St. Benedict Medal: How this Spiritual Armor Shields Against Evil

by Sophia Martinez
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St. Benedict Medal: How this Spiritual Armor Shields Against Evil

The St. Benedict Medal is a symbol steeped in the history of spiritual defense, revered across generations for its potent protective qualities. Originating from the profound legacy of St. Benedict, this medal embodies the essence of resilience against malevolence. Its revered status in Christian tradition is not just a testament to its historical significance but also to its enduring power to safeguard the spirit.

This blog will shed light on the origins, meanings, and contemporary relevance of the St. Benedict Medal, exploring its role as a bastion against the forces of evil and a beacon of hope for those seeking spiritual sanctuary.

The Origins of the St. Benedict Medal

Tracing back to the early centuries of Christianity, the St. Benedict Medal originates from the venerated legacy of St. Benedict of Nursia, the patron saint of Europe and the founder of monasticism. Its inception is shrouded in tales of miracles and divine intervention, where St. Benedict’s devout faith and the power of the cross were said to repel the forces of evil.

Initially, the medal was a simple cross inscribed with words of exorcism and protection. Over time, it evolved to include the image of St. Benedict, holding the cross in one hand and his rule for monasteries in the other, symbolizing his teachings and the protective power of the cross. This medal, deeply rooted in Christian tradition, serves as a tangible manifestation of the church’s battle against evil, offering believers a spiritual shield grounded in the sanctity and teachings of St. Benedict.

St Benedict Medal Meaning

The St. Benedict Medal is not just a symbol of religious faith but also a powerful spiritual tool believed to offer protection against evil forces. This sacred medal derives its name from St. Benedict of Nursia, a key figure in Christian monasticism, whose teachings are central to its meaning. Known for its potent efficacy in warding off the dangers of evil and providing spiritual strength, the medal is often used by believers as a form of spiritual armor.

The significance of the St. Benedict Medal is deeply rooted in its association with prayer and the power of Christ’s cross, which is central to its design. It serves as a constant reminder of the need for spiritual vigilance and the strength found in faith. Those who wear this medal are reminded of the protective power of the cross and the importance of living a life aligned with Christian values and virtues.

In essence, the St Benedict Medal is a symbol of divine protection, combining deep religious history with a call to moral fortitude. It encapsulates the Christian belief in the protective power of the divine, offering not just physical protection but also spiritual guidance, making it a cherished emblem for many believers.

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Symbolism of Each Elements

The St. Benedict Medal is a spiritual emblem laden with elements each bearing significant religious symbolism, designed to provide protection and spiritual peace to its bearers. Here, we explore the deep meanings of each element found on this revered medal:

The Central Figure of St. Benedict

The image of St. Benedict holding a cross in his right hand dominates the medal, embodying the saint’s lifelong struggle against evil and his faith in the Christian gospel. The cross represents Christ’s victory over sin and death, reinforcing the medal’s use as a protective aid. Benedict’s portrayal with the cross highlights his role in promoting monasticism in the West, where prayer and labor serve as means to spiritual purity.

The Encircling Latin Initials

Surrounding the figure of St. Benedict are the initials of the phrase “Vade retro Satana” (Begone, Satan), which form the foundation of an ancient exorcism prayer derived from Benedict’s own purported confrontations with demonic forces. This phrase is not just a call for protection; it is an authoritative command, empowering the wearer to stand firm against all forms of evil temptations and harm.

The Cross on the Reverse Side

The reverse side of the medal features a large cross, each arm inscribed with letters that together read as “Crux sacra sit mihi lux” (May the holy cross be my light). This statement not only designates the cross as a beacon of righteousness in the face of darkness but also as a source of guidance and enlightenment. It reaffirms the wearer’s dedication to Christ’s ways, invoking divine protection and wisdom.

Additional Initials and Their Meanings

The remaining letters around the perimeter of the back of the medal spell out “Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Non draco sit mihi dux!” (May the holy cross be my light! Let not the dragon be my guide!). These phrases reinforce the Christian’s rejection of the devil (often symbolized by a dragon) and all his works. They encapsulate a plea for divine guidance and deliverance from evil, making the medal a comprehensive spiritual shield.

The Montecassino Writing

Above the cross on the reverse is the word “PAX” or “peace,” which is often associated with the Benedictine order’s motto. Originating from the famous Montecassino Abbey founded by St. Benedict, this single word serves as a reminder of the peace that follows from a life lived in accordance with God’s will, thus completing the medal’s message of spiritual calm and resistance against evil.

Each of these components contributes to the St. Benedict Medal’s reputation as a powerful talisman, imbued with sacred protections and blessings for those who use it according to Christian faith and practice.

What Does the St. Benedict Medal Protect?

The St. Benedict Medal is revered as a profound spiritual shield, believed to protect against a wide array of spiritual adversities. Traditionally, it guards against evil enticements, offering protection during times of temptation and doubt. This medal is also considered a defense against diseases and afflictions, invoking divine intervention to ward off physical and spiritual harm. The inscriptions and symbols, specifically the cross and the exorcism prayer, empower wearers, fortifying their spiritual resilience.


The St. Benedict Medal is a potent symbol in spiritual warfare, particularly renowned for its efficacy against curses. This revered medallion is imbued with specific inscriptions that include the Vade Retro Satana formula, which translates to “Step back, Satan,” a clear rebuke of evil forces. It’s believed that this phrase, along with the cross inscribed on the medal, fortifies the bearer against the malevolence of curses by casting an aura of protection that negates malefic energies directed towards them.

Additionally, the medal’s association with St. Benedict, known for his life of sanctity and powerful exorcisms, enhances its reputation as a shield against curses. Wearers of the medal often report a profound sense of peace and security, attributing this to the medal’s ability to ward off the dark intentions encapsulated within curses. Thus, the St. Benedict Medal serves not only as a piece of religious devotion but as a spiritual armor, safeguarding one’s spiritual wellbeing by actively dispelling curses and their harmful effects.

Evil and Vice

The St. Benedict Medal is particularly valued for its powerful spiritual defense against evil and vice. This medal, emblazoned with ancient Christian symbols and inscriptions, is believed to protect its wearers by providing a barrier against moral and spiritual corruption. The engraving “CSSML” on the medal stands for “Crux sacra sit mihi lux” (May the holy cross be my light), a declaration that highlights the cross as a beacon of righteousness that repels evil.

Moreover, the reverse side features the letters “CSPB” standing for “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” (The Cross of Holy Father Benedict), which further invokes the protective power of St. Benedict. The medal’s design incorporates these powerful benedictions to form a spiritual shield that guards against the intrusion of vice and malice. This safeguard is seen as particularly crucial for those seeking to maintain their spiritual health and resist the temptations and vices that surround them.

Hence, the St. Benedict Medal is more than a religious artifact; it acts as a vigilant guardian against negative influences, ensuring that those who bear it remain steadfast in their moral and spiritual convictions.


The St. Benedict Medal is historically celebrated for its protective qualities, not just against spiritual maladies but also physical ailments. Believers have long trusted this medal to shield them from diseases, invoking its embedded blessings as a form of divine safeguard. The medal features inscriptions and symbols that are considered to possess health-protecting capabilities.

This revered amulet is often blessed with sanctified water, believed to activate its protective powers further against diseases. Such consecration is thought to fortify the wearer’s health, repelling ailments and fostering recovery. The continuous use of the St. Benedict Medal as a preventive against diseases underscores its significance as a spiritual armor, embodying a belief system where faith and health intertwine. Wearers rely on this medal not merely as a physical ornament but as a spiritual ally in maintaining well-being amidst life’s physical challenges.

Incorporating the St. Benedict Medal into Daily Life

Incorporating the St. Benedict Medal into daily life extends its spiritual protection into every aspect of your routine. Here are practical ways to harness the protective power of this sacred emblem:

  • Wear It as Jewelry: Carrying the St Benedict Medal close to your body is one of the most effective ways to ensure you are continuously shielded. Whether integrated into a necklace, bracelet, or even a keychain, this medal serves as a constant guardian against harm and spiritual adversity.
  • Home Placement: Positioning the St Benedict Medal in your living space can sanctify your home environment. Placing it near the entrance, windows, or on the walls can help ward off evil influences and bless your dwelling with peace and protection.
  • In Vehicles: Affixing the medal inside your car protects during travels, offering a spiritual safeguard against accidents and dangers on the road. It acts as a silent sentinel, keeping watch over every journey.
  • Carry It in Personal Items: Embedding a St Benedict Medal in your wallet, purse, or even your notebook ensures that its protective blessings accompany you in your daily activities. This small gesture helps fortify your personal items against loss or theft and keeps you mentally and spiritually composed.
  • At Workspaces: Placing the medal at your desk or workspace can create a shield against workplace negativity and stress. It promotes a harmonious environment and encourages productivity and spiritual well-being.

By integrating the St. Benedict Medal into these areas of life, you actively engage with its history of protection and blessing. Each placement not only serves as a functional act of safeguarding but also as a spiritual practice, deepening your connection to its storied legacy of guarding against evil.

Enhancing Spiritual Practices with the St. Benedict Medal

The St. Benedict Medal finds its strength not just in wear but in the conscious incorporation into spiritual practices. It can significantly deepen one’s spiritual practices, serving as a focal point for prayer and meditation. Holding the medal during these quiet moments can create a tangible connection to its protective and sacred energy, enhancing the sense of spiritual security and focus. Placing the medal on an altar or within the space where one engages in these practices can also sanctify the area, making it conducive to deeper spiritual experiences.

For those who journal or reflect as part of their spiritual routine, keeping the St. Benedict Medal nearby can serve as a reminder of the divine protection and guidance available to them. This intentional incorporation of the medal into various aspects of spiritual practice not only enriches the experience but also strengthens one’s personal spiritual armor against negativity and distractions.


In the journey of life, where spiritual and worldly realms intertwine, the St. Benedict Medal emerges as a timeless spiritual armor, offering protection and peace. This sacred talisman, with its deep-rooted history and powerful symbolism, continues to be a source of strength and guidance for those navigating the complexities of modern existence.

Olivenorma embraces this heritage, offering a range of products emblazoned with the Saint Benedict Medal to those seeking to fortify their spiritual defenses and connect with a lineage of faith and resilience. As we move forward in an ever-evolving world, the relevance of the St. Benedict Medal in providing a shield against the unseen forces of negativity remains undiminished. We invite you to explore this spiritual journey with us, armoring yourself with a symbol of divine protection that has stood the test of time.


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