Turquoise Crystal: Meaning, Benefits, Healing Properties and Uses

by Alex Green
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Turquoise Crystal

A right stone can undoubtedly enhance your personality as well as look. However, instead of experimenting with stones, it is good to go with the popular turquoise. It is believed that turquoise stone not only has excellent aesthetic properties, but can benefit you spiritually as well.

Our post below will help you understand what turquoise crystal is and how it can benefit you in more ways than one.

What is Turquoise?

Simply put, turquoise is a stone often used in jewelry. It is very popular in the southwest region of America and the Middle East. If you observe the jewelry and the culture of some of the ancient civilizations in the world, you will realize that they often use turquoise to attract prosperity and wealth.

Besides this, it also helps you enhance your personality spiritually. If you’re not able to find answers to certain questions or feel stuck in life, it is believed that turquoise can help you make a spiritual connection and move ahead in life. 

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

If you take the literal meaning of turquoise, it stands for Turkish Stone. The reason why it is named so is that it is native to Turkey. Today, however, Iran has outstripped the turkey when mining the highest quality of this mineral stone.

If you were to observe the mining and trading of turquoise worldwide, you would realize that the United States and Mexico lead the global markets in terms of volume.

Turquoise Crystal Meaning

You can easily find the turquoise stone in colors ranging from sky blue to pale blue, which closely resembles the color of the Milky Way.

The blue-green combination in the crystal can undoubtedly help you with spiritual cleansing. If you observe the nature around you, blue color can be found in quite a few elements of nature like:

· Water

· The energy of the earth and so on

Needless to say, this crystal will have a calming effect on you.

As I have highlighted above, the references to turquoise are present in some of the most ancient civilizations in the world. For example, when you look at the Persian civilization, it repeatedly mentions that turquoise can eliminate negative energy and improve your fortunes.

The ancient records state that turquoise crystal was 1st mined in 6000 BC in Egypt. Egyptians primarily used it for burial rituals. One of the advanced civilizations of ancient times, the Aztecs also used turquoise while creating masks. 

Today, you will find turquoise present in rings, bracelets, pendants, and other such pieces of jewelry. 

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

Simply put, turquoise crystal can help you eliminate negative energy, focus better and therefore heal your body and mind daily.

The rare trait of turquoise is that it can be programmed to provide you with a specific type of feeling.

Turquoise Symbolism

The turquoise stone represents some of the other positive aspects of various cultures. We will help you understand below which culture turquoise means which quality or trait. 

Indigenous Tribes:

Native Americans often believed that turquoise crystal represented the sky. That is because of the sky blue color of the stone. Due to the same, they often used this stone for healing.

The blue-green turquoise stones were often used as charms and in amulets.

In the sub- southwestern part of America, it was believed that the blue color of turquoise represents water. Since the water was thought to be the element to give life, the stone was regarded sacred. 

Persians & Turks:

The Turks and Persians believed that the blue color of the stone had the power to protect you. Turks often wore amulets consisting of turquoise crystal to protect them.

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

Not only that, turquoise symbolizes strength and courage, which is why people from all areas of society and the older civilization often wore turquoise-based jewelry.

European Cultures:

In Greek culture, turquoise symbolized purity. And, in England, it was a symbol of love. In Russia as well, it was a symbol of love. 

As you can see, turquoise crystal has symbolized more or less the same things in different cultures across time. 

Turquoise Healing Properties Benefits

Turquoise has numerous healing properties which help it stand out among other crystals. It not only has great aesthetics but numerous benefits, which is the reason behind its popularity. In this section, we will shed light on the physical and emotional as well spiritual healing properties of this crystal.

Turquoise Physical Healing Power

One cannot ignore the physical healing properties of turquoise, either. It can help you in three different ways, or maybe even higher.

Throat Healing:

Often, it is regarded that turquoise is closely associated with the throat chakra.

Due to the same, if you’re suffering from any throat issues or inflammation in the throat, wearing turquoise can undoubtedly help you.

Respiratory Healing:

It is also believed that the sky blue color of turquoise crystal represents the sky. Due to the same, it has healing properties associated with your breathing and respiratory system. If you often suffer from bronchitis, cough, or lung problems, it can help you with those. 

Improving Immunization Power:

Another way turquoise can help you is to aid your body in absorbing nutrients, which improves your immunization power.

Turquoise Emotional & Spiritual Healing Power

Time and again, the healing energy of turquoise has been highlighted across cultures. One of the best ways to help you is to calm you down. Whether you suffer from panic attacks or lack clarity or thought, keeping turquoise close to you will undoubtedly help you.  

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

Not only that, it helps you develop mental fortitude, which ensures that you can think more clearly.

Moreover, it helps you become more compassionate as well. That is why your communication skills improve, and you can connect with others in your life more effectively. 

In terms of spirituality, it helps you connect with the higher energy, which improves your life significantly and can also help you discover your purpose in life.

Turquoise and Chakra

Turquoise is closely associated with the throat chakra. If you observe the benefits of turquoise closely, you will realize that it resolves problems related to the blocking or imbalance of the throat chakra. Whether you’re suffering from inflammation of the throat, cough, or cold, it can help you with all of that and more.

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

Besides this, it can also help you communicate much better. We often use voice to communicate, closely associated with the throat. 

Once you keep the crystal close to you, if you suffer from any communication issues, you will certainly eliminate them. Better communication also leads to better relationships around you. That is why, if you’re having any relationship issues, then this crystal can come to your rescue.

In a nutshell, it can help you with any problem associated with the throat chakra and any communication issues you might have.

Zodiac Birthstone: Turquoise

Sagittarius is the Zodiac sign with which turquoise is associated. Sagittarians often have a positive attitude towards life and are pretty curious. That is why they often try to achieve goals that might seem unattainable to some. It, however, leads to a problem.

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

As their vision does not align with other Zodiac signs, they are not that effective at communication. It is where; this crystal can help them. 

Generally speaking, Sagittarians are not soft speakers. They directly speak whatever comes to their mind. It can lead to arguments and fights as well. If you go through the benefits of turquoise in detail, you will realize that it can help with this problem.

It is one of the main reasons turquoise is the perfect match for them.

Turquoise Crystal Color Energy

The advantage of turquoise is that it can provide you with the energy associated with the blue color and the greens of the spring. That is why it signifies the evolution of life as well as growth. It is often associated with the breath of freshness, which is why it can help you think about new ideas.

The calmness that it brings can help you utilize any negative thoughts and extremities. It can also help you become passive aggressive, which ensures that you can still achieve your goals without hurting anyone or doing anything self-damaging.

Meditation with Turquoise

Meditation is often of different types. Turquoise can help you with meditation, which involves chanting mantras.

The reason for the same is that it governs your throat chakra. That is why, when you keep turquoise crystals nearby and meditate with chanting the mantras, it will help you connect with yourself and the spiritual energy.

Wondering how to keep the crystal close to you? 

It is better to wear a pendant consisting of turquoise around your neck. You have to try to ensure that the stone is in direct contact with you. That way, you will be able to enjoy the maximum benefits of turquoise. 

The benefits of turquoise when it comes to meditation are not instantaneous. Only after a few sessions will you be able to notice the benefits of turquoise. 

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

How it can help you with meditation includes:

· Firstly, it will help you attain a calm state at a faster pace. That is why; you will not need a month of meditation sessions to notice the benefits of meditation.

· Secondly, when you meditate after keeping turquoise close to you, it becomes easier for you to manifest the vision you want. A significant part of meditation is to visualize what you’re trying to attain. It is also known as mindfulness. When you’re wearing a turquoise pendant, visualizing yourself is undoubtedly easy.

· A turquoise pendant will also help you harness your inner wisdom with meditation.

· Last but not least, a turquoise pendant can also help you calm down and focus on your life goals. You can calm yourself down with the help of meditation so that even with problems around you, you can focus on what is essential.

In a way, we are in turquoise during meditation can certainly help you ways than one. It can multiply the power of meditation, which can help you immensely.

How to Use Turquoise


Fortunately, turquoise jewelry is available in a variety of options. Whether you want to wear a bracelet, pendant, or something else, you can easily find one. The idea is to have the crystal in direct contact with you. Only then will you experience its healing properties. 

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

If you want to use turquoise in conjunction with any other crystal, it should be associated with the third eye chakra. That way, you won’t overpower the healing properties of turquoise and will be able to use it effectively.

It is easy to find turquoise jewelry online which matches these requirements and can help you harness the power of this crystal.

Feng Shui

The Chinese culture is among the ancient civilizations that regard turquoise as highly beneficial. The Chinese have incorporated turquoise into the practice of Feng Shui. By placing the stone in your office or at your home, you can increase your energy levels and attract more wealth. 

When you place the stone at your home, you will be able to avoid most fights and arguments as well.

If you aren’t sure how to use turquoise, you can place a turquoise crystal beneath your pillow when you sleep during nighttime. That will help you harness these properties and have a sound sleep.

Thus, if you want to use the power of turquoise to improve your life, follow these few Chinese principles.

Turquoise Crystal Combinations

It makes sense to use turquoise with other crystals to enhance its properties and get more benefits in some instances. As highlighted above, associating it with third eye chakras is a good idea. 

Some of these stones include:

· Lapis Lazuli

· Labradorite

· Malachite

Olivenorma-Turquoise Crystal

You can also combine it with copper-based stones like:

· Eilat Stone

· Kinoite

If you are explicitly using it to increase your energy levels, then the stones with which it can benefit you include:

· Blue Ajoite

· Montebrasite

Thus, the combination you choose will depend on the type of benefit you are looking to harness.

How to Care and Cleanse Turquoise

Basic jewelry caring principles apply to turquoise jewelry as well. For example, once you have used turquoise jewelry, it is good to store it in a case and a proper cool and dry place. That way, you won’t have to worry about scratches.

You have to keep the turquoise jewelry away from cosmetics. 

It is also a good idea to remove turquoise jewelry before taking a bath or heading into a swimming pool.

In case you’re trying to find a way to clean it, it is a good idea to use lukewarm water along with a mild soap. You should keep it away from steam or ultrasonic cleaner. Simply put, high temperatures can damage turquoise.

You can use wet cotton and the above solution to cleanse the turquoise jewelry. You shouldn’t apply direct soap or detergent to the crystal.

Always use a soft microfiber cloth and remove any residue left over.


The next time around, you hear the word turquoise; you will no longer be unfamiliar with the crystal or its effects. In fact, instead of ignoring the power of this crystal, it is a good idea to incorporate it in the form of a crystal or jewelry. With immense benefits, you will certainly be thankful that you included this crystal in your life.


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