Tiger’s Eye: How to Uplifts & Heals with its Powerful Energy

by Alex Green
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Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye Crystal motivates you to live fiercely, boldly, and bravely in all facets of life. Whenever you are seeking the courage to assist you to overcome fear or seize risks in life, Tiger’s Eye Crystal is the best. This enhances to channelize the energy. You shall be able to link yourself with the ultimate mineral kingdom power crystal.

Tiger’s eye gets its healing characteristics from a blend of Earth and Sun elements. This is what provides inspiring and grounding vibrations. It appears like a tiger’s stripes and is a right match to its potential energy. It has bold coloration and is potent as its healing attributes that work in balance to generate positive mental stature with toxic emotions.

It is also connected to the solar plexus chakra which is the 3rd chakra. This is an energy centre that directs confidence and personal power. This crystal aids in clearing out any imbalances making you confident and powerful.

What is Tiger’s Eye?

Origins of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye stone belongs to the mineral class Chalcedony family. It possesses opaque transparency and silky luster. Tiger’s eye is a metamorphic rock that comes in reddish brown shades with stripes of iron. Tiger Eye’s meaning is inner strength and confidence.

It is also known as The Shapeshifter. It is the curious and earthly rich gemstone that invites personal willpower, inner strength, and power calling to protection to the wearer.

Colored with sand flecks, golden bands, inky brown and black smudges, this stone has no dispute when it comes to the energy and force of the stone. It was held as a shielding amulet against evil forces. It wards off curses and sustains wearers’ safety from any type of ill wishes. It also has plenty of healing properties.

It is mined where wilderness senses, dry air, and heat are rampant. It forms by changing crocidolite that sustains the mineral-rich moods and takes the golden color from iron oxide. It was rare till the 16th century and priced more than gold in those times.

Olivenorma-Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

The meaning of this crystal is identified for its blend of properties that stimulate physical action and vitality. By balancing the third chakra and activating it, the crystal aids to stay centered and grounded even amongst chaos. For the elimination of emotional blocks and personal power, this is the right crystal.

Since it is bold and encouraging in its energy, this crystal is a perfect stone for courage-building in all aspects of your life. The meaning of the crystal is particularly impactful in attracting wealth and cutting through the financial blocks.

When you link with this stone, it is a reminder that the success path would be challenging. When the energy is harnessed, you shall have a plush of inner power and energy to cut through any hurdle in your way.

Tiger’s Eye Properties

Tiger’s Eye benefits people with its healing power. Let’s take a closer look at its healing properties:

Olivenorma-Tiger's Eye

Physical Healing

This crystal is brimming with potentiality and will pull a person from any distress. This stone is a great blood fortifier and it is exceptional in balancing the endocrine system. For little lethargic and sluggish people, this stone can make use of its golden brown fiery chi to awaken and stir motivation.

A speedier metabolism, high energy, and a soft sex drive that aid in aligning all the hormones efficiently are brought upon by this crystal. It brings biochemistry back to an ideal level.

For individuals who suffer seasonal depression, this crystal holds the sun heat. It is a warm-blooded stone that aids in alleviating the dark weight with dreary days.

Emotional Healing

It washes away the contrary energy by digging deep into the root chakra. It lets your self-confidence soar with the crystal. This stone has a lot of properties that are emotionally healing and aids the wearer to remain centered and strong thereby being core connected irrespective of the chaos around them.

Whenever a person feels an energy block, the energy of this crystal can cut through the loss of motivation and aid in shifting concentration to a more enhancing and active life and approach towards it.

By laying a strong and safe foundation, energy is directed appropriately. It soaks the radiant warmth of the sun. People who make space for this crystal will often find new confidence levels that aid them in driving for success.

Toxic energies are cleansed, deepest visionary dreams stop and roadblocks set aside thereby making truly reached to target. It can also heal relationships. It strengthens them and unravels their restricting beliefs to drive away from the toxic energy thereby making them feel secure.

Spiritual Healing

For some assistance in aiding the lower chakra, this crystal is a comfy companion. The solar plexus, root chakra, and sacral chakra operate in harmony with this crystal. These are strength and safety chakras.

People sense groundedness, linked to earth under their feet, and also stable within this world to reach higher and deeper levels of consciousness spiritually. Without a foundation, the chakras can get tricky. These stones will make you comfortable and confident as they contribute to keeping people connected.

This stone is an incredible amplifier too. This implies that they can tap into enhancing abilities on a psychic level. For people who wish to connect to the third eye, this gemstone acts as a spiritual amplifier that can take you to higher realms. This could benefit your aura. Tiger’s eye is however an earthly stone for root chakra.

Powers in Tiger’s Eye Stone

Olivenorma-Tiger's Eye

Help to Build Courage

Whenever you encounter a feeling of hesitation, fear, insecurity, uncertainty and so on which make you question or become unstable, this crystal aids in transforming these toxic emotions into self-confidence and courage.

It aids you to shift your perspective even in fearful times. When you doubt yourself, draw stabilizing and powerful energy of the crystal by transforming your mind to perseverance and bravery.

When you are positive, this crystal enables you to feel grounded and centered. It provides you courage and confidence to go for your dreams. Tiger Eye’s meaning is not to stop and not to fear. Even in fear, this crystal will make you feel empowered and give you courage, power, and strength.

Help to Attract Wealth

This crystal provides motivational and courage-enhancing energy which makes the crystal so helpful for overcoming fear. It makes the stone a potential tool for money unblocking. It is hence the favorite crystal when it comes to wealth.

It means that the stone keeps you determined and focussed even during times of obstacles. The stone supports you on your financial journey and attracts success and wealth.

Going after wealth-related goals can be intimidating. When you are not sure, afraid, and nervous to jump to take steps towards your financial journey, lean on this crystal for encouraging energy and support.

Help to Build Relationships

In relationships, this crystal will embolden you to act in your love life. When you wish to be single as the relationship isn’t working for you, this crystal shall aid you to discover the courage to break up.

For a person who wants to be engaged, or married, or in a relationship, it is for you to move forward to make it happen. This stone will motivate you to make it happen. The crystal will assist you to understand the true feelings and provide the much-required push in the appropriate direction.

The majority of the individuals just head with the flow and tend to see where the future goes. Then, they feel stuck when no longer quite happy. Thanks to the metaphysical attributes of the crystal, you shall be fewer inclines to let the circumstances take over. This crystal can draw the best out of you.

Whenever people take advantage or make unkind comments towards you regarding your hospitality or generosity, you will be less keen to surrender or rollover. You shall be not argumentative in the process. The stone will enhance self-esteem.

How To Use Tiger’s Eye Crystal?

There are several ways to welcome the crystal into your daily life. This can be from Feng Shui stones to dashing jewelry.


One of the efficient ways to create the most of this stone is to maintain their skin close. Gemstone jewelry is a perfect way to absorb the healing characteristics of different crystals since the vibrations can be felt directly on the bare skin. It feeds directly to the energy source. The jewelry is in the form of rings, bracelets, pendants, and so on. These are famous methods of sporting the stone.

Olivenorma-Tiger's Eye

The most efficient jewelry is a ring or a bracelet since it keeps the stone in the body’s lower placement. It keeps it linked to the root chakras and naval where the stone works in high harmony. For those people who have broken bones or joint tension, this crystal can lend assistance energy to heal. Stones are very helpful when used in mindful meditation. It also aids in manifestation practice. It is placed at an altar to ruminate above the spiritual practices.

Home and Office Feng Shui

Tiger’s eye is a terrific amulet when curating a harmonious office and home feng shui feeling. Feng Shui relates to a Zen-identical feeling in the space. It creates a balance in the space and provides a clear disposition.

The stone is especially useful in Feng Shui for any workspace or office as it enhances concentration. It brings insight to another level during the complex circumstance. It aids in shaking off procrastination to get the task done.

Olivenorma-Tiger's Eye

The stone balances the Feng shui vibes in-home or office. It keeps the grounded moods, dispels fear, attracts good luck, and aids to create a safe home from the exterior world. Place it at the front door or near a window as a protective amulet. You can also place it in the nursery or bedroom.

Tiger’s Eye: Psychic Protector & Talismans

This stone is beneficial for spiritual well-being and health. It is a psychic protector and ideal for business. It will help to believe in one’s self even when other’s don’t. It will assist you not to go beyond with any type of self-aggrandizement.

Talismans made from this stone provide clarity. It is generally held as a talisman to discard the curses and ill wishes. It shall reel you in whenever you feel like you are on the edge. It is a helpful balancing stone. This stone has high energy and provides enhanced strength and vitality.

Zodiac Birthstone: Tiger’s Eye

This gemstone is ideal for people who wish to get the magic of midsummer as their birthstone. Geminis are creative and find joy with this stone. It aids them in shifting blocks in their imagination. It also aids them to fuel up their decision-making.

It is ideal for a Gemini who at times waiting for somebody else to choose for them. They are quick-witted but also can feel anxious and restless. They go with the journey of life. Their twin side is balanced with this stone. They remain stable and grounded.

Leos and Capricorn make use of the healing properties of the tiger’s eye. Mercury is the closest aligned planet to this stone. It brings wonder and weight as air signs require grounding earthly force to sustain them tethered instead of floating away with change.

How to Cleanse Tiger’s Eye Crystal?

This stone is a good amplifier. It mops up toxic energies. To keep this stone at the highest level in its vibration, the gemstone needs to be clear and cleansed timely. This will avoid any build-up of negativity. It also keeps them fabulous and fresh.

You can place it within the water and then let it sit for some time. You can add little soap for clearing the buildup. For deep clean, place it in the earth overnight someplace safe to restrengthen it.

It can also be kept below the moonlight for a perfect natural cleanse. It infuses spiritual properties into it. You can also use meditation to cleanse it.


Tiger’s Eye is an attractive amulet for weaving in high protection levels and to dispel fear. It brings positive transformation powers into daily life. It is a very crucial stone for feeling grounded with an additional dose of luck.

It aids in foundation link to a personal sense of confidence and worth to their full potential. It is connected to mother Earth. It taps the fiercer powers and is ideal for people who need to raise their voices and stand tall with self-assurance.


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