What the Gems Can be Used for the Third Eye Chakra

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Third Eye Chakra

Do you ever wonder how amazing it would be if you had the 6th sense? Well, it is located right between the eyes. The third eye chakra is considered to be the place of intuition. It happens to be the doorway that leads to the deepest knowledge, clarity, and inner wisdom. It reveals the vision beyond the two eyes.

The chakras are wheel-like energy centers that are distributed across the body. It has an impact on your perception and well-being. Present at the centre part of the head, it depicts awareness, perception, and spiritual communication.

The third eye chakra offers insight and wisdom. Moreover, it adds to the depth of the spiritual connection. Flowing with feminine energy, this eye depicts the dreamy indigo colour. The third eye chakra is also interlinked with concentration, clarity, intuition, universal connectionand spiritual perception.

You can reach the states of spiritual consciousness through this. Moreover, it helps in understanding the functionality of the mind with regard to thoughts clarity, intellect, and decision-making. It is effective in governing different physical aspects of self, inclusive of attitudes, beliefs, and the psyche. This chakra is also used on a broad scale for self-reflection. It acts as the inner guidance system, offering access to universal truths and wisdom.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The Third eye chakra happens to the door of different psychic things. Once you establish this chakra connection successfully, you can remove the separation illusion between the spirit and the self. With the cultivation of this chakra connection, you can improve mental clarity. It is also useful in strengthening the sense of bliss. Moreover, it is effective in boosting concentration.

You can boost emotional and spiritual health properly through the third eye chakra connection. It is also related to astral projection, lucid dreaming, aura perception, telepathy, to name a few.

Learn about the Third Eye Chakra

If you want to increase spiritual wealth, it would be good to open the third eye chakra. However, it is necessary to harmonize and open the other chakras before opening the 3rd eye chakra. It is essential to set the proper ground so that you can handle the higher consciousness. Else, the opening of the 3rd eye can lead to destruction.

Once the 3rd eye chakra is open wide and checked, you will be capable of moving past the black and white thinking binaries. Thus, you are going to stay balanced and connected. It also encourages you to see things past the self-limiting belief borders. So, you will be capable of making better decisions. Since you will have an improved clarity of the bigger pictures in life, you can understand what is better for you.

Signs of a Blocked Third Eye Chakra

Life becomes a hassle for people with the blocked third eye chakra. It leads to different negative impacts, which are known to scatter across the spiritual, emotionaland physical realms.

Physical Signs

If your third eye chakra is blocked, it might lead to a wide assortment of physical ailments, which include eye issues, ear problems, headaches, to name a few.

Mental & Emotional Signs

Moreover, the hormones are going to be out of control. In addition to this, the natural heart rhythms are going to be in chaos, resulting in poor sleep and insomnia. Other negative health effects include close-mindedness, anxiety, and stress. Furthermore, you are going to feel close-minded. It restricts your ability to make the right decision because you can no longer move with the innovative ideas in your life.

The physical signs of the blocked third eye include nightmares, sleep disorders, depression, headaches, eye problems, clumsiness, burnout, sinus problems, to name a few. The emotional and mental signs of the blocked third eye are feeling the inability to find purpose, feeling insignificant, fear, paranoia, fearing changes, inability to move forward, indulging in different fantasies, loss of interest in spiritual activities, fearing criticism, to name a few.

Olivenorma-Third Eye Chakra

So, you will not be successful in discerning between different thoughts. There are risks that your higher consciousness is going to be filled with illusion and fear. You will feel that your worst fears are coming true.

Because your third eye chakra is blocked, you will not be capable of understanding the bigger picture in your life. It will restrict the success of psychic and spiritual capabilities. So, you will feel like closing the mind and rejecting each and everything beyond the five senses.

It appears that there is no way to come out of the current hassles in life. You will feel that your life does not have any meaningowing to which you will get indulged in all sorts of fantasies. Therefore, it will become difficult for you to get clarity in life and find the purpose and vision of your life.

You will not be capable of looking within yourself if your 3rd eye chakra is blocked. As a result, you find it hard to accept the truth about yourself. So, you are going to feel stuck, owing to which you cannot move forward in life.

However, things will turn out to be different, and you will enjoy soothing bliss once the third eye chakra is opened. You will be successful in engaging mindfulness. Moreover, there will be a boost in self-reflection. It will be possible for you to gain an understanding of the deeper meaning of life. It provides the prerequisite opportunity to rise above the limitations of the mind and fears.

Besides this, it will help you in accepting that changes are inevitable in life. Hence, you can welcome the new chapters of your life with open arms. You will find that your life is meaningful. Moreover, you can find a sense of spiritual confidence and emotional stability at once.

The Third Eye in Mental Health

The third eye chakra plays an integral role in boosting your mental health. If you think you are ready to open the third eye, you can choose from either of the below-mentioned techniques:

Choosing the Right Diet 

Choosing the right diet is highly beneficial for opening the 3rd eye chakra. There are certain food items, which help in detoxifying and supporting the third eye, that includes goji berries, raw cacao, lemon, garlic, watermelon, honey, coconut oil, ginseng, cilantro, vitamin D3. Once you consume food products with these ingredients, you can purify the pineal gland. 

Go for Sun Gazing

Olivenorma-Third Eye Chakra

The sun is believed to be a primary power resource. Therefore, sun gazing is essentially a kind of meditation, in which a person keeps gazing at the sun, primarily during sunset and sunrise. It plays an indispensable role in enhancing clarity. Moreover, it is also beneficial in improving the spiritual connection and enhancing energy.

As you keep gazing at the sun during the very sunrise and sunset, it helps in enhancing the pineal gland. However, it is recommended to take the prerequisite safety measures before gazing at the sun; else it might be harmful to the eyes.

Application of Essential Oils

Essential oils, such as sandalwood, lemon, and jasmine, are an excellent choice to open and heal the pineal glands. They promote a sense of spiritual awareness in you. If you want to use essential oils to open the third eye chakra, you should use the combination of carrier oil and the essential ones.

You can use essential oil and teaspoon oil in the ratio of 6:1, after which you can apply it on the 3rd eye chakra directly. You should make sure to chant “Om” during the application of the oil to boost the effects.

Gemstone Used in the Third Eye Chakra

A plethora of powerful gems is available in the market, which helps in stimulating the pineal gland. It is referred to as an excellent choice to open the third eye chakra. It offers assistance in getting connected to our wisdom. Here, you can seek information about the best gemstones which can be used to open the third eye chakra:

Lapis Lazuli

Olivenorma-Third Eye Chakra

It is considered a light wielder stone that is filled with an ample amount of soul-wealthy energy. It is believed to be a wonderful choice to start honest and open conversations. It has gained high popularity as the throat chakra gem, which allows you to speak with utmost authenticity.

The best thing about this chakra stone is that it is going to work like magic in opening the crown chakra and third eye chakra. In addition to granting amazing visionary powers, it pulls the deepest intellect out of you. It is also going to increase your problem-solving skills.


Olivenorma-Third Eye Chakra

It is also regarded as the Stone of Spirituality. It offers a helping hand in optimizing the 3rd eye chakra. One of the top reasons people prefer it is because it increases intuition and awakens the soul. In addition to promoting spiritual development, it also boosts psychic capabilities.

People prefer to use this crystal as it helps in calming and soothing the mind. So, you are going to have better clarity of mind. Thus, it is going to help you in making better decisions. You will have a better wisdom level if you use this gemstone to open the third eye chakra.


This crystal increases the personal power and spiritual connection at once. Moreover, it is also beneficial in improving mental clarity. In addition, it offers spiritual insight, which helps in overcoming the limiting beliefs. People love this crystal because it can connect the intellect of a person with higher consciousness.


This crystal enhances your inner power so that you can have a vivid understanding of the broader picture. As you choose this chakra stone, you can be ensured that the voice is going to remain connected to the heart. Once you start opening the psychic powers, it offers the prerequisite protection to you.


Olivenorma-Third Eye Chakra

This chakra stone motivates you to be still and mindful at the same time. It is also effective in relieving stress and self-doubt. It helps in removing the unnecessary causes of overthinking, thereby elevating the mood. As it offers guidance from a higher consciousness, you will be capable of understanding yourself in a better way.

Tourmalinated Quartz

This crystal introduces the perfect combination of spiritual and grounding energies. It also introduces new insights and spiritual growth. The best thing about using this stone is that it provides the prerequisite strength to overcome all kinds of shortcomings.


This chakra stone promotes emotional balance and offers the ultimate peace of mind. In addition to removing stress and anxiety, it soothes and relaxes the mind. Furthermore, it teaches you self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance at once.


Olivenorma-Third Eye Chakra

In addition to improving psychic capabilities, this stone motivates self-discovery.

Black Obsidian  

This crystal offers deep soul transformation and healing. Besides this, it is useful for releasing attachments and energetic cords. 

Blue Apatite

This crystal boosts psychic capabilities. It helps in stimulating the mind. Moreover, it helps in improving and resolving creative problems.

Blue Quartz

Olivenorma-Third Eye Chakra

This crystal is useful in communicating with higher beings and angels. It generates peaceful energy, which is useful in expressing spirituality openly. It also promotes focus and mental clarity. 

Hag Stone

This crystal offers spiritual and physical protection. So, it safeguards you from psychic attacks and negative energies. Furthermore, it helps in improving psychic abilities and intuition. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye

It is another worth mentioning crystal, which helps settle the emotions and heal the emotional wounds at once. Moreover, it is beneficial in balancing the polarized energies. In addition, it helps in increasing psychic powers. It is also an excellent choice to improve thought clarity and mental focus. 

How can You Use Crystals of Third Eye Chakra?

Crystals are equipped with an ample amount of healing energy. In addition, it includes palettes of violet, indigo, and purple colors, which help nurture, align and balance the third eye. 


The third eye chakra is considered to be the representation of psychic powers, intuition, and higher knowing. By connecting you to the spiritual universe, it introduces you to the world of wisdom. It plays an integral role in managing the imagination, inspiration, and insight level.

This eye acts as the inner eye and intakes the subtle energy present around it. The third eye chakra allows you to see beyond the different physical senses. It also offers the 6th sense and provides the extensive choice to create clairvoyant visions.




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