The Myths and Legends behind Dream Catchers

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The Myths and Legends behind Dream Catchers


Dream catchers hold a prominent place in Native American cultures as powerful symbols and talismans against nightmares. These intricate artifacts consist of a woven sinew hoop adorned with feathers and beads. In numerous Native American tales, dream catchers possess enchanting abilities to dispel bad dreams. But where does this fascinating symbol come from? Let’s delve into the myths and legends that surround the dream catcher.

Origins Among the Ojibwe People

The dream catcher is believed to have its roots in the Ojibwe people of North America. As traditional Ojibwe storytellers recount, Asibikaashi, the spider woman, was the first to create dream catchers. She wove mystical webs around children’s sleeping areas to shield them from malevolent spirits. The web would act as a filter, allowing only good dreams to pass through while trapping the bad ones.

The Significance of the Hoop

Beyond the Ojibwe tale, other myths are associated with the dream catcher, including the legend of the hoop. The hoop is considered a symbol of life, and the web within it serves as a reminder to maintain connections with one another. The feathers also carry symbolic weight, signifying ascension and spiritual growth.

The Enchantment of Spider Webs

The web that forms the core of the dream catcher represents a spider web, a vital symbol in numerous Native American traditions. Spider webs are thought to attract good luck, as spiders themselves are often viewed as emissaries from the spirit world. Additionally, these arachnids are believed to wield exceptional powers, such as forging connections between the physical and spiritual realms.

The Significance of Beads

Dangling from the dream catcher, beads embody various aspects of life. Each bead carries its own distinctive meaning, reflecting values like wisdom, courage, strength, and protection. Furthermore, these beads may serve to repel malevolent spirits or banish negative energies.

The Essence of Feathers

The feathers that grace the dream catcher possess their own unique symbolism. They are said to represent air, along with the bond between the physical and spiritual realms. Feathers are believed to ensnare bad dreams while permitting good dreams to gently pass through.


For centuries, dream catchers have served as protective talismans against nightmares and malevolent spirits. Numerous myths and legends surround these captivating symbols, each with its own distinct symbolism. From the Ojibwe tale of Asibikaashi to the diverse meanings of beads and feathers, dream catchers are shrouded in intrigue and tradition. Regardless of whether you believe in their powers, dream catchers will forever remain iconic emblems of Native American culture.


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