How to Unlock Throat Chakra: 9 Top Healing Methods

by Sophia Martinez
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Throat Chakra

Chakras play an important part in the flow of body energy. As part of the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, the physical, and the spiritual forces will meet at the chakras. There are seven main chakras and the fifth one is Vishuddha Chakra, which is located at the base of the throat. That iswhy this fifth chakra is also called the throat chakra, which is in charge of communication and self-expression.

In this article, you will know more about throat chakra, how to unlock throat chakra, or things to do when it happens, its symptoms, the benefits of the healing throat chakra, and 9 healings unbalanced of the throat chakra. So read until the end, because this can be very helpful to everyone.

Throat Chakra Meaning

The throat chakra is the body’s communication hub. It is where you will find your voice, speak the truth, and the path of communication between the lower chakras to the higher ones. Vishuddha is the link between other realms, or it connects with the first four chakras.

It is the highway between an individual and the universe as it connects the energies between your basic needs to the higher ones. When they function well, like spinning properly, each chakra allows energy to move and flow freely so that your body parts will move in harmony and alignment.

The problem here is if one of these wheels is not in alignment with the others or it becomes blocked, your well-being will suffer like you may not feel good or okay physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Vishuddha or throat chakra is the body’s communication hub, as it is where you find your voice, sing praises, speak for truth for yourself and others.

This body’s communication hub is not only associated with speaking and expressing yourself but also with hearing and being heard. Thus, it is associated with clarity, truth, and responsibility.

Blocked Throat Chakras Symptoms

The energy will not flow properly if the throat chakra is being blocked, and this can be shown by the physical and non-physical symptoms that you can feel within yourself. These blockages happen when you experience challenges like having a problem with how to communicate well. An example of this is if you don’t have enough confidence to speak or easily formulate thoughts, and it’s hard for you to share them with others. 

These are non-physical symptoms that will experience by someone who has a throat chakra: feelings of insecurity and insensitive, being shy, social anxiety, trouble making wise decisions, dishonesty, tactless and finding it hard to express your thoughts.

Common examples of physical symptoms are stiffness or neck pain, acute and chronic sore throat, jaw pain, gum disease, laryngitis problems, thyroid challenges, dental disorders, hearing issues or earaches, mouth ulcers, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Benefit of Throat Chakra Healing

When your throat chakra is balanced, you won’t have any problem communicating well because everything that you will say is now clear and you speak with sincerity and honesty. You will know that your throat chakra is balanced because you will speak fearlessly with compassion to others by listening well like you now care for them. You will also have the ability to articulate your feelings, ideas, and opinions clearly.

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When you can express thoughts and feelings with clarity, then others will listen and understand you deeply. So the main benefit of a healing throat chakra is that you will have healthy communication with others, whether non-verbal or verbal, wherein you speak the truth to yourself and understand others well.

Healing Unbalanced Throat Chakra

Communicating well is very important for you to be heard and understood by others. In communicating, you also need to listen to the side of others for you to know their stories and understand their situations. For you to achieve this, you need to heal your unbalanced throat chakra. Some ways that can help you heal and balance your throat chakra are the following:

Bring the Color Blue in Life

The color blue is linked with the throat chakra. Blue has a cooling and calming effect on your body, and some people associate blue color with communication, empathy, and honesty. According to Guadalupe Terrones, who is a certified yoga teacher and master reiki healer, “blue crystals like aquamarine, celestite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise may help balance your throat chakra.” She also said, “the throat chakra governs sound and resonance.

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Minerals are one of the more effective ways to work with the throat chakra since they each have a different resonating frequency.” So if you wear a necklace with one of the gems mentioned, it may be an especial way to send healing to your unbalanced throat chakra.


Mindful breathing through meditation is a great way to calm thoughts by focusing your attention on your breathing in and breathing out. When you inhale deeply, feel the flow of the air that will pass to your lungs, and when you exhale slowly, release all the negative impurities and bad vibes that block within your mind.

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When thoughts or distractions happen during meditation, observe them and let them calmly pass. Our minds are flooded with different thoughts, and having a short 5-minute mindful breathing can be difficult because of distractions. Having mindful meditation will get easier if you repetitively do this. 

Meditation will bring stillness and positive spaces to your mind. Through that quiet self-reflecting activity, you learn how to connect more closely with your inner selves so that the throat chakra will be open.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has powerful healing components or properties that will tap into the sense of self. For you to open the throat chakra, burn some ether incense, essential oils, and candles like frankincense, jasmine, cypress, sage, geranium, eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, tree tea, and lavender.

Essential oils have healthy contents that will ease and give peace to your mind. You used herbs, flowers, and tree plants for herbal medicine, and you can also use these elements to create essential oils to cure unbalanced throat chakra.

When you use these essential oils, you can connect to our Mother Nature, and when you connect to nature, you realign yourself not on selfless thoughts but the beauty of nature. The most popular oils to balance your throat chakra are basil, peppermint, bergamot, carrot seed, and geranium. 

Yoga Asanas

Asana is a body posture and is a general term for a sitting meditation pose. Later it extends to hatha yoga and modern yoga as a form of exercise to any type of position, standing, adding reclining, twisting, inverting, and balancing poses. If you want to awaken your throat chakra, your yoga asanas can be your friend.

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You need to focus on poses that will bend and flex your neck. Shoulder stand and plow poses will compress the front of your throat. You should be careful not to crane your neck forward in standing or upright seated poses, for this will disconnect the heart from the head. Keep the chin slightly pulled back and sit erect.

Stretch Your Neck

Simple neck stretches are recommended because it helps prevent the buildup of tension and stress in your throat and neck area. To do stretching, first, you will drop your chin towards your chest.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and try to tilt your head to the left so that your left ear is close to your left shoulder. You should feel and make a stretch along the right side of your neck. You need to hold this stretch for around 30 to 60 seconds. Then, move your head back to your chest and repeat this on the other side.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a meditative practice that will promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, and through gentle touch, it will promote a positive mental stage. Reiki healing is another option for you to unblock your throat chakra. 

Having this healing session will benefit all the other chakras in your body. You can also ask for some help from a Reiki practitioner for him to balance your throat chakra.


Music is believed that it will connect the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms. Music therapy has positive effects, especially for sick people. That will promote health, create positive vibes and experiences, rest, heal, promote a feeling of connection to others, and increase memory and cognitive functioning.

When you chant the Chakra sounds, you will receive the benefits of singing and deep breathing, connecting with the elements, and processing positive experiences into your lives. So take some time to experiment with those Chakra sounds and symbols and start chanting them now.

Start Journaling

Spend time by having a journal and start writing beautiful events and happy moments of your life. Writing those unforgettable experiences will always remind you, and you will start reminiscing about those important moments.

Olivenorma-Throat Chakra 3

It is a great way to express yourself by writing some topics that interest you most. That can be a good mental exercise because you are using your brain by using your memory to try to recall those happenings in your life.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

One way to heal unbalanced throat chakra is by repeating positive affirmations like I can do all things, I am beautiful, I can communicate well, I can achieve my goals in life, I can reach for my dreams, I can win this game, I can finish my studies, I am strong, and other positive affirmations in life.

It will set the intention of breaking the old patterns and creating a new one. You need to repeat affirmations that will relate to authenticity and open communication.

Unlock Throat Chakra Stones

Throat chakra stones are those gemstones that are used to unblock throat chakra. The energy produced in each stone will stabilize the specific chakra. They are also known as healing stones or healing crystals and are various shades of blue. One example of gemstones is aquamarinewhich has light blue to green-blue color. This gemstone is useful for you to clear your mind, help you connect with hidden emotions, and encourage honesty. 

Next, we have Amazonite and this stone is believed to calm your nervous system and promote emotional balance and protect against negative emotions. The other gemstone is lapis lazuliwhich is a blue stone that is used to promote communication. It will stimulate creativity, self-expression, and mental clarity. Last, we have turquoisewhich will help you express your thoughts. 

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Be sure to use chakra stones as needed only in curing your throat chakra. To unlock these stones, these are the things that you can do at home or anywhere you go. First, place them over your throat chakraWhen you are meditating, you can place the stone at the base of your throat. You can also wear them as accessories like a necklace and bracelets. Besides, you can wear it as a necklace by wrapping a stone in a wire or cord.

You can also make bracelets with crystal blue beads. Carry these stones anywhere you go by putting a stone in your purse or pocket because stone energy will be with you wherever you go. You can also use them as a house or room decoration. 

For you to fill your place with balancing energy, put these stones on your desk or table. Using these gemstones will take time for the stone’s energy to reduce throat chakra problems. So be patient because this is just one of the ways to heal the throat chakra.


There are various remedies and different strategies to unlock your throat chakra. Follow those ways being mentioned above for you to speak the truth and communicate well. People around you will understand you more if you know how to express yourselves because you speak with clarity, confidence, and honesty. It is a perfect world to live in, as everyone sincerely understands each other. So start unlocking your throat chakra now.


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