding the positive and negative aspects of red chakra. And, you get to know about the positive and negative aspects from four different points of view.

Here are they explained in brief.

Physical Level:  

From a physical standpoint, the color red is connected with the adrenal glands. These glands are responsible for the instinctual survival process. So, people who are attracted to this color enjoy every moment of being on earth with their physical bodies.

Positives – Good bodyweight, healthy body organs, healthy blood and tissues, great physical health, full of energy and vitality, and the ability to stay calm and relax.

Negatives – Eating disorders, obesity, inflammation, depression, anxiety, sluggishness, and disconnected from one’s body.

Mental Level:

Because the energy in the color red is related to masculinity, it is outgoing and dynamic. However, it can be dominant and somewhat forceful. Also, it seeks attention. So, people who are favored by the color red are highly practical and ambitious. And, often you can find them in politics.

Positives – Prioritizing important things, can set goals, has a clear conscience, persistent in efforts, and has great concentration abilities.

Negatives – Disorganized, lacking focus, shallow thinking, pessimism, and thinking about negativity in life.

Emotional Level:

From an emotional standpoint, the red chakra color is more about anger. But, what can you do with anger inside? Can you control it? Or, can you suppress it? All these things might lead a person to depression.

And, depression is related to too much dense energy that has turned inward. So, it is important to face your anger and change it to something good.

Positives – Strong sense of determination, full of excitement, full of love, passion, and righteous anger.

Negatives – Sheer depression, resentment, anxiety, full of frustration, and raged with anger.

Spiritual Level:

You know that red is often considered a color meant for action. It means, the color awakens people, moves them, and guides them towards a positive change. Also, it is the color of righteous anger and passion. In short, it is the color used to denote progress, movement, and revolution.

The color red has inspired people to come out of their shells and start something different that hasn’t been done before. Red symbolizes daring and courage. Also, it is the only thing that gives the energy to love. People feel and react differently when they receive red roses.

Positives – Strength, courage, commitment, passion, love, daring, a sense of belief in others, and trust in the Universe.

Negatives – Unwillingness to expand a standpoint, stubbornness, and not connected to one’s spirit or soul.

How to Balance the Red Chakra?

There are lots of reasons that create an imbalance in the red chakra. These might include physical negligence, trauma at birth, poor bonding with one’s mother, or malnourishment. Sometimes the reason could be physical abuse, indulging in a violent relationship, or major illness.

So, whatever be the cause, you can always try to balance these things and bring about a change in your life. Here are some ways to balance the red chakra.

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  • Attach yourself more to the environment – The red chakra is all about feeling stable and safe. So, when you create a harmonious relationship with the world around you, it promotes stability and safety. It makes you feel good when you are at the home, office, or outside.

Going outside and walking barefoot over the grass helps a lot. Also, you can dig with your hands and plant a few seeds. If you don’t have a garden, regularly visit your nearest park to get the feeling of walking on the ground without shoes.

  • Get yourself into doing physical activity – The red chakra represent your physical state and the feeling that you are alive. Therefore, any kind of activity, small or big, supports red chakra healing.
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Activities that involve your feet and legs are very helpful. Whenever you feel like experiencing your vital force, connect with the red chakra and enjoy its powerful grounding abilities.

  • Discover your true purpose in life and become self-reliant – If you are thinking about balancing your red chakra, you need to know the real purpose of your life. It includes all the decisions such as the people you want around yourself and the place you desire to live in.

If you don’t develop these kinds of awareness, you might miss opportunities. And, sometimes those opportunities can change your life forever. Hence, if you want to know what you want in life, you should have a clear mind about yourself.

It is good to listen to wise people in your life. Pay close attention to the beliefs within yourself. That way, you can be confident about the possibilities of a better life. Also, you will become self-reliant. So, when you are confident and self-reliant, you can balance your red chakra.

  • Change your mindset of scarcity into a mindset of abundance – Healing your red chakra means restoring the confidence level to meet your basic requirement. Instead of thinking about the materialistic things in your life, consider other kinds of wealth such as having family, friends, and enjoying the small things in life.

A good way to induce this sensation is to start meditation. So, if you find yourself amidst fear and anxiety, accept the situation and move forward. In a little time, you will find out that your mind ran out of anxieties and worries. And, brought confidence and optimism.

When you continue to think in that manner, you will understand that life isn’t about struggling to earn more and more. But, it is about identifying and connecting with the riches that you already have in your life in the form of your loved ones.

  • What you think is what you get – You need to understand that the outer world is the reflection of what is happening inside you. What appears to be prosperous and abundant in the physical world is because of your inner balance toward the idea.

The root chakra reminds you that regardless of how spiritual-minded you are, you need to use those gifts to make an impression in the real world. So, meditating and focusing on the root chakra is the only way to make the connection stronger.

For example, if you are pursuing a new job and you don’t have an updated portfolio, the red chakra can help you out in this situation. It will ensure that you have all the required things needed for the job opportunity.

  • Use aromatherapy – When you need to balance your red chakra, aromatherapy is a useful tool. The flower and earthy-scented oils help to ground and balance you. While there are many options, some of them include sandalwood, rosemary, and patchouli.

Because the red chakra can help you connect to the physical reality, having your nostrils filled with aromatic scents gives you the feeling of being present in the current moment. A bad smell can indeed distract you and you can’t concentrate.

However, some smells can bring up memories from the past as well. There is no question that the red chakra can connect with you well when there is a sense of smell.

  • Eat food that heals red charka – If you want to balance your red chakra, eat more red-colored foods. The foods might include meat, beans, beets, tofu, eggs, parsnips, soy, and rainbow chard. Getting connecting with the earth from every aspect helps to balance the red chakra. Click here to explore more about the chakra food and chakra diet.
Olivenorma-Red Chakra 4

So, whenever you get the chance, visit the local farmer’s market or community gatherings where there are foods and smell all around. Connect to your red chakra and make it feel the need for certain kinds of foods and drinks.

While you may not get red-colored foods all the time, what matters is that the chakra is helping to find the best for you. Moreover, you can have a delicious recipe that you haven’t tried before.

  • Dance with all your heart – Move your body while playing your favorite music. Feel the music and allow your body to get lost in it. Alternatively, you can sing along with the music. Both dancing and singing can balance your red chakra to a great extent.
  • Take a shower – Spending some time under the shower is one of the best ways to cleanse your root chakra. You appreciate and embrace your physique when you take a bath. Also, you can decorate your bathroom with different types of root chakra stones.

They can help you with the flow of energy. If you prefer to bathe after having a shower, you can place some of the stones and candles outside. And, you can feel the sensation and warmth of the water.

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So, when it comes to red chakra meaning, it means that you stay centered and grounded, afraid less, and make efforts to feel safe. A healthy red chakra is the greatest gift you can have because it keeps you fit and strong both mentally and physically.

You remain inspired, motivated, and can say that you have achieved peace of mind. So, if something unexpected happens, you don’t succumb to situations. A balanced red chakra gives you the ultimate sense of safety that is needed to try out new things.


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