Tiger Eye Stone: Utilizing its Amazing Properties

by Alex Green
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Tiger Eye Stone

The use of healing crystals is by no means a new trend. For several millennia our ancestors have long been aware of the mysterious power hidden in certain gems. Contemporary scientific studies have illustrated the curious properties of stones like clear quartz. In this article, we’re going to explore the properties of a powerful crystal whose benefits have long been known…Tiger eye stone.

What is Tiger Eye Stone?

Tiger Eye stone is special healing crystal with several unique properties. One of the first things you notice about the stone is its striking appearance. Most Tiger Eye stones come in various shades of red, orange, and black, which is probably the reason for its name.

These colors are arranged in an alternating pattern of light and dark bands, a distinctive feature known as chatoyance. The stone also has a smooth, silky, luster and gleams brightly when held up to a bright source of pure light like the sun.

The crystal is a type of metamorphic rock and is found in several countries all over the world. It is commonly mined in South Africa, Brazil, Australia, China, Canada, India, Burma, Namibia, and Spain.

However, despite its alluring appearance, there is more to the stone than meets the eye. Within the world of healing crystals, the Tiger Eye stone is known to be a powerful stone in the right hands and one with strong properties. Let’s take a deeper look into some of the benefits of the stone and how they can be used for maximum effectiveness.

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Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

Tiger Eye stone has been used for a wide range of purposes. Let’s take a closer look at a few popular uses of Tiger Eye stone.

It Boosts Confidence

The Tiger Eye stone has long been cherished for its ability to bolster confidence and self-determination. This semi-precious gem was a staple among Ancient Roman warriors who believed it granted them courage and strength in battle. The stone’s golden to red-brown hues, with silky luster, seem to ignite a fire of confidence in the wearer, aligning with their inner resolve and willpower.

People today use Tiger Eye stones to harness this empowering energy in both personal and professional challenges. Whether facing a tough decision, public speaking, or a competitive event, the Tiger Eye stone serves as a supportive tool, enhancing self-assurance and guiding individuals through demanding situations. Its historical and continued use highlights its profound impact on human courage and fortitude.

It Can Be Used as a Meditation Tool

Tiger Eye stone, particularly its purple variants, serves as a powerful aid in meditation practices. Renowned for opening the Inner Eye, it enhances mental clarity and vision, allowing users to access deeper insights and foresight. During meditation, this stone helps clear mental fog and confusion, offering a sharper focus and a clearer path to personal truths. Practitioners often use Tiger Eye to anchor their meditation, facilitating a connection with their higher selves and enabling a deeper exploration of their subconscious.

By incorporating this gem into meditation sessions, individuals can cultivate a greater understanding of their life’s direction and decisions, tapping into the stone’s qualities of wisdom and enlightenment. The Tiger Eye’s soothing energy also aids in reducing stress, which makes it an excellent tool for maintaining emotional balance during meditative practices.

It Has Significant Healing Properties

Blue Tiger Eye stones are renowned for their profound healing properties. These stones emit a soothing and balanced energy, making them ideal for addressing various physical and mental ailments. They are particularly valued for their ability to alleviate chronic pain, enhance restorative sleep, and combat feelings of chronic fatigue. Many users find relief in the calming presence of the Blue Tiger Eye, as it helps to harmonize the body’s energies, leading to improved overall well-being.

The stone’s influence extends to mental health, where it aids in reducing stress and anxiety, offering a sense of peace and stability. Integrating Blue Tiger Eye stones into daily wellness routines can significantly enhance physical health and emotional resilience, making it a cherished tool in the pursuit of holistic healing.

Olivenorma - Tiger Eye Stone

It Helps Boost Physical Stamina and Vitality

Tiger Eye stones, particularly the red variants, are celebrated for enhancing physical stamina and vitality. These stones have a dynamic energy that stimulates blood circulation and increases overall energy levels, making them perfect for those who often feel drained or suffer from frequent burnout. Their energizing properties are also linked to boosting sexual potency, offering a natural way to enhance physical health and endurance.

People who incorporate Tiger Eye stones into their daily routines report a noticeable uplift in their vigor and a reduction in fatigue. This makes the stone an excellent companion for anyone looking to sustain high energy levels throughout the day. Whether worn as jewelry or kept in close physical proximity, Tiger Eye stones can be a significant aid in maintaining and enhancing physical strength and vitality.

It Has Significant Warding Abilities

Tiger Eye crystal is highly regarded for its protective properties. It generates a robust shield that safeguards individuals from negative influences while enhancing the presence of positive energies. This makes the Tiger Eye a favored choice among those seeking to fortify their spiritual defense and create a safe, harmonious environment.

The stone’s ability to ward off harmful forces is not just limited to physical spaces but extends to personal energy fields, promoting emotional and psychic safety. Wearers often feel more grounded and secure, noticing a decrease in anxiety and an increase in mental clarity. By integrating Tiger Eye into daily life—whether as jewelry or placed in living spaces—individuals can benefit from its strong protective energies, keeping them balanced and protected from adverse energies.

It Attracts Prosperity

Red Tiger Eye crystals are renowned for their ability to attract wealth and fortune. These stones are particularly effective when used as tools during meditation sessions focused on manifesting financial goals and desires. By visualizing prosperity, wearers can align their energy with the vibrations of abundance that Red Tiger Eye supports. Similarly, Green Tiger Eye crystals are utilized to enhance productivity and inspire creative solutions, making them valuable for anyone looking to improve their professional life.

Integrating these crystals into daily routines or workspace settings helps maintain a steady flow of inspiration and energy, critical for achieving and sustaining success. Whether seeking to boost financial gains or stimulate new ideas, Tiger Eye crystals offer significant support in the journey towards prosperity.

It is Very Effective against Anxiety and Depression

Tiger Eye stone is increasingly recognized for its benefits in combating anxiety and depression. This gemstone serves as a source of calm and stability for many who struggle with these conditions. Its properties are thought to infuse the wearer with courage, helping to diminish feelings of fear and self-doubt that often accompany mental health challenges.

The grounding effect of Tiger Eye helps individuals maintain a sense of balance in their emotions, offering a solid foundation during turbulent times. The stone’s soothing vibrations are believed to foster a peaceful mental state, encouraging a more optimistic outlook and a stronger sense of personal resilience. For those seeking natural support for mental well-being, Tiger Eye offers a tangible source of courage and calm.

Olivenorma - Tiger Eye Stone

Different Ways Tiger Eye Crystal Can Be Used

Now we know some of the great benefits of using a Tiger Eye crystal we’ll also look at a couple of ways these crystals can be used as well.

Tiger Eye Orgone Pyramid

Orgone pyramids are special healing tools made of various crystals and metal shavings encased within a pyramid-shaped resin composite. These objects are used to harness special universal energy known as orgone, which is said to surround all living things.

Orgone pyramids are typically used as meditation and warding tools. They create an aura of protective energy around the user which allows them to dispel harmful energies such as EMF waves and convert them into healing forces.

Orgone pyramids are best kept in areas that you spend a significant amount of time in such as your home or place of work. They can also be buried in nearby areas where there are significant amounts of EMF radiation such as radio towers and high-energy cables.

Creating an orgone pyramid that contains a Tiger Eye crystal is a great way to take advantage of the useful properties of the stone and enhance the effectiveness of the orgone pyramid. Tiger Eye crystal is associated with strength, bravery, and motivation. Therefore, adding it to your orgone pyramid is a great way to enhance these qualities and make it a source of courage that you can tap into when you need to.

Olivenorma - Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger Eye Necklace

Tiger Eye crystal also makes a great necklace. The beautiful appearance of the stone and its mesmerizing gleam make it a popular choice when crafting jewelry. Using a Tiger Eye crystal as a necklace is a great way to create a portable aura of positivity and courage around you. The stone can act as a source of strength while you go through the challenges of life.

It’s also a good idea to pay very close attention to the metal chain you use to craft the necklace, as well as any additional crystals you may want to add. Creating the right combination of gems and metals can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the Tiger Eye crystal.

For example, certain metals are associated with specific characteristics which you may also find helpful. Gold is seen as the metal of prosperity and financial wealth, silver is associated with healing, iron is the metal of confidence and strength, while copper represents feminine beauty, creativity, and affection.

Other gemstones can also be combined with your Tiger Eye crystal like clear quartz for foresight, obsidian for warding away negative energies and acting as a balancing stone, amethyst for physical and spiritual healing, and bloodstone to improve circulation.

Olivenorma - Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger Eye Ring

Using healing crystals to craft rings is another well-recognized practice. This is because certain chakras have been found to correspond with certain areas of the hand. For example, the thumb, first, second, third, and little finger are associated with the sacral, throat, solar plexus, third eye, and heart chakra respectively. Likewise, the palm and wrist correspond to the crown and root chakras as well.

This practice is known as the palm chakra system and is a powerful tool in the hands (pun intended) of those who know how to use it effectively. Therefore, wearing a Tiger Eye ring on any of these fingers can help channel the beneficial effects and healing energy of the gem to the corresponding chakra.

For example, the sacral chakra is closely associated with lower back pain, and blue Tiger Eye stones are known to have significant healing and soothing abilities. Therefore, wearing a blue Tiger Eye crystal ring on the thumb can be a way of promoting healing and reducing the pain in your lower back.

Also, the principle of palm chakras can be used to enhance the effectiveness of a Tiger Eye stone as well. Different colored crystals are associated with different chakras and each has a unique property. Purple crystals are associated with the awakening of the “inner eye”, a property closely associated with the Third Eye Chakra which corresponds to the ring (third) finger. Therefore, wearing a purple Tiger Eye crystal on this finger greatly amplifies its effectiveness.

Olivenorma - Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger Eye stones make beautiful bracelets as well. They can be used alone or combined with other stones to enhance their beneficial effects. The chain should also be crafted of metals whose peculiar properties match the particular effects you desire.

The principle of Tiger Eye stone bracelets is quite similar to that of the Tiger Eye ring. They operate based on the principle of Palm Chakras as well. The wrist is associated with the Root Chakra, which also coincidentally resonates with the red Tiger Eye crystal as well.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with certain traits like stability, vitality, and the elimination of toxins. Combining these two stones is a great way to enhance their individual effects and create a more powerful union.

Also, similar to other jewelry made from Tiger Eye crystals, these pieces can be made with other crystals and metals which enhance the effectiveness of the Tiger Eye stone.

Olivenorma - Tiger Eye Stone

Final Words

Tiger Eye stones are powerful tools in the right hands. They have tons of benefits and can be used in a variety of ways which boosts both their utility and their effectiveness. Try out these amazing stones and feel the energy of the Universe coursing into you through the crystal.


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